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Secret Agreement ....!

The Agreement

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Secret Agreement ....!

  1. 1. 8377 Pennsylvania. Province. Minutes of Conferences Held at Easton in October, i758. . . . Second Edition . Philadelphia, Franklin 8. Hall, 1759. 31 pp. UOP copy.
  2. 2. M‘I N U CoNFERENCEs HBLDAT E .4 S T 0 N, In OCTOBER; 1758, With the Chief SACHEMS and WARRIORS of the Mabawis, Oneidoat, Onandd ae. r,- Cayugas, Smccas, Tuflaroras, Tuielou, Séammia. radigrams, confi 'ng of the Nanticalts and Conga, who now make one Nation; fziudgnurs, Ddzrwares, Unamies, Mabiclanders, or Mabicfiam; Mim_fin. b,- Wapingnt, or Pwnptoru. l . I PHILADELPHIA. - Printedxndsotd by B. FRANKLIN, and n. HALL, attllc IV! »-Printing-Ofice, near the Market. MDCCLIX.
  3. 3. Mimzres of Conferences, &c: . 1% a ‘MEETING bald at Ea": :in, an 1.6: Sewn: /5 qf October, 1738. P nsEN_'r, T5: Ifilflrdle -W I L L I A M D E N N ‘I, Efg; Lieutmant-Gavmwr qf lb: Province ' LAWRI-: Ncz_ Gaownon, RICHARD Prrnns, Ln: -Fonn LARDNER, ofPcnnfylvania, Benjamin Cncw, jotm MIFFLIN. } Efqmh’: . H E Govemor and Council coming to Town this Afternoon, Temjmfcmrg, accom- I 3 panied with Alain ‘Tittamy, Daniel Teepylg/ Eung, and Ifizac Stille, waited on his Ho- nour, and Brother, the ufual Salutations. I "am very glad to Ice you here again ; you may remember that we have alrcad d i Peace, and you defired me to halloo loud, and give Notice it to all the Indium rciiulridlef bout. , Ihaveljinheloud, eudraifedrny Voice, and allthe India: have heard in: as far asthc Twigbtwm, and have regarded it, and_, are now come to this Place. I bid you welcome, and join with me in cafling up our Eyes to Heaven, and praying the . Blefling_of the Supreatn Being on our Endcav - According to our ufual Cultom, I, with this String, wi Face, and clear your Eyes, and pick the Briers out of your the . Dufl: and Sweat off your , ano-defire you will pull the Briars out of the Legs of the Indianrthat are come here, and anoint one of them with your ‘healing Oil, and anoint Iheother. A Sh'z'. -lg. The Governor returned, ‘ ' thé’ififit and his good Advice, which he promifcd to comply with, and appointed a Meeting in the Morning for that Purpofe. At 4 Conrsnmtce-bald in tkfmm qf Eaiton, on tbe‘E¢'gibrb of October, 1758. P E S E N T, ‘Tb: Hmawdl: .W -I L L I A M D E N N Y, E. /'9; Lieutenant-Gwerrror, Litwnencis Gaownon, WILLIAM Loony, RICRARD Perms, IsAAc Noruus, Joszrn Fox, Josnvu GALLOWAY, LYN-. FORD LARDNER, '}Efgw-m, M‘, m5,, , ef, {,, BENJAMIN Cnnw, . maar ' COMIICJI. join: Mirnm, Gm’ ' DANIEL ROB! -IRDEAU, Hwfl, Q’, -R(P, _l: /Pumn-, L,“. JOHN HUGHES’ Efqiiirer, Committee‘ l_Jff1’<-' Amos STRICKLAND. CHARLES READ, } E J-qu 1- m, {Camnn_'fli‘anrr: for Indian Aflizirs in tbe Pro-vinc, Q, -flew. ]Acon SPICER, it. jcrfcy. A Num-
  4. 4. [43 ; ' ‘burr. {B34319 P', .nl ANW” "tizeMr? §7:. ::Ci; J : }”1”“W= *:' I ‘Q 0' J W Geoxor: Cnoouam Efii -D'P"'}? '°' Ng”$'§_’$"‘l ‘#5’ ‘V1511-1flM IND IANS 0 fr-ueralNat: °au, viz. Moiulwxs. Nit-has, or Karaglmdic. 1017 0'' WWW‘ "4' "P9 3071. _ - -‘ Omunors. Thomas King. A v Am“J“i“°°- ‘''‘’l’ 3 WW” c"P"””: 6Warrim, anl3 Woman - * ' . _ _ Ouomutoozs. watt 9 161:. M19 Wanna ad dull-ea, .. 4- rado gull 45 n 1 Cavuoac. Tokaaion, wtb 8,5101, audit WimenaaJC_'h'_Ut'rfl. _ - -‘ 2% SIDIECAI. Taken hfado, Tagafhata, or S_e flchflfbni €536] XVIII. wttb other Cbiefl, 37 ot£rrMer1, 2 Women. caldf-"v! ra1C5t_ 9|. WP”: - - _ - 83 TUSCAIORAS. Unata, alias Jonathan, tutti: 5 Ala, ‘ 12 and: 01131», 20 Nauncoxzs c-J Conoys, now one Nam»; Robert Wh| te, clo¢: Wohlxocumy, Pa»- ihaamokas, alias Charles, witb 16 Men, 20 lI’omm, and 18_Clu'lJren, - - 55 Kundt, alias L-afl: Night, with 9 Men, 19 Women, and I - - 2; Tuntozs. Cakanoneltoanos, alias Big Arm, Ailwagant, with ofilerx, amig Women 1; 3o 60 35 56 47 5°? CHUONUT8. 10 Men, and 20 FVomn and Children, - - - _ Cmmoiiocxcs, alias DELAWARES emJUNAMlES- Teedyufcung, witbfmlry Alert, If 'arm'n and Children, - - - - - - - Muusrrs, or MINISINKS. E ohohowcn, witbfimdrj Alta, Warm and Cbildrm, Momcxous. Abraham, or ammatuckan, -with frveral film, Wamm amICbilarm, Wnmcs, or PUMTON s. Nimham, Aquaywochtu, ttiitb/ imaiy Ma, Wmm and ( bildren, in all, - - - - - -_ - _ I In all, Cox RAD Weiss 9., E/ Q; Prwinriai Interpreter. Captain Hzmtv Mouroun, Interpreter in :12: Six Nation and Delaware Languages. STEPHEN CALVIN, ' IsAAc sru. i.z, }Dclaware Indians, Intréprerm in :1» Delaware Language. Moszs TITTAMY, _ ‘Tb: Governor opened tbe Coqflrencer with tbefiitowing Ceremriier, aldrgfiag b: 'nfl[ftn all tbe Ind dians pr; /Ent, of ("very Nation. Brethren, . . I T gives me great Pleafure to fee {'0 many of you, and of to many different Natienu, at flin Council Fire. I bid you heartily Welcome. , Brethren, With this String 1 wipe the Sweat and Dull: out of your E "es, that you may fee our Bre-‘ threns Faces, and look chearful. With this String I take all’ out of your reafi, as well as every Thing difagrceable that may have gathered there, in order that you may {park perfectly free and open to us. With this Strin I gather the Blood, and take it away from the Council Seats, that your Clothes may not be : lined, nor your Minds any Way: diflurbed. Three Strings. Mr. 17:1.’/ ‘er interpreted the Subflanc: of this Speech, and flying his Memo did not fcrve him to remember t. he fcveral Ceremonies in Ufe onthis Oeafion, he defired iclm, a Mo- barwk Chief, to do it, for him, which he did, and it was afterwards interpreted hy Hen-_ ty llzfontoar, in the Delaware Language, to Tuefitayémg, andthe Delawarer. After a fhort Paufc, Tagajl. -am, the'Senera Chief, rate in , and reputing, as ufual, each Pa- ragraph diltinftly as {poke by the Governor, he returned ' its, and went through the fame Ceremonies to the Governor, Council, and People of the Province, addin on the left String, that their Great Grandfathers had told them, that they had made a Road rthem to travel to their Brethren‘ the Eng/1_'/ ls, and that whenever it ihould he flopped, they would become a poor People: They were very glad to find the Road open’ to their Brethren, and fhould take Care to prclcrvc it to on their Side. ‘Hire: Strings. After Mr. had delivered this in Engli/ Ia, and it was interpreted in the Delaware Lan- 3“? *2'3 53/ M01“ A 794%)’. ‘Itkragbfizdo, or ‘fagajbata, proceeded. V . ' Brotbrr
  5. 5. ii. 5 3 Bratb: rO| |I|9 By this Beltyou rent an luisdoqtousuunetotlrnggihaia whiehrududourfoum about the Time am the Leaves out an Sprlngmbut we wen? then 5 much nlarmedby [hcFr(n¢'b, whowerenearun, lsweourCounlry. Oomelhle'l‘lrne ago we received another Belt from Sir , which he was lent to him by you, to be forwarded us, to enquire mu. ) the Realism wh we did not go‘, go you, aecordin to your firfl Invitation, end Sir_W1ll: ur be/ "an defi us to come him go l’nCctyOuln‘§0l| |Cll; l1flJnVhKl'lW¢l , endcameasfi: onasweoouldto your Council Fire, and now we are here, at you . T we Belt . Brother, ' Here is another Belt, b which we were invited letely to come to a Council I-‘ire, that was kindled in an Ifland near e Sea : This furprized us, as we never heard of a Council File in In Bland. ’ We know of no Council Fire. but the old Council Fire at Pbiltdeybia, ma :1‘. great Council Fire in Aléany. Here be laid tbe Belt an 35: T4519. 'I'hen taltin four other Strings of Wampum, he ftid, thefe were lent to us by Nielm, the Miaba-wt Chic , with a Meflige, that he was arrived in the Province, and defired we would comply with the Invitation, and come down. Here be laid tbe fiur String: on the Tour. Nirlm having acknowledged the Meflhge, and taken up the Strings, Taga_/7mm concluded, flying, Thefe are your Belts, by which we were invited to this Council Fire ; and as we are now come, we retum them, and delire to fee the Belts that were fent by us, pwticulaly one, on which were feveral Images of Men holding each other by the Hand. The Governor replied, that he would enquire for the Belts {cm by them, and they fbould be returned. D¢The Subftance of thefe left Speeches of Tagq/ iota WIS interpreted to Teefixgéwg, and the Iawares. ' Meaning hrlingtu. Ofiahr 9, 1758. H I S Morning his Excellency Governor Bernard arrived at Ed/ ion, and defired a Meet- T ing of the Ind; -_-nr. in order to make them the ufual Compliments; butwas acquainted by Mr. ll/ cz_'/ Er, that thry were then in Council, deliberating on Mntters neeeffnry to be Id-4 jvfted before the Meeting. Ofloéer I0, 1758. H E Indian Chiefs continued in Council the gravel! Part of this Day, and dgfu-ed the Governors would not be impatient. Oflober II, 1758. T H I S Morning the Indian Chiefs communicated to the Govcmors, by Mr. Wei , the Bufinefs the had been confulting upon, and Bud they had concluded to f to us this Forenoon. The Governors waited till One 0’ Clock, expeétin the Indians to meet them. being told that they were thering together for that Purpofe ; ut the not oomin , after feveral Mefliges font to bat n them, it was agreed to meet punfiually at lieu! o’ Cloc L At aconreneuce beld at Ealton -witb the Indians, October 1 1, 1758. P. M. P I. E S E N T. Gwenror D E N N Y, with H: Council, and tbefrlxral Pcnnlylvania Gentlemen at before. Governor B E R N A R D. ]Ac 3 Srrcn, - - W1:LIAMFOsTIls Grit, on Behalf of the Indians, ‘ Anmtzw Jomason, CHARLES Run, Jo: -IN S'r1:vr-: ns, T4943 HA T4, the ram Chief, intending tofpeak had laid fome Belts and Strings in Order on the Tdale. _ As too». as the Companyhad {it down, Teenfivrgknog, holding out a String. and he had fomething to deliver, and dcfired he might be heard firfi of all. Mr. cnghm requdh: B 3758.
