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  1. 1. GIRLFIGHTErnie AbreuNelson Veras
  2. 2. TOMBOYS “Gender conformity is pressed onto all girls, not just tomboys, andthis is where it becomes hard to uphold the notion that malefemininity presents a greater threat to social and familial stabilitythan female masculinity” (p. 358).
  3. 3. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Because of her tomboyish features, did you automatically assumethat Diana was a lesbian? Who do you believe will be more acceptable by society, aheterosexual masculine female or a heterosexual feminine male? Do you think male femininity presents a greater threat to societythan female masculinity or vice versa?
  4. 4. DIRTY DIANA “During the whole movie Diana is trying to change thegender norms and understanding of masculinity andfemininity and after all she successfully does so. Her violentactions, her physical appearance speak for themselves -those are the things that get her into gender trouble. Butshe stands clearly against the idea that human being aredivided into two clear-cut groups - women and men. By theend of the movie she had already found, formed andchosen her own individual identity.” What do you think the author meant by “found, formedand chosen her own individual identity”? Do you think that Diana’s mother’s death has a directimpact on her individual identity? How?
  5. 5. MALE FEMININITY (TINY) Art School Scholarship Discontent with boxing “what boy doesn’t like boxing?” Feminine characteristics such as, timid, submissive, soft, fearful
  6. 6. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Does the relationship between Tiny and his father relates to anyother father/son relationship we have seen or read about in thepast? What are some similarities and/or differences? Do you agree with Diana and her father that boys need to learnhow to protect themselves is more important than accepting ascholarship for academics?
  7. 7. GENERAL DISCUSSIONQUESTIONS Was it fair for the League to allow males and females to competeagainst each other? Do you feel that Adrian truly “gave it his all” in his last fight againstDiana? Did he lose purposely to save his relationship with Diana? Do you find it ironic that Diana’s father is heavily construed intogender social norms, yet both his children behave opposite totheir gender norm? What does that say about his skills in raisinghis children?
  8. 8. GENERAL DISCUSSIONQUESTIONS Do you think that because Diana lived in a household full ofmales, this had an impact on her masculine dominant behavior? Does he fit the stereotypical role of masculinity after losing hisfight to Diana? Do you feel that the social impact of female boxing would havebeen affected if the female not Latina?