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Halley station


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Published in: News & Politics
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Halley station

  1. 1. I have chosen HalleyStation, it is owned bythe UK.
  2. 2. 1956Halley station wasestablished in 1956.
  3. 3. Halley stations latitudeis,75degrees 34’south, itslongitude is, 26degrees32’west.
  4. 4. The British Antarctic surveygroup governs the station.Halley station has been run 196by them since 1962. 2
  5. 5. Halley station is surrounded bymany stations they are;Neumayer station, Bellinghausenstation, Palmer station andRothera station.
  6. 6. Halley station is a very bigstation. It is high ofground, and a bit old and itis the colour red.
  7. 7. Temperatures rarely rise atHaley station, the highest is 0degrees. Winter temperaturesare sometimes below 55degrees.
  8. 8. The purpose of thestation, is to study all aboutgeology, rocks and theearths atmosphere.
  9. 9. It would be exciting and very cold.There would only be 15 staff. Alsothere are cooks, engineers anddoctors. There are no bathrooms orrunning water.
  10. 10. By: Aisha Chaouk