  6. 6. l know, if what ‘.34: me goingtofay was the Refultet’ the Deldevarr Coufloia it‘ ttwas t/ YRS’, il)1eirDefireitlheuldbefpokefidlsb0¢fl°A“{“""“'”8'”°“l‘m‘ mvthit all‘ if‘ hi Defireto bidthebliawwelcome. and -'u% ntentio t g1-“S? lgenfihtitzliahe giheyiifinfit we: agreed he lhould fpealt 611%, which he did «rial? lows. - br 1 3:13;: {o many of you met together, to cultivate Peace with r Brethren and . - d d, E r/ ‘b. I heartil bid u Welcome; and wilhthat e goodworltfor ‘gfrgiglflgusarecnosiifdifembled, rnay? {pig in your Hands, and have that Succeft, which your wife Mlim, and all that with you welltomull delire, as a Thing much to your Advantage. The Situation of the Province over which I prelide, and the Difpolition its People, have hitherto afforded very little Occafion for Treaties with the neighbouring Indian: ; but having, fume Months ago, {em :1 Med} to the Mmfnlf. lrecetved a Meifa e from our Brethren the Srm'ra: , and Cayiggar, wherein t ey take upon them to anfwer my _efl3tge to the Mmgfinl. -r, and delire that I would meet them at the Council Fire burning at this Place. It is not ufual for the King's Governors to go out of their Provinces to attend Treaties; but! am glad to have an Opportunity of fhewing m good Dif Ition to efiabltlh Peace and Friend- fliip with m Neighbours; and therefore I ave wave all Forms, and am come here, ac- cording to t c Invitation lrcceived at Burlington. To you therefore, our Brethren the Seneca: and Cay: /gar, and your Nephews the Mirn_'/ rim, lnow 1' alt, and defire that you would take into your motl fcrious Confideration, my Mcflitge to the X; /nl/ t}: .('1, your Mellage to me, and my Anfwer thereto, and let me know what we are to cxpcét from you. V’h.1t is pail, we are willing to forget -, but I mull remind you, that if you are difpofed to be our Friends for the future, you fhould give us that Proof of your Sincerity which I have dcfired in my Anfwer to your Mellhge, and retum us the Captives that have been t. .k- en out of our Province, and are now within your Power; this lhuuld be one of the full Steps, and will be the bell that can be taken, towards reflzoring and confirming that Brotherly Love and Fricndlhip between us, which I am convinced will be for the mutual Benefit of all Parties. This was interpreted in the Six Nation Language by Mr. and in the Delaware by Mr. Stephen Calvin, the Indian Stzhmlmalter in IV; /I-_‘}'erfc_y. ‘Then Teedyufcung flake. Brrf/ firm, - 1 dcllrc all of you who are prefent, will give Ear to me. As you, m Brethren, defired me to call all the Nations who live back, I have done ('0; I have given t t: Halloo, and fuch as have heard me are firefcnt. Now, if you have any Thing to fay to them, or they to you, you mufl fit and tal together. I? rct/ Jr: -I1, I lit by, only to hear and fee. what you fay to one another; forlhave {aid what Ihave to fay tn the Covet nor of Prmfiltzania, who fits here; he knows what has between us. I have made known to him the _Reafon why Ifiruclt him. Now I and the overnor have made up there Diflercnccs between him and me, and I think we have done it, as far at we can, for our future Peace. _ A String. The above Speech was Interpreted in the Six Nation Language. Tagalhata then 9% up and _/ ft-: ke. Brrtlvrrn tbe Gavernorr, andyorrr Councilr, ' It has plcafed the mofl High that we meet together here, with chearfulcountenances, and a good deal of Satisfaftion; and as publiek Bufinefs requires great Confideration, and the D41)’ 15 almflll fpcnf. I chufe to (peak early To-rnorrow Morning. The Governors anfwered, that they thould be glad to give all the Difpatch poflible to this j Work they were engaged in; and defired the Chiefs would fix the Time of Meeting 5 ""’ “RY ‘l°¢1"'°d it» faying. they were unacquainted with Hours, but would give Notice '-lieu they were-ready, ' A:
  7. 7. [ 7 J .4: 1 Connntez beflat Eafloo, entbfwlflbf Oanher, 1758. P R E 3 E N T, Tb: C O V E R N 0 R S, The Gentlemen of their Cenndlr, And etberr, at before. TAG A S HATA, the Seneca Chief, taking the Syringnnd Belt of Wampum which ‘I758. Governor Bernard gave Yelterday, repeated, according to the Indian Cufiom, the Pm}. so-7-4 collar: of his Speech, and then added, Br. -tbrrn, We a prove of ev Article mentioned to us Ydterday the Covernorof j'er_/4'}, all that he is very ; we look upon hll Mr. -Huge to us an a illlon and Requefi from him, that we fhoul bring Matters tav a good Conclulion with our Coulins the They thcinfclves {cm for us to do the fame Thing; on their Behalf, and, at their Requcll, we came here, have taken it in Hand, and will ufe our utmdl Endeavour: to bring about the good Work, which Governor Brrnarldefim, anddo not doubt but it will be done to his en-_ tire Satisfafiion. Bretbrrn, , l nr w lpc. .l; at the Requell of ‘Tee _/ tun , and our Nephew: the Delaware: liv' at Iljumrht, and on the Waters of the R193: Sazuebannab. ’ ms am-em, l We now remove the Hatchet out of yourl-leads that was ltruck into them by our Coulinh lln. 1,144-par-er; it wua Frenrb Hatchet that th unfortunately made Ufe of, by the lnl'ti- , ;.. :ion of the Freud»; we take it out of your eads, and bug it under Ground, when: it limil always rell, and never be taken up Our Coufun e Delaware: have alfured us they will neverthinkof War agninll their rethren, the Engl/ _'/ lv, any more. but employ their I bought» about Peace, and cultivating Frientllhip with them, and never fulfer Bnrnity againll them to enter into their Minds again. _The Delaware: defired us to fay this for them by dtil Belt. 2! Bek. Bkfbr/1/, Our Nt-phi-we. the Minifinvl Imlianr, and three other difi‘rrent'1'ribeI of that Nation, have, ‘ at Mt, lillcned to us, and taken our Advice, and laid down the Hatchet the had taken up agutnfl their Brethren the Englifb. They told ul they had received it from Fraud, lfit had already laid it down, and would return it to them again. They alfured us, th would never tie itnn more agunl' I , but would follow ourAd-' tire, and enticatcrl usettyi ufe our utmofl Endeaivours to reconcilzuthem to you their Brethren. ll clurin they were forry for what tlley had done, and defired it might be forgotten, and they 'l‘ -ulcl or ever cultivate a good Friendlhip with you. Thefe Declarations were made by the prirzcipal Warriors of Four Tribes of the Mimfetl Indian: at giving us this Belt. ” at B . Then, Ilting eight Strings of Black Wampum, he proceeded: Brethren, . V We let you know that we have not only brought about this Union with our Nephew: on '. he Waters of the River Safiutbannab, but alfo have fent Melfages to our Nephew: the Dela- ware: and Mini/ Fntr, and to thofe liltewife of our own Nations, who are on the Obie, under tilt: Influence of the French. We have told all thefe thatthey mutt lay down the Frmf Hatchet. and be reconciled to their Brethren the Engliflr, and never more employ it ' them, and we hope th will take our Advice. We the llleluwlr, Seneau. and tr. deliver this Strin of arnpum to remove the I-hlchet out of your Heads, thathat been ftruclt into them y the Obie Inrlirm, in order to lay a Foundation for Peace. Eight String: if Bleed Wampum. Tagq/ beta fat down, and then the Cayuga Chief, ‘Takaaia, arofe, and (aid, Brethren, 1 {peak in Behalf of the oungcr Nations, Part of, and confederated with. the Six Na- tions, viz. The G9-ugar, (lneia'aer, ‘Tufcarorm. Tutelm, Nantirokes and C0391. A R d on
