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The warrens-occult-museum


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Published in: Education
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The warrens-occult-museum

  2. 2. INDEX: 1- Creators of the museum 2- story of the museum 3-Annabelle 4-The Shadow
  3. 3. Edward "Ed" Warren Miney (September 7, 1926 – August 23, 2006) and Lorraine Rita Warren are an American couple of writers specializing in the occult sciences and presented as ghost hunters. Lorraine WarrenEd Warren age 89 Died August 23, 2006(2006-08-23)
  4. 4.  The Warrens began their research in 1952 and decided to open the museum in the early 80’s, after their collection of haunted objects began to accumulate. It lies in the basement of the Warren home in Monroe, Connecticut, and contains haunted artifacts and images taken from their cases .
  5. 5. Among their collection is the famous Raggedy-Ann doll, Annabelle, which was featured in THE CONJURING and ANNABELLE. The doll looks nothing like the one shown in the films, but it is just as deadly. Annabelle sits behind an enclosed case, illuminated in red light. Above that is a crucifix to shy away the evil, and a sign below it that reads “Warning: Positively Do Not Open.” The Warrens are convinced the doll is behind the death of a museum visitor who provoked Annabelle to inflict him harm. Moments after leaving the museum, the man got into a fatal motorcycle accident
  7. 7.  While Annabelle is certainly the most famous entity in the museum, there are other objects that are just as terrifying. Another doll featured in the museum is the Shadow Doll. The Shadow Doll reportedly visits people in their sleep like Freddy Krueger, and it has the ability to stop one’s heart.