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Badminton tahan


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Published in: Sports
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Badminton tahan

  1. 1. Kejohanan B ad m i nt o n Fam ily is F un, Keluarga F un is F am ily! H a ji 29 Januari 2011 Time : 9.oo A M I s m ai l Kuala Tahan, Pahang Bintang baru A bg & bakal menyinar… Nini Yg power slow2 ckit, . Yg tak reti bedal jerr lahh.. Ngah & Siti N a d i ya & U Kalo pancit duk lah tepi, din Cari angin den teruskan game..I na & L o n g H er y & N u Ila & Jabar Ily & Amir (By Nusrah)