  8. 8. [3] . Ailaadharheenmadefrotaour tothirCoII. IcilFire. thatqr¢ mighttreltahoul gL7£-41?. -igndniiptanduweuntedmmdu pV'efiWfiltS: yRi; I‘| i‘ £clo; r:'l)ic2 heelybee 't it. th; leStrtngs' wen-take Blood a‘: raq; |acitnoI igndhd outof the Council Chamber, which may - luvebeenfiained; wewalhitellaruy, rnddefireituuynotbefotalnytnore. Indwetake of Huda. “J: Hum“ Om you’ G09: the Stringr. Bretbrm, the Gaumrm. and all the Englilh, . lnovroonfine myfolfn the 001-34-fa my WI Niflmv The French, like a Thief in the Night. have lhlen away fame of our you Men, and named thermandtheyhave beencoucemedindoingflifcltiefagliaflaut the 3-3% Wadidnathnow hwlnkhppeued, lmIe&IereIlh&a. Thecbefilfour NatlenhelddteuyveungHeaHi. auduouldnetfifi'themwgooutd‘th& but Ihefiaebarae fiiethenavrayfiotnuqand therntodoMi$e£ ear with lunch flu’ you. ABrlu_: f': eI&Ir. Hedded. hehadfaundoutd: ufomeofdtdrymngPehplehadbomwncwIediufirik- lngutfourfuner. '. A, ' A‘¢CottnntteI uflirhlndhnshfldlabn, Odober I3, ry58. P I E 8 I N ‘I’, Gnu-nu-DENNY. GrvrrmrBERNARD. 73: fun Grntlmnr, lndhnt, hrtrprmrr, lee. as hfire. Asfoonardieludiauhadtekeatheirseeu, Gavernorbevymadethefollowing Bulb-a. CHM alI! ’ma'mgfta"trIJ%N&II. aI¥d5l.7|>J'l'3IUhflfi. lVHhv: . , aruutbn, Agreabletoyourkequeii, atourfirflwleeting, Inowreturnyouthe'Belt, whichthe youngSauraIaJraabrmghtrue, InthyaurAnfuutodteluI'uuonlg: veyuato eomc clowneothirceuneiliire. Emfirflunwrdwwltbflb. Broth-ca 1invitedybubcein_edowuwdnGatu: dF'mekindledatthirHlaee neandyotxr Nephew ‘for g, wttbabeligntolaybeforeyouhiattetroftltegreatell uenceto youandur; amnovnboottooomnuaeieltedtmtomiandtotnfierallfiathabeza flidbiyofltomcilineeour ‘ together I bythirstrin, Ears thatyou mayhem-clearly. and yattenditowhatlflnllfaytoyou. 8 ' Brain, ‘9“'‘‘‘ lrnuflfirfi inhfind. thIt1Ide&. PeeeeaudFrtetrfl: Q' ' fialiiihdtiotwetn and ! °W3ld1§»'lII: £:lIfl. hfibfiuheahnurifistsdunutenugpp. Kim. """""-‘d '“ *‘§“5;d"Y¢l| '*Ife atom-Cq. mctl. FirII. Aoeorfiteanagreeneatundebyour 1i; |‘IliluPmprIIaryWtLLtAu Pull, adyrnrlflhtu. honour- mkyohganffiugndvqtoqhbmhnbfm cube ‘ um I C‘ , crmbeguiky°ftheP5duhE“wfwfeCl1ied‘hcfnn; n. fill! forgotten Let bothrefolven 3.. .». .. 4 “'““"' You veurYefierdaythd'etwoBeltI, ' Behalfof Nephewtthflfiyqee d N - . "dl°5fl°d_withthen-inuhh: quIofaxmaflte! finht€vdth1Ihi€‘§a: ’° fhfidhlqunugw. jtllntdrefel-l&eusrerep‘renu: )Intir. !{epheurbytl= = M _ “ F! ‘ 6714'! ‘ 2
  9. 9. [93 1: Fw. .. 'am': %;t‘. :.“'“" ‘M d'~. 25.8 Brrtbmr, ' I 2: W" M '~: m~ in = '-«W vow NuwdItttlieH&euareuker| o_utofourHe: dt, tndwearereoonciled. wedefindm yourNewhewtthe Drhwsrrrendflr vrdlroocealnofiingfiomyoumduuthatwadid, ornowdoeulne mfieirlvflnfi &aF. ndofd1irMoetingmaybeanfw-ered, which wumuith your . aoputwfitltatbaveeteny Time ditturbedtheir Mlndron fuch. a_; u(tfi? ”re$'omhle Foefyggtlaatme Peta between us may never be interrupted, but ‘T1t'oB¢'llr. nhngrfiifimsum ofblu-kW dmww: omrw, ' ti ampurn. you r, &mrar. and Jam us, ihatyouhwdnotonly brought aboutanUnionwiththeDrIc1urrr and Mr'm_'/ Fmb, onthe Watg. ':oftheRivet' tebasa. d,bttthadall'ofentMefl'egutothe Iatliaarnowonche Ohio, aewellthofeof em'ol*1ationr, 'e. tthofeoftlaeSix. Na! im: :, | .|. |': dc| 'd; ¢Fy-gfl‘-5 Influence, deli: -in themtolaydownthe Hatchet, andentera ninto Fri ' widggbgjg BrethrentheEn _'/ by end, ontheirflehalf, youhavetaken eflatchettout our}-lfidt, {ofurartolaye oundationforafuturePetce. Bretbrm, tbe Mohawlts, Senew, a1JOnondagoer, This was a yery friendly Part, end we flatter ourfelves they will hearlten to you, as there are now D es here from thofe Inafinnr on the Obie, with Mcfliiges to us, which will be delivered in ubliclt. ' W: accept our Strin and approve tnlti the! -iatehet, theflahalf 'th In’ Judi‘ 4:, out our He r, {o fzratto the oundation of ahijture Peace. 0‘ ' co 0 Nine Slringr. Bn-tbrrn, :1»: Cayu s, Oneidoes, Tufurom, Tuteloet, Nantieoltee, or Connys, lbeyamrger ariwu, web are Part: 9/; and united wirb, rbr Six Nations, By thcfe Strings you fay, " That as you came down the Road which has been ned " from your Country tothit Council Fire, you {aw Blood late! fpilt u it, hgvg “ walhed it away, not only out of the Reed, but out of the ncil 4 bet, jgfi um " lhould have been Rained. Brrtbrm, We 'oin, b thefc Strin , with , in remain the Blood. We be it in an Earth-J Y 8‘ you 8 71:: Sdtiraggr. Brctber: the Cayugar, ' With this Belt " you juflly lament the Folly of your young Men, who have {nah-ed " thcmfclvcs to be flolen away from you by the Freud», and then, at their Inltigation, so “ {trike us. You take the Hatchet out of our Heads. you all: Pardon for them, and deflre " we will forgive the Mifchief they have done us, and both you and they promilie never to “ hurt us more. " Brctbrm, We accept the Belt in their Behalf. and give you this Belt in Token of our Frieadlhip and Reconciliation. A Bell. Brethren, You may remember, that the D: before Yellerda , your Nephew ‘Tet camgtold me by this String, “ that he had already ' to me, at our ormer Meetin 5, every ' he had " to fay, and had made me acquainted with the Caufe why he h thunk us, and that I " knew what had paffcd between us. —That we had made up all Differences, and had done “ it as far as we could, for our future Peace. “ That at my Requefi he had ‘van the Halloo, and brought down to this Place you " who heard him, and are now cot; and that he would {it by, and hear what we &. ifltoge- " ther. " Bretbfen, As there are a great man of you here, who were not prefent at our former Meetin . I think it proper, for your In rmation, to give you a mort Accountof what has paKe§'be- tween your Nephew: the Delaware: and us. C About
  10. 10. (truck fiflen, It a vain fave-ifi _ gem‘ fiwom. fi, fP, a5n8mD. ’g_-, flue killed, and other: cursed away Captiva. _ . -P. -ma‘ , did k wboflruckuI. butli: ntMefl'eogerruptheSAf- yyggfinylitcaiufar as the 5: Natl: Clxhtry, to enquire whence the Blow came, and for what Rafun. 0 I}, R mm gf thcfe Mclfengert, we the Hatchetlnd been flruclt into bur ilcfidt by our Countrymen the Dela-warn and ébarumji. same‘I‘irnealterthitDifooverywatrnade, aC&nn of wde brought about ‘Nauru’ , R uel't, tmt'le thcn| for&tPurpo£: by8irII"r'&'¢aI_7'obn_/5; Tudyorfiung came diwn, with a Number of mi. '(aar"t. l‘ll| dOCh¢fWl'QJ, toaCouncilFire, kindledatthitfltoe, where we have line: had fevenl Meetingt. Atoneof thefe Meetingsfrr r_r/ Eurrfiytold us, that the Caufe of the War was, ‘their foolifh gMenhadbeen uadod thcfnlfe-l1ea'. I'tet'lI"rm: bKing to {trike their Bre- du-cn Englijbgandonelgfonwh theBlowcatneharderwae, thatt. beP ' iesof thitProrvii-ieehadtaltenfrornthetnby raudtheGronndwenowltandon.1nd thehnds lying between Tobircon-Crmt and Wpnint, on the River At lali all Blood was wipedaway, and buried under Ground, and Peace Belts were ex- chan between us and our Brother Teeny; /21mg, who then told us he acted in Behalf of Ten atiom, and promifed to bring in and refiore to us all our Fellow Subjects that had been carried off Prifonert by them. For the Truth of this lhort Relation, I refer you to our Brother Trrdyrgfcung, who will confirm it to you more particularly. 41 Belt. Brethren, ‘ To continue our Friendlhip, it is abfolutely neceflitry to preferve Faith, and keep the Pro- mifes we make with each other. Iwill (peak plainlyto you, and from the Bottom of in Heart, as one Friend on ht to another, thatnothin ma lieheavyonmyhrfindtodillur meherea. l'ter; and 1 er the fame Opennefe and rceddm on your Parts. . I delire therefore to know the true Reafon, why our Flelh and Blood, who arein Capti- vity, and in your Power, have not been delivered to us, according to the Prornife made us by our Brother ‘feedyujéung, in Behalf of all the Indian: he reprefcnted ; and whatis become of thofe Belts we gave him to confirm the Peace, and that Promife ; for till that Promife is complied with, we can never lleep in Quiet, or roll fatisficd in the Friendlhip of theft: who detain our Children and Relations from us. /1 Bell. After the Governor had done (peaking, the United Nation: gave the ufual Shouts of Ap- probation. with great Solemnity, each according to Rank. ' ‘ Then Governor Bernard delivered the Belts requelted by the Samar, Cayugar, and Mui- , /irzls, and Quake II follows. Brrrbrrn, '! “reGoveriiorofPrmy5£veniahugivenapartieularAn{wertowhathatbeen-{aid to u bml‘ _50fIf_I| hiIAnfwerrelatettotheProvinoeoverwhichIprefide, loonlirntwhithas beenfndbythuBelt. 43,11, 'Pl’¢VlO'J'I to what follows, it ianecelliry to obferve. that Pi guitanrn, and another Obie In- dian. hum come to P I Ipbc lalt Summer, acquainted Governor, that the Indian: in thofe Parts ad not r any Account of the late Tnnfaétiont with this Government, nor any Metfagefinm it; and am they might be perfuaded to la down the Hatchet, theGo- vcynnr dlerefore took that any to fend a friendly M go to thofe Indian: by Pi/1 9Wf0M! II. and! _ ted Mr. rrderirl Pqfl. 10¢. -man, who underflood the Delaware Lah- 3“‘8°a 10 II}: In. and acquaint the Indian: at Obie of the Peace made by the Sa/ ‘gue- 7‘€'! .'2.3u
