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Forbidden Fruit: A Taste of Ruby's ParseTree


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My Goruco 2008 presentation on Parse Tree and friends.

Published in: Technology, Education
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Forbidden Fruit: A Taste of Ruby's ParseTree

  1. 1. Chris Wanstrath
  2. 2. • define_method • • instance_eval • send
  3. 3. class Person singleton = (class self; self end) tons_of_class_methods.each do |name, body| singleton.send(:define_method, name, ) end end
  4. 4. class Class def singleton (class self; self end) end def define_class_method(name, ) singleton.send(:define_method, name, ) end end
  5. 5. class Person tons_of_class_methods.each do |name, body| define_class_method name, end end
  6. 6. Ruby is powerful
  7. 7. 'rake'.sub 'r', 's'