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EY Megatrends: Resourceful planet, Digital future, Future of work


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Disruptive megatrends are redefining corporate strategy and driving today’s innovation.

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EY Megatrends: Resourceful planet, Digital future, Future of work

  1. 1. Digital future Resourceful planet Digital future Future of work Digital technologies are making it possible for employees to work at places and times of their own choosing Digitization and automation will replace jobs, but will create new jobs requiring new skills Digital technologies are enabling the substitution of virtual products for physical products, as well as the proliferation of sharing physical assets Sustainability has become an increasingly important factor in attracting and managing talent Online, social and mobile are changing how people access information and engage with enterprises The digital revolution is improving efficiencies in extracting, processing and utilizing resources Digital is disrupting traditional industries and blurring industry boundaries By strategically exploiting vast amounts of data, smart cities can make buildings more efficient, reduce waste, and make better use of renewable energy Digital technologies allow for companies to become “network orchestrators” rather than owners of human capital Disruptive megatrends are redefining corporate strategy and driving today’s innovation. Resourceful planet meets digital future Resourceful planet meets future of work Digital future meets future of work Social media drives enterprises to be more transparent and adopt a customer-centric focus, providing more power to the customer Business entities will optimize deployment of assets (people, equipment, information) by sharing or renting them through an online liquid marketplace 2015 Megatrends Future of work Resourceful planet Digital future Resourceful planet Future of work © 2015 EYGM Limited. All rights Reserved. EX0278.
  2. 2. Increasing supply of unconventional and renewable sources of energy is significantly changing the dynamics of the global energy mix Investments in smart tech and strategically networking data will provide economic, social and environmental benefits Competition for limited resources will intensify as global population increases Resourceful planet Growing demand, shifting supply, significant technological advances and the increased power of the customer are driving disruptive innovations in the energy and resources space, allowing for dramatic economic, social and environmental gains. Water scarcity P opulation growt h Renewables Supply chains Transparency and security of global supply chains will become critical Water scarcity will challenge food and energy security 9.6b 40% by 2050 rise in water demand over the next 20 years 60% of Fortune 100 companies have clean energy objectives Resourceful planet Digital future Future of work2015 Megatrends © 2015 EYGM Limited. All rights Reserved. EX0278.
  3. 3. Di sruptive technologi es Incubate Activate Create Digital future Digital continuously impacts companies in all sectors, from top to bottom, driving myriad opportunities and challenges. Companies need to develop business strategies for a digital world, rather than digital strategies. A ge of innovation Reimagines business models Transforms the experience Drives sustainable growth Innovation within digital is already one of the defining trends of our generation, but the explosive growth has barely begun We are moving into the age of innovation, where companies that place innovation at the heart of their purpose – transforming experiences, processes and business models – will win Digital transformation and a proliferation of data are fundamentally changing the relationship between businesses and their customers As cyber threats continue to multiply, it is becoming harder to safeguard data, intellectual property and personal information 50b connected to the internet by 2020 things There may be as many as 80% Businesses are failing to use of customer data now generated US $375b US $575b Yearly digital crime and IP thefts costs between Cha nging relations hips Resourceful planet Digital future Future of work Accelerates speed to market 2015 Megatrends Business Customer © 2015 EYGM Limited. All rights Reserved. EX0278. The accelerating pace of technological change has equally impacted the F1000 turnover rate in the last four decades 1983 1993 40% 45% 2003 2013 60% 70% Percentage of new F1000 corporations:
  4. 4. Digital and robotic technologies augment and replace workers Future of work The iconic companies of this century will be the ones capable of mobilizing intelligence through capturing and bringing ideas together, leveraging expertise and creating experiences that capture people’s minds. Work styles are becoming more agile in the digital world Organizations transition from scheduled work and broad-based roles and to real-time coordination of task-oriented workforce Companies will engage talent in a more flexible and dynamic manner Companies facilitate innovation by employing a diverse workforce of employees, contractors and automated machines Infuse purpose into the organization to engage an increasingly discretionary workforce - meaning is the new money Work from hom e Work on the go Design collaborative workspace Create UX for web Employees Automated machines Contractors 47%of occupations in advanced economies are at “high risk” of being automated in the next 20 years 34% of the American workforce can be classified as “freelancers” Resourceful planet Digital future Future of work2015 Megatrends © 2015 EYGM Limited. All rights Reserved. EX0278.