  11. 11. Iul bamul: Delavcrer, and other 15t: Ia'atr, ' and the Digalition of this Covernnrentlhoforgive 1738. what was pelt, if they would return to their ancient llianoe. This Mefli was accordingly hr-v‘--4 delivered, and an Anfwer returned by Frederick Pgfl, Pff ‘return, and 7 Ifieimavr, an Obie India, who having come down together at far as Elrrifl Ferry, Frelericl Pry? went to wait on General Forbes, and left the two India»: to proceed with the Mo-f'l'age, who being now arrived at Ea_/ bu, Plfgrrirarrren, who had the particular Charge of it, introduced it as follows. - Brethren, _ gzlitenbyl 31:: at . r!1leg. b.-qr, ’ t‘l; y_chicf M511 fit“, er as we 13:: now. I wag em. 1 e Governor, ee e , an , elder-ton, e rec Men, ' ' to ihem ; and the chief Men told me, at when Ilhould come among the Eu 1:’ Ildl’-i: lii! r,a'nrs, I muft lhake Hands for them with theGovernor, ‘Teedyycwrg, and I/ reef enrderrau (here he [hook Hands with them‘: and that what they had to a , was written down in a Paper, which he then produced, and {aid theydefired it mightbe read in Publiclt. Now ou, Gen- tlernen. who are Head Men, font Frederic! Pg! with me, detiring me to take an carry him in my Bofom there, and when I came there, to introduce him to the publiclt Council 5 I did this, and have brought him back fafe again. Then taking a Belt, and three Strings of Wampum, which weredelivercd with the Paper, he {aid he would inter aret them ; but as all that was {aid was truly fet down in the Writing, it was not neceflitry. t it be read. Then Pr, ’/'9ur'ra»mr delivered the Paper, with the Belt, and three String: of Wampum, who, on being allied afterwards to whom they were fent, anfwered, one was fent tothe Go- vcrnor, another to Teedyufezmg, and another to Ifrael Peméerton. The Melf-age was read in there Words. The Indians _/ feat now. Brethren, bear what I have taf ay. Bretb. --en. ' T is a good many Days fince we have feen and heard of you from all Sorts of Nations. Brethren, This is the flifl: Melfage which we have feen and heard of you ; we havelnot yet rightly heard you. Brvtbrm, You have talked of that Peace and Friendlhip which we had formerly with you. i Bretbrz-2:. “I: tell you to be flrong, and always remember that F riendfhip which we had formerly. Brrtlvrm, We defire you would be Ilzrong, and let us once more hear of our good Friendlhip and Peace we had formerly. Brethren, We dcfirc you to make I-Iafle, and let us foon hear of you again. Game a String. Bretéren, Hear what I have to fay ; loolt Brethren, fince we have Teen and heard of you of all Sort: of flations, we fee that you are forty that we have not that F riendihip we formerly had. oolt Brethren, we at Allegheny are liitewife forry that we have not that F riendfhip with you we formerly had. ' Brerbrm, Vc long for that Peace and Friendlhip we had formerly. Brethren, lr is good that you have held that _Friendlhip which we had formerly amonglt our Fathers and Grandfathers. Brethren, We mm‘: tell you‘ we will not let that Friendfhip quite drop, which was formerly be- tween us. Now, Brethren, it is three Years fince we dropped that Peace and Friendihip which we formerly had with you. Now, Brethren, that Friendlhip is dr , and lies buried in the Ground where you and I fland, in the Middle between us . Now, Bre- thren, .fincc I fee you have digged up and revived that Friendlhip, which was buried in the Ground, now on have it, hold it fall. Do, be flrong, Brethren, and exert yourfelves, that that Friendihip may be well eftablilhed and firiilhed between us. Bretbrerr, _ _ If you will be flrong, it is in your Power to finilh that Peace and Fricndihip well. Now, Brethren, we dcfire you to be ltrong, and eflablifh and make known to all the Englr: /li of this Peace and Friendihip, that it, over all, may be well efiablifhecl, as you are of one Nation, and one Colour, in all the Englzf/ b Governments. Brethren, When you have made this Pe-. rc_c, which you have begun, known every where amongfl your
  12. 12. . I . mrlhat fini1hedsn<lqreed‘everywhmetog¢hwonM8PinseNfldFriezd- V” 8' y£(l’'lJ§; . will bevpleafed to 1311673 to me at z‘IIerh= v- , - Wfeg youhave fettled the Peace andFrientHhip, and finiihed it well. and gel: {end it e , I will {end it to all the Nations of my Colour; when I receive of you . Anfwer, grin; have looked that every Thing is well done, I0 that [can {end it to the Nations of my Colour, they all will join-to it, and we all will hold it fafiz. Bretbrm. . . dnh¢N3figns‘ ' uothisFneud(hip, ' ' thentheDayw1lll>egin to ihme. cIear over u, :Whvc£; m we oru: ehe£-nrlrlnoreof ‘you, andwejoiu together, then the Day will be Rm, mdnowrmdorsmmtwillcomeoverusmditlurbm. U Now, Brethren, you know our Hearts, and what we haw: to lay, be lh'ong_; it you do [0, eycg-y'I‘hingu'/ ill be well; and whatwehave toldyouinthnsi ‘ill theNatIons agree to Jwllziow, Brethren, let the King of England know what our Minds are, as {non as pofiible you can. ‘ ‘ Give: a Belt qf eight Rom. Received the above Speech from the under-written, who are all Captains and Counfellors, wz. ' Bea-var Ifing, Owabanomin, Matvmal, Sbingar, Carkguacaukebetatz, Popauco, Delaware George. Cal; /bawetebwy, W4/bq cantata‘, uitom. Iétehapaiin, j‘obn_IIiekazrzr. n, ‘fnjéramin, Captain Peter, KiI1Burk. The above Names is of Captains and Counfellors. After this was integpreted in the Six Nation Language, and in the Delaware, the Three Strings were deliverc to the Governor, ‘feed; -ufczmg, and _I/3-ae1Pem.5ert¢m. . As the Governor was ing to clofe the Conference, Nicbar, the Mohawk Chief, {poke for fome Time, with great ehemencc, pointing fre-: ,-uently to fféwiyufmng, and Mr. II’ei/ Er was ordered to interpret it; but he defircd to he excuferl, as it was about Matters purely relating to the Indian: thcmfelves, and deli: -ed Mr. Montaur might interpret it ; after fome Baufe, he laid, perhaps it might be better if it was interpreted to the Governors, Councils, and Corn- mifiioners, in a private Conference. Mr. Wafer was dcfircd to mention this to the Indians, and know of them what they would chute lhould be done, whether it fhould be interpreted now, or at a private Conference, and they anfwered now ; but foon after they faid, that, at the Requefl: of Mr. W¢'r_'/2'r, they confcnted that it ihould be interpreted in the Morning, at a private Conference. Oiiober 14, 1758. The Indian: declined meeting To-day. A‘! a pri1:ateCoNrmu: Ncn twirl: tbe Indians, on the 15:! » of October, 17 58. P R E S E N T, Gowrmr D E N N Y, Go-veruar B E R N A R D, and Hi: Council, and tin‘ Commit- (be Jetfey Comnujflanerr. tee of Afiembiy. V Cbigfigf -the Mohawltd, Senecas, and_Onondagoes. C/ .r: 'g/ ‘ref the Oneidocs, Cayugas, ~'I'ul'~ czroras, Nmtleoltes, or Conoys, and Tutclocs. Nichas. :1»: Mohawk cbigr, floodup, cad, dinning bi: Difcauqa to barb Governors, fzid, Bratberr, R 7 E thought proper to meet you here, to have fame private Difoourfe about our Ne- phew ‘Ieedyuflung. - Y°“ 3“ "WW '5“ ‘'9 Sim Out. he is the greet Man, and Chief of Ten Nations ; this is his conftant Difcourfe. I. on Behalf of the Illobawtr, fay, we do not know he is fuch a great Man. 11' he ia_[uch mg. -eat Man, we dcfire to know who has made him ('0. flfcrhaps you have, and if this be the Cafe, tell us fo. It may be the Frencb have made him o. We want to enquire and know whence his Greatnclk arofc. Tagafhata
