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2012 social story


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A visual guide to the Park Ridge Public Library Children's Department for families

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2012 social story

  1. 1. This Is My Library The Park Ridge Public Library
  2. 2. This is where we park the carbefore we go into the Library The parking lot
  3. 3. This is where we go into the Library Park Ridge Public Library front door
  4. 4. This is what I’ll seewhen I come into the Library Park Ridge Public Library lobby
  5. 5. These blue doors open intothe Children’s Department
  6. 6. Right inside the door there are bathrooms and a water fountain
  7. 7. Friendly fish are happy to see you
  8. 8. There’s are thousands of books in the Children’s Department You can choose book from the top of the bookcase or look on the shelves belowOur newest books
  9. 9. The librarians are happy to answer yourquestions or help you find interesting books Children’s Information Desk
  10. 10. Fun things to do in the Library There’s a train table with lots of engines and other train carsThe computers have great gameson touch screens
  11. 11. More fun stuffThere are You can listen to music or recorded bookspuzzles, checkers andlearn to readbooks, too
  12. 12. Even more fun stuffBoard games in bags to play with CDs to listen to DVDs you can check out or watch on the Internet computers
  13. 13. There’s a rocking chair, too
  14. 14. Storytime is in a different room The large meeting room
  15. 15. You get there by going down a ramp and through two doors The entrance is in the lobby There is a ramp or stairs
  16. 16. When the doors are closed, you have to wait.
  17. 17. When the doors are open you can go in
  18. 18. There’s a special place foreveryone, librarians, grownups and kids, to sit
  19. 19. When it’s time to go home, you can check out your books in the lobby before you go back to the car
  20. 20. See you soon!