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Know the Best Quality B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services for Software Companie


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ERP Soft Leads has been providing quality b2b lead generation and appointment setting services for software companies since 2004. We grow when you grow; that is why we dedicate our wealth of experience, powerhouse expert telemarketers, multi-million business database and specialized CRM tool to you. We provide quality ERP and software leads along with business appointments to differing countries including USA, Canada, and a multitude of APAC countries like Singapore, Australia, and Malaysia.

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Know the Best Quality B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Services for Software Companie

  1. 1. Good thing ERP Soft Leads is here to help you winBacked up with a wealth of experience since 2004, ERP Software Leads delivers a variety ofoutsourced telemarketing services – appointment setting, lead qualification, webinar/seminarinvitation and lead walk-through.We bring business to business. We create cost-effective telemarketing solutions for various ERP andother software companies delivering qualified sales leads. With over 5000 successful clientexperiences behind us, we simply know the way to get you in front of your targeted prospects.The Competitive Advantage We Provide You With•Business Contact Database•Expertise•The Pipeline CRM Tool•Milestones
  2. 2. •Notice of award of Contract •Release of Database calling can begin within 2 weeks. within 3 days of kick-off.•Kick-off Meeting •Start of Calling Campaign within a week of award. within 7 days of database approval.•Call Script Development •Weekly Campaign Reporting Day after kick-off. PipelineCRM, campaign status.•Product Training •End-of-month campaign summary reporting Day after script approval. within 3 days.
  3. 3. •Start of the Call CampaignAgent will be calling on behalf of the company with a thorough knowledge of the products and services that the company provide.•Lead Identification/Appointment SettingAgent reviews the client’s calendar prior to setting appointments and asks the qualifying questions as well as gather pertinent information of theprospect.•Send to Quality Analystagent tags success calls as for “lead qualification” in the Pipeline CRM.•Lead Qualification Budget. Authority. Need. Timeframe. Quality Analyst carefully reviews the call making it sure that there is a high level of interest on the prospect side and the campaign’s specifications are met. Leads that require additional information are tagged “For Follow-up” for the agent to correct it and gather the additional information needed.•Lead RegistrationLeads/appointments approved by QA appear in the Pipeline CRM and on the client’s calendar.•Email delivery / Web pick-upPipeline CRM sends notification email to the client. Client follows email link to view qualified leads and appointments scheduled.
  4. 4. • Appointment setting• Lead generation/ qualification• Webinar/ seminar invitation and lead walk-through• Finance and Accounting Software• HR and Payroll Software• Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management• Client Relationship Management• Electronic Medical Software• Project Management Software, Data Management and Customers Application• Business Intelligence Software• Australia• Singapore• US and Canada• Asia Pacific Region
  5. 5. www.erpsoftwareleads.cominfo@erpsoftwareleads.comTalk to us888.844.9298ERP Software LeadsSuite 8389-97 Joes St.Ultimo, NSW 2007Australia