  13. 13. H1, foray Nation, faythefame Intdnotiepekii. _1 54.5., notknow who has made Teeaynfimg flgreat Man over 'I-'enNationa; and I know wlnmadehimfo. , . _ ‘ ; __ _ . . . . 4 ‘ B, 5"” Afl'aa-andonguasfielrearf, mfiebnfg/ ‘tie Gioadaguee; I am here tor refent the Onondagwr and I fay, fwdlem, that I head; bcf now, that T(! d:| 'l$uflg was {uch a great Man, and much lei‘; can I tell wllittitade him ('0. 1?: fuch Thing was ever {aid in our Towns, as that Treajvufcurrg was fuch agree: Man. , , . .Thomas King fluke. Brerlqrm Ibe Governors, and al1pr? ént; . . . . . Take Notice that I {peak in of Five Nations, -’ who have their Deputies here pm: fent, vuiz. The Oneiabrs, Cayugas, ‘figfirararas, Nanticakrs, and Comys, who have jojncd to. gether, and now make one Nation, and Tutelm. We Five are all conneéted together, and if any Thing is {aid to one of us, it is communicated to all the left. Onytheir Behalf I now tell you, we none of us know who has made Tredjrzg/ Eung fuch a rear Man; perhaps the French have, ‘ or pcrha s you have, or fome among you, as you gave difierent Governments, and are different eople. We, for our Parts, entirely difown that he has any Authority over us, and defire to know from whence he derives his Au- thority. . . J Belt. Tokaaio, rbe Cayuga Chief; fooke. Bretbrm, , . I f ak now to you, on Behalf of the Nations jul‘: now mentioned to you. You may re- mem r, that you {aid the other Day, you could not be eafy without your Prifoners were re- turned. We have confidered this, and I now afl'ure you they (hall be returned. We {peak from the Bottom of our Hearts; we will look carefully into all our Towns for them. You {hall have them all. We will keep none. If there be any of them that have one down our Throats, we will throw them up again. You told us, a tender Father, ilufband, Wife, Brother. or Sifter, could not fleep found, when they refleéted that their Re- lations were Pl"lfOI'ICl'n. We know it is lb with us; and we will therefore ufe our Endeavour: to make your Heart: -s eafy, and we give you this Belt as aPromife, that we will perform our Words. A Belt. bbrlichas flab next, in Belief qf {be Mohawks, Seneca, mJOnondagoee. Bret err, _ . _. i I fpeak now on Behalf of my own Nation, and my two other Brethren, Deputies of the Seneca: and Onamiagm. We remember you defired us to leave nothing in our Hearts, but {peak open on every Matter, and you {aid you would do the fame to us; You told us, that you could not fleep found whillt your Prifoners were detained from you, ‘ nor could you have any Confidence in the F riendihip of thofe who did detain them. We of thefe three Nations promife, that we will ufe our beft Endatvaurs to make you eat»- fy. When we return, we will enquire of every Town for the Prifoners. We will call our Councils, and lay what you have {aid before them, and make diligent Enquiry fix them through all our Towns, and all that-we can find you {hall fee’. If any of them are gone down our Threats, we will heave them up again. A Strung qffivm Ra-wr. At a CONFERENCE -with the Indians, on five Sixrmrrb qf Oélober, 17 58. P R ‘E - S E N T, 97:: Govzauons, and lb: Gmtlmm 9‘ {bar Councilr, &: ei H E Minutes of the preceding Conferences were read, and approved. Thofe of Yelh. -rday'n private Conference were read at the particular Drfire of the Chiefs of the Eigbr . Netioru, and interpreted to Tulygfcwng, and the Drlrrwam, in the Delaware Language, by Mr. Srqobm Cabin, D The
  14. 14. i C 1' I‘ ’ omndlsa. -l. 3¢. ,'¢g, , Oeyugu, Narltiookcs Bmlbai ‘kn tht ‘know rNeph - » , : me, a we cw In 3.C°“f°‘: 'm"° 3; §, e‘; ?¢@D‘L, y:: d Eflefof ten Nations, andwglrfllis was T€"i""/ ngfitgpv-an “fife _ by 11,3, 3,1; ghgniore you denied him to fo great it Matt, and dc. liisedoto know of me vilto made hiinlb. or-‘gavehim any Authority over you. I wB; fle; lIv]rf'vr: :r ymrmfly and mu you, in a few Wmds, all that I know of the Matter ; I . after h Delaware ‘had {buck us, on, our Friends h‘“’° aliczd to {it tfticll, and do I; no more Nfifchief; and {non after 3,195 U: -fignyigcd ti": Delaware: to meet us at I Council Fire kindled at this Place. I , ‘ recent‘ d Anf to our Meflige from Teeajrqfcung as a Chief arnon the Drlcmarer. Atutfgc Tim: an imcdwctilc “me, and and us, that he regrefenned ten l§atzons, amongt} hich the Unit: Nation: were included, that he acted as a chief Man for t. _l1C. Dt'14'"v'4"!3a but 2:); as 3 Mcffgngcr the the United Natiwu, who were his Uncles and Superior: ; to whom he wozld faithfully carry every Thing that ihould be tnnfaéted between us, that they might do u they few Ceufea C . ' d h N h t id us, and therefore made him a Counfellor and Agent fa; -Vine ghldciigfirzd It: puhflifhwtooall Nations of Indian: What We did at Our C01-lflCi1F1'T€3. and to let them know we were fincerely difpofed to be at Face with them. bf - V I cfnn: n1;” for myielf, and do alfure you, that I never made ‘Te: 79$-ung this great ded to 've him any Authority over you; and I mufl 0 him the juftice ct‘i>cryPc, >i: ‘ctnhat, at gar former blick Treaties, ‘fmyujémlg never aflhmed any fuch Power, but, on many Occafions, w he {poke of you, called you his Uncles and Su- penors. 1 ngyu null attcmptto nominnte or ' I‘ Chief on any Indian Tribe or Nation, but, on all Occafions, will pay due Regard to ‘ who are -chofen y their Countrymen. If oth havexmde Tee to great A Man, as to let himfelfahove you, I am {br- ry feral? It isflmore than I knofiffan they who have done it mutt anfwer for themfelves. I ihould be greatlyconeened, rhaecnyUneafine€*'g fhoulel rife amongyou; and hope yo will guard ngninlt it, and preferve that Harmony winch ought to fubfifi between Friends and Relations. - . _ ‘B that . — C - B Belt and String, you promifed me to make diligent Search in yourTownr fin our Flegend Blood, who are Prifoners among. you, them to us. Brethren, ' - ' C ' We have always found you hand}. and punauel inthe Performance of your ‘Promifcs; your Words therefore give me great Comfort, and _a_ll our Hearts ‘with Pleafure. We rely upon you that no Time may be loft in fulfilling an Engagement, on which our Peace and Quiet fo greatly depend. ~ 1 ~ v‘ ‘ '- 1 Brit and String. Tbm Bemardficée. , _ Bret-irrm 9f :11 fl»: Cenfideratrd Nltimr, ' ' ' ' C _ As you propofed ur Queflion, concetfning ‘feuyrfiymg, feparatqy, I think it proper to give you a feparzte wer thereto. “ " ‘ I know_not who rmh Teeézflnagb t a Man; not do I know that he is any greater than a Chief of the Delaware bur, _ ettled The Titleof Kingcould. -not be given him byanyE l: _']b Governor; for we know fiery wellytlntthere is no {och Pei-{on gmzng Irdxgafas yvobtwe And if wefilm: lb, -‘we-mean no morethan a “WP. ‘me-in. '1’t= au'= s.. whIch. , , ' . . PmnfjhIwua_ (winch I have perufed flnce our 191! Méetin he Eye he ‘was a Woman till You made him a Man, by putting a Tanuheyult in his ‘cl; and through all of thofc ' Treaties,
  15. 15. 1 rcauvv, - r‘ ‘ . ' g- g “ 1,. __ ".5." . . . _ , . , , g N‘v‘: ; 1,, that he is dependent on‘ yon: -:nd‘ I know not that any Thing 1.; flncg Relation to you. lth'er'eEore confide: him to be ttillyour Nephew. h“PP¢ned’to alter his $-v- Bretfirelt, ‘ _' _ . ., _ ‘, I, ’ _ 1 heartily thank youfor your kind Pminffcs to rheeza ‘vet ‘.31: 1:" ‘ ' ' ' from us. I hope you will not only do fo, 1.. .‘. will alfo enga Pguch o? your jiilli-. !;c: .‘vJtdaI]: lf; r: phews, who have taken Captives from us; to do the fame. hat you may 5,, _m[, ,df-"1 of this, I give you this Belt; ‘-4 34,; After the Govcrnors_ had done I ' ' and their were interpreted in the S}; Nation and Drlatoarr Languages, e Chiefs, tilted if th had any Thing mum to fa ; on which 9' a_/ bate arofe, m made a S h to his Co the Delaware Minghnk Indiam, direaging his Difoonrfe gTr: a}'t[curT. “:c ‘ g ’ "*6 Ne : , , , , . _ _ You may remember all that pafl'ed at this ‘ Fire. The Governor: who fit there" have put you in Mind of what we: agreed upon car. You both mifed to return the Prifonen. We, your Uncic. =3,l putyou in Mind of this Promife, and n-e on will Pcrfbnn" it. You have promifcd it, and you muff perform it. We, your Uncles, ve go‘ retum all the E» Ir; /I. » Prifoncrs among us, and therefore we expect that you, our ’ufins. g_n3 Nephews, will 0 the fame. As foon as you come home, we delire that ‘ u will {car-cl’; carefully into your Towns for all the Prifoners among you, that have been with out of eve. ‘ ry Province, and caufe them to be delivered up to your Brethren. You know tlmtthis is an" Article of the Peace that was made between ‘you and your Brethren, in Confirmation of which you received alarge Pence Belt 5 of which Belt we delire you will give an Account; - and let us know what is become of it, and how far you have proceeded in it. ‘ A Bell’. After this was interpreted in the Dela-were Language, it was obferved, that there was no Imfiam prefent, the Governors therefore defired Mr. Real and Mr. Peter‘: would procure a Meeting of the Chiefs of the lfnried Nciffizm, with the Dclarwrn and . Mirz! fl;z}r, and sung the Speech of ‘Tngq/ beta to be interpreted to the Mz'ng/ ink. in the Prefenee of their es. . Rater! rm», the Naatico/ at Chief, "acre, and are he was going» to {peak in the Behalf offeven Nations, and, diredinghisDi. fcoI1rfelo t&Go'v_ernors, hedellyeredthimfclf inthc‘ Errglf/ b La. ngua. ge. as follows. Brerlzrm, r_ , _ _ It is now more than two Years pelt, finee we heard of our Coniins the Dezmm} u the Hatchet againfl the Englzflv. At the fix-it, Sir Mlliam fent a Meifage to the Jead Nations, and when th received it, they fent one to no it O; /‘twinge, telling us, as we lived clofe by our Cou s, the defired we would invite them to meet at our and accordingly weinvited them, an they came to a great Meeting it our Town ot‘§_fi7u'n‘— go. We then re our Coufins a Belt of a Fathom Lon , - and Twenty-ilvee Rows Breadth, and de ed them to lay down the Hatchet that they ‘ad taken up againit 1;“! Eng‘- lt_'/ IJ, and to be early with them; and if they would follow this Advice, we told thiit they goald Izve in Peace, until their Hmds were ithite with Age, other-wife it might not'l: ie' fo wi em. . Not hearing of‘ our Coufins of fimte Time’, what they did in Confequence ct‘ thie Belt, we {em to them two other Belts, one of Sixteen, and the other of Twelve Rows, defining them oncemore to be eafy with their Brethren the Engli ', and not to {trike more; but {till we heard nothing from them: Indeed, fame e aficrwards, we und ood 'the Delaware: fhould fa , that the Iizdimu at O‘! /izningo had Eyes, and were like ! :_'/ b;_ and Ihould be {erve as Eqbfinwi; and we thought we ould mvehnd the Hatchet’ ' cit into our Heads. VV}: now want to know what is become of theft! Belts ; may he theymay be under Ground, or they have fwallowed them down their Throilts. Brethren, 4 . As our Coulins have been loath togive any to thefe Belts, we'noef detire they may let us know, in a publici Conference, whatthey have done with them. _ A String. _ _ _ I7» 1753-‘. _ . y H E Imimm were in Council all Day 3 and acquainted the Governors, that they could not be ready to meet before Morning. A
  16. 16. 1: a Cotiruttttcr Mm -Ema". at is: nrgsuaui gf october. 1758. P R E S E N 1''; Tire Govnimoas, Clura'l, 'Gentlerum, and Indians, with the Interpreters it éefor-e‘. , Raj, and Mr. eterr, ac uainted the Governors, that, at aMeetin of the Chiefs lhf the Older and gounger ations, with the feveral Tribes of the De are and M1‘. rzi}t'mt Indian: on Illa Night, the Speech of Target/ bate, delivered that . M0l’l': lIDg in the Publick Conference, 17: éting the giving up the‘Pnfoners, was inter reted in the _l3eIuware Language by szgpbm Ca ' ‘yr, and another Belt, on the Part of the overnors, being Joined to Tagq/ lute’: Belt, they were delivered to the Delaware _Mxn: Int Chiefs, to en- force the Matter. When this was done Tagq/ bate {poke to the 1l£i1rn_/ iml hief, Eg0babo'wen, fayin , we were told by you that you had delivered up the Errglxfb Prifoners, and we be- lieve you : But our Brethren have told us that thetyuwere not delivered up; and therefore we eamefily defire that they may be made eaf on 's Article. You know, Coufins, that their Hearts will always be in Grief tillthey again their Flelh and Blood, ’ It is natural that they lhould be fo. It would be 1'0 with us, if it was our Cafe. We defir: you will be extremely careful to perform this Matter fully, and foon. Let there be perfect Peace over all the E lijb Country. And let it now be publiihed, that we may all live in Peace, and with Sati étion, now, and for ever. I told you, Egobolwwen, when you was in my Town, to bring with you the Englyb Prifoners, and that our Brethren would expect it. I with you had done it. But however doit now with all Speed, and it will be well. Egobobowen anfwered, it is true, I was at my Uncle's Fire, and I believe he defircd me to ' brin the Prifoners down; but I fuppofe it was not interpreted to me, for I did not under- fian it clearly, but I now underfiand it. The 1|¢! a’rgr‘nk and Delaware Indians were defired to colleét all their VVarriors together, and give them efe Belts, and receive from them their Anfwer, it being necefliiry they lhould concur heartily in whatever lhould be concluded. Mrbar, the . Maba-wk Chief, acquainted the Governors, that, as Counfellors, they had fi- nilhed, having nothing to propofc at this prefent Meeting. The Varriors erc to {peak now, and ‘Thomas King was appointed to deliver their Words, who thereupon arofe, and began with an Exhortation, as well to all concerned in publick Alfairs, Governors and their Councils, and Indian Chiefs and their Councils, as to Warriors of all Nations, White People and Indium‘, defiring all “refent to attend carefiilly to what was going to be related, as Matters of rent Confequence, which would fcrve to regulate the Conduct of Englifb and Indian: to cacin o- ther. He added, that the Relation going to be made, had taken a great deal of Trouble to put it i. nto Order, and it was made on Information given by the feveral Indian: now prefent, who were a uainted with the Faéts. Brethren, we the Warriors have waited {ome Time, in Hopes ourcgfounfellors wou. d have taken this Matter in hand, but as they have not done it, we have. at their Delire, undertaken it, and they have a proved of every Thing. Ifay, the Counfellors of the Five Younger Nations, as well as the T ree Older Nations, have a oved of what the Warriors are goin tr. relate ; and take Notice, that the Speech is no. : only e Speech of all thewarriors of the ldt-r and Younger Nations, but of our Coufins the ])e1¢'warer and Jlvfimfirér. This was interpreted in the Delaware Language; and Thoma: King then proceeded, di- reeling his Speech to the Governors, and all the Englrfb upon the Continent. Bretbren, You havebeen inquifitive to know the Caufe of this War; you have often enquired among 05. but perhaps you did not find out the true Caufe of the Bitternefs of our Hearts, and may charge us wrong, and think that you were {truck without a Caufe by fame of our own War- nors, and by our Coufins. But if you look a little about ou, you will find that you gave the firfi Ofience. For in Time of profound Peace, fame o the Sbawanejé, pafling through Sou! b_-('. araIina, to goto War with their Enemies, were taken up, and ut in Prifon. The Engltflv knew they were going to War, and that they ufed to do it every gear; and yet, after fhcy perfuaded them in a friendly Way into their Houfes, they were taken up, and put into Prifon, and one, who was a Had Man of that Nation, loft his Life, and the others were feverely ufed. This firfi raid lll-will in the Minds of the Sba-umrefi, and as the French came a little after this happened to little on the Obie, the Sbatmnefe complained of it to ‘mm; and they made an artful Ufe of it, let them againll the Englzj/ b, and -gave them the ” ' Hatchet.
  17. 17. [I7] . HaIrhot, fieingnntmedon Revenge. they aeoupadir. and b&&Gm@ fume: -etlacbrlawaa-r, frying, Grandfather, Aronotyourfleartafirre atour lre'm 'l, andattheLofIoforrootourChiefi? Wllnotyottjoirlusinrevenging hie ? So y Degreea our young Men were brought over to aft ngunfi you. On tearcbing Matters to the Bottom; youwilt find that you, in this Manner, gave the frrfl Offence. ‘This we-thou hr proper to let you know. It may be of Service for the future. You may be induced by ‘s to lake better Careineonduftin yourCooncil Bufiufi. than toguard againfi thefi-. Breath“ of Priendfhip; or, at but: aatfieyhappen, in ' immediately with one another, and with the Indian Nations, who are in any wife eoneer on fuch Oucafions. Bmbrm String: qf black lI’nI. pavrr. ThirwaatheCafe of thasbawaufi, dtat lhewr jufidow related. Anotherof thelike Nlturehaaliace happened totheSruu'ar, whohavefufiiredin thefirneManner. About three Year-a ago, eight S. -ma Warrior: were returning from War, through I/ irgi. rria, having {even Prifonere and Script with them; at a Place called Gum Brier, they met with a Party of Soldien. not left than One Hnndrd and Fifty, who kindly inviud than go come to a certain Store, and Curl-. they would fumly them with Pmvifionr; and acaogdingry they travelled two Day» with them in I friendly er, and when they came to the Houfe, they took their Arm» from the Storm: : The head Men cried out, here is Duh ; dcfqad yourfelves . ..- well as you can, which they did. and two of ‘them were hilledon the Spot, and one. a youna/ Boy, was taken Prifoner. This gave great Ofence, and the more fo, at it was upon the arriors Road, and we were in perfeét Peace with our Brethren. It pro- voked us to fuch a Degree, that we could not get over it. _ Brrrbrm, . . You have jultly demanded your Prifonerr ; it it right, and we have givenyou an Anfwei-_ And therefore, as we think t it ya-ung Boy is alive, and lomcwherc among you, we defire you will enquire for him. If he be alive, return him; if you have fwalluwcd him down our Throala, which perhaps my be the Cafe, let or know it, and we will be content. Hie kune it Sfirtfflatrga. Sid String: 9/‘ while Wampum. , Brrrlrmr. We have one Word more to mention of the fame Nature, and which was the very Caufe why the Irrdiarrr at 01210 left you. hrrrbrrll. , . . . . . When we firfi heard of the Vrnrtb to the Obio. we imrnediatel lint Word to the Governors of Virginia and Pnrlgfilvnriar , we ddired them to come, likewife to my in with finch Things as were“? for War, intendi to defend ourLanda. and ' the Frrarb t_"roat’_t‘aking _the P on of them. But Governors did not attend to our Mefiige; perhape theyetchought there war no Foundation for our Intelligence. The French, IJOWCVCI. 611113. and ame our Neighbours, and you neither coming yourfelver, nor a. fli(t- ua with warlike Stores, our People, of Neocflity, were obliged to trade with them for w ' we wanted, It your Traders had left the Count . The Governor of l’r'rgr'rrr'a tool: Care to fettle on our Lands for his own Benefit ; but w we wanted ln'a Afliliance againfi the I’: -rncb. he difregarded us; _ , , A Belt. Brtlbrm, At this Treaty yoxiullly demanded to fee your Fleih and Blood. We have preffed this bit out‘ Coufins the Iru_'fi , and they, by this String, defu-‘ed ua to alTure you. the Gover- nors, that they would make flriét Search in their Towns, and Qnoerely comply with your Rcqucfl, and return all the Prifunera in their Power. . Two String: of Mart and «elite Waarprm. Then, direéting his Difcourii: to the Governor of the jrqiy, he proceeded. Brafbri-, lb: Go'or'rirery' Jerfey, , _ . Our Couliris Ere’ Mimfnl: tell us, were wronged out of a great dealof Land, andthe Englij/ J fettlin fa’ fall, they were back, and could nottell whet Landa beloogedtn them. If weiave been drunk, tell us to. .We on have _ Who! We fold. but Wcmlfi to you the Governor of jrr/ '47 to take our Cau_fe in M WC ha! " Jllmfl d°fl° us. ‘Ve fay that ‘we have here and there 'lfrat‘. tI of Lltld, thll i_IAV¢ 11¢"! 59911 9314- . Y0|| deal hard! with us ; you claim all the wild Cruturea, and will not let or eome on your Land to hunt a er them. You will not fo much as let ua peel a tingle Tree ; thit_it hard, given us great 05'. :nce. The Cattle you raiEi'e are your own; but thofe which In mid» —. ..»-ht--LI"" ufed fo 6-I-“W58.
  18. 18. tr? ) 1 rzeszzarwa 1753- . ,~. .:, _ oFWoe_d. Wh "”""' -fi, °§, ,”'°a. .’f. iat° ? cca£on. 'e "“"““’l’$2 mm; In an on into llircarc. § f°°J““§°’~" "‘ “' Tn s. mgs, /aaaavqm Brethren, ‘ Tum, dirnaing hintfelf to the Governor of Pm». /fluada, he 5345 ' Mind . i.‘: ... ..‘v ' hou rig ‘rnao? m extenilingufrorn em’: Creek to the '0. The propficmju gems then paid Our Tbaig/ hm! Piece: of Eight for the which was fettled by our pawl: -, that have been linoe driven off and killed. We acknowledge to have received Fa meat for thofe Parts that were iettled, but for the other Part that we have not received pgmgm for, that we reclaim. Our Wurion, or"I-Iunters; when they heard_tl1at we had fold fuck a large Tra&, our Conduct in Council 3 to now we acquatnt_yo}_l. that we aredetemuned not ooeonfirmuy more, than fuel: of the Lands as theConfidhrauon was pgjd for, and were fettledt tho’ included in the Deed, they are out hunting Grounds, and we dcfm ghc ggquea may be granted; and Notice taken, that it was made in open Confer- ence’ _ ‘Three white String: Then ‘Thoma: King {at down. The Six Nation Chiefs being aiked if they had any Thing to fay, anfwcred, that they INA done ; andhaving eafed their Mindsof all that lay heavy upon them, they would return home The comma pmmirea attentively to eoniider what was (aid, and give them an Anfwer. Teedyuleung Ibex arafi, and_/ fake. Brethren; I lhould have faid fomething at the Time our Uncles laid before you their Grievances, or Caufeu of Complaint, in Behalf of my Count , who lived near Ga_/ Zen About three I Years ago nine of their Peoplewere killed at when they were in Peace. I will not take upon me to fay that the Land had never been fold, but there was no Dif about this at that Time. I verilyibelieve that they killed thofe nine Indium, for no er Reafen than becaufe they were huntingon that Land. I {peak to all the Englf/ b when I mention this, as what was very wrong. flirt: nbbite Strings. We Land over Bretbrm. . One of the Wafing Tribes, or Gafinr Inliavzr, tells me, that, as foon as thofe nine Men were killed, he went with three Bela, ind Tears in his Egg on e 15)'eeland’s, in order tohavefhelflattermadenpg butheneverreceiI'edanAn tothis y, thdhetoldhim that he would {end the Belts to the Governor, and as than as he ihould receive his Anfwer, he would {end for him. and let him know it ; but he has never yet received any Anfwer. . Brctbmz, _ I give you this String, to enquire what became or’ die threefielts, and what An£wer was midi me ' Bretbrar, You may remember wernade Peace left Year, and a Peace Bel: was made, alfahom long. and of Fifteen Rows. Mr. Croglun was prefent. fo were fame of in Uncles, and the _Mzmfinlu. all [aw it. You have aflted me what is become of that heir, and how far it went. I will tell you ; I fent it up the S43!‘ no Digboga ; frqm (hence it wan; to fintzin; thence to hhraugbkung. The chief Men there t to oonfider what was to be done with it. They all concluded that it d be {ear to our Uncle. He is a Man, and often told us he ought tofee Things 511%, and confide; what is to bc ¢1on¢_ The Samara: had the Belt the flrflr, and then _all the United Nation: afterwards ; they had it alrnofi a Year. Now it I! come back, and in §p: toa's Hands, ' who is one of the De. burns, ‘ and ‘lives at Secaugbbaug. Howfar the Belt went. I don't know ; but I {uppofe it went thro'_ all rny ‘Uncles, and I allure you’ I will do as my Und¢ do¢s_ Hc has 1:-rotmfed you he will deliver up all your end I aflixre you I will do fo, wherefo- °V¢1' I ‘M4 Wm. 111111 my Towns. Four Tribes, now prefent, have agreed to this, -viz. Delawam‘, fire: String: gf tniwite Wmrpwr. ’
  19. 19. m£rs‘>¥J' D U -', ' aci'£’. .d'". T€; .e'£? '~i'= iva. a.. '- ‘ ’ - AB: /r. ' 7'53- K‘/ Y? B"”b‘": .. .. , . . V ' . , Idid let ltnowfortnerl Chat 0'. ' . -‘C ’ V . - far as the ela-ware: owned, it: I d tlxatitfllouldbelaidheforetheliingofflaglaudi and, ‘ '¢yo'u¢°gdm‘ ,5, 1“ _ mt: know, as foon as everhefawit. _ , You wouldl'ay’the. Mttterbelhre the ‘- 13,- ' faid he was our Father, that he might fee what were ourlbidireneetii fdr ti ‘ ' ma 1 d not decide it, let him do it‘. Now let us not alter what you and I have ggreegfilxow I“ knovur if King Gaono: has decided the Matter between you and me. I don't retendmc mention an of my Uncle: Lands, I only mention what we the Delmum own affar at thto Heads of laware. All the Lands lying on the Water that till into the S-gfihebanub 5: I long to our L. °1cles'. 3 mkl Tera’; /' cim'ii¢ait“‘a‘6:la Belt, delii ‘to at 'V ' W- tian: ; ylziiifaghillt he wasugeligerincgr the aboi'e,8dt'hEir Cflixiefa htaadli>1I‘ieUxi. ’f‘? eet's Council, lieerningly much dilpleafed, he therefore declined {peaking it. . ... E Oflakr :9, i758. , its Governors, in. ».'. prep. ‘ 'redth " A r , aen'«i: h M ' _ . continued holding Councils irlhorigwtchtmfeltiea allethat giiyto Afternoon; and as the vernors were going to the Place of Conference, the hdiau {egg Mr. Wafa out of Council, to defire they would defer meeting till the next‘Morning, their bwn private Bulinefa not-being finilhed. 24: a private Coitrtniince with the Indians, bridal Batten, Oétolier :9, !7"8. 1’. M. P R E S E N T, laiizmizemycwmi B E R N A R D, _ Ybe Commflaner: 9 Now"-Jerfey, The Cbiefs of lb: United Nations, and if tbe Minifinks and Wapiiiga, Ozone: Cnooium, Deputy to Sir W I L L I A M J0 H N S 0 N, Aumttw Mowroult. Hi: Miyyljt Iriterfr-erer, Srzrnizic CALVIN, Interpreter of tbe Minilinlt and Waping Language. I S Excellency the Requelt of the United Nation: to him, to do Jufiieclzo their Nephews the Muufinkr, concerning their Claims to Lands in New-_7erfey, faid, he would make diligent Enquiry what Lands were remainin unfold by than ; but as that would be a ‘Work of Time and Expence, he wilhed that Means could be found to ive them Satisfaetion at this Meeting. _ . 'I"he People of Nero-jerfgy faid, that Lhekfilad Eought all, or the greatefi Part of the llrnflxk Lands, and the Muu'/ iub faid they a greatDealofLa. ndunl. 'old. Heeouldnot tellwhowasintheright; but wouldfu therewereR>meI. andaun- fold, and upon that Su fition would give them fame oney, by Way of for them, if they won propofe a reafonable Sun; and dclired they would advife about it, and give an Anfwer. The United Nations faid it was a very kind Propofal, and recommended it to the Cone fideration of the Thefatn DayF1"eea§i5[Z'mgwaitedon Governorbeny, athialionfe, brl ‘ngwith hint I/ i1d€Sl1'”¢’, ef0t‘hi8lnlt: l'pl‘ctcf, and hit Grandlfon ; and, in the Prefenee of vernor B0’! lb nard, Mr. And-no jobqin, and Mr. Peten, acquainted the Governor, that the Delaware: 3 did not claim Lands high up on Delaware River; thofe belonged to their Uncles; and he! thought . what he md in the public}: Conference. A! to let the Governor know this, that there be no g of l
  20. 20. I 9-.0 13 L gm comm: -. a-martian; iv}: zo. f:i; .:r, si~“ p R E it E N 1, ‘11uGo'reairont. Council. Gentlmtrr and whirl: :6? Zrtrrjorrtrrr, at dtfire. ' , 'defired k of? ’ am ifhepropofedtof , I, §VliIa3'7ss oDcpurtuR' the Si? N:i: Chieliufrlgri . e Conference Yeflier y, hail prevented him from fiuilhing what he had to fay. Then ‘fmwcwifr store. and. addrefling hiinfelf to the Six Notice nrimr, faid, Under, , . . According to our old Cuitom, we ufed to {peak to one another at home; but we are now me; hm on Bufinefr, Imuft {peak to you in the Prefence of the Errglijb Governors; and what 1 (ball fay. Idefire both you the Englijb, and my Uncles; W1” “° *‘°r= . wwstttznd to- . A . Uncia. , _ 4 t . . . I take this Opportunity of fpealuog to you in the Prefence of_ our Brethren the Eng}: /lv, and two of their Governors; pleafe to take Notice what I am going to fay. L7 It , Youfliniy remember that you hive placed us at W ominit and Sbamaitirr, Places where Indian: have lived before. Now I hear fince, that you ve {old that Land to our Brethren the Englj/ bi let the Matter now be clearpd up, in the Prefence of our Brethren the’Erigli_/ b. I lit there at aBirdon ulioughi Ilookabout, and do not know wheretogo; let me therefore come down upon the Ground, and make that m own by a good Deed, and I {hall than have it Home for ever; for if you, my Uncles, or die, our Brethren the Erigliffb will (any, they have bought it from you, and fo wrong my Pofierity out of it. B I A rt. Governor Denny than rtgug/ ltd tbe Attention qf tbt Indians, and _/ fate. Brttbrm, Cbi¢j'. 't and IVdrrr"arr if the Six United Nations, andyour Ntpbewr, hr: 4 ambled, I am much obliged to you for the Account you gave me the Day before Yefter ay, of the true Caufe of the Bieternefa of your Hearts towards us, and the Reafona which induced fome of your young Men firfi to {trike us, and others to fide with the Frrnrb on the Obie. The Advice you gave us, to take better Care and guard ‘nit any Breach of Friendlhip between us for the future, is ve kind and wholfome; we wlfioin with you, and endeavour to prevent the like Evils for the ‘line to come. I omilb you, that I will immediately fend to the Governor of I’r'rgi'm'a, to enquire after the ma-a Boy, Sgmflzti-go, who you fay was left a Pi-ifoner in his Country, and if he is a- live, you may depend on his being returned to you. ‘ A Belt. Brrlbrm, By theft Strings you put me in Mind, that the Proprietarier, four‘ Years ago, bought of you at xtlbany, a large Trail: of Land over Sq/ 'gurbamnab, from the Mouth of a Creek called Kayamidmbagb, or ‘bi: Prmia Creek, to the Obie, and were paid b the Proprietaries A- ntt Our f1’baufand arm 9] Ergbt, at the Confideration Money for ("u Parte as were fettled our People ; but that, as your Warriors difapproved of your Conduct in Council for mak- ing that Sale, you now reclaimed fuch ‘of the Lands contained in that Grant, as you hav: not received a Confideration for. ' Bhrtbtrfl, _ The Propzietariea of anti Province have, on all Occalions, manifefted their particular Regard {Of Y_0|1i I . prerer your F riendlhip and the publicli Good to their own private Intercfl. Their foiriner ondufit gives you no Room to doubt the Truth of this; what I am about to tell you is a further Gaufirmation of it; therefore give me your Attention, and Iilten to what I {hall fay. You may remember, that, at a Treaty you held with your good Friend Sir'Wi°1!r'am _‘)‘alm— f’"- ‘h'_°¢ Y? !” 339. Tome of your wife Men told him, that there were fome among them who were driiimsfied with the Sale of the above Lands, made by them at Albany, and were defirous that
  21. 21. "Tu: that Part of it lhould be referved for them, though the Proprietaries had purchafed it fairly of I758. were to _receive, till our H-‘W-v them, and paid Oru ‘Tbou_/ Enid Piece: of Eight, which was all they People fcttlcd to the Weflward of_thc 'A11¢g‘bt'rzy, or fifuhccian Hi]/ J. Sir FVI/ liam f/ alm/ Em reprefented this Matter to the Pr rietaries, in your Behalf, whereupon they chearfully agreed to releafe to you all that Part of e Purchale you have reclaimed, and, by a Letter of Am), -- ncy, empowered Rubard Pmrr, and Conrad W: :_'/ Er, to execute a Deed to on for thofe Lands, on your confirming to them the Iftefidue of that Purchafe. On this Su jeift therefore you will pleafeto confer with them, and iettle the Boundaries between ou, that they mav re- leafe the Lands to you accordingly, before you leave this Place, and et your Minds at Eafei A String. BI’ (' ! b}'r‘7I, ‘ lthank 'ou for the Pains you havetaiten with your Nephews, to prevail with them to re- turn us fuch of our Brethren as are Prifoners -among them, and we depend on the lpeedy Per: formance of their Promife. * Brelbrm, I have fomething to fay to you which is of the utmofl: Importance to us all; it requires your particular Attention and Cunfideration. ‘ Providence has brought you and you: Nephcws to- gether at this Meeting, Face to Face with us, that every Thing may be fettlcd, and nothing remain, not [0 much as a Doubt, to create any Uneafinef? in our Hearts hereafter. You know, Brethren, that there is an old Agreement between the Proprietriries and you, that you will not fell any of the Lands lying within, this Province to anv one but them, and they nc- ‘ vcr take Poflbfiion of Lands till they have bought them of the Ihz1ir: n.r. You know alfo, that the Urzizsii 1V'atz'am have fold Land. » to the Proprictarics, which your Nephews the Drlawarr: now claim as their Right. This is the Cate with Regard to fomc Part of the Lands lying between 5To.5irr: n Creel»: and the Head of Dr/ aware River, which Teeth-if/ éung, in your Hear- ing, the Day before Yefterday, faid the Proprietaries had defrauded him of. The Proprie- tarics are dclirou; to do ftrict jufiice to allthe Indium, but it cannot be fuppofed they can know in which of you the Right was veiled. It is a Matter that mull be fettled among your- lclvcs ; till this is done, there will probably remain lome jcaloufy and Difcontent among you, that may interrupt both your and our future Quiet, which we lhuuld guard againfi by all Means in our Power. xi String. Brctlmn‘. I now acquaint you, that a Store of all Sorts of Goods for your U11: is opened at Sbamo/ Zin, where the 1m’iarz: may be fupplicd, at the mofl reafonable Rates, with any Goods they want, and the belt Price; Will be given to you for fuch Skins, Furs, and Peltry, as you {hall bring them. Another Store is intended to be opened at Fort Allen, and you may depend upon it that luch Pcrfons will be placed there, who {hall ufc you with the flriéteft Jufticc in all their Dealings. A String. Brother Teedyufcung, As I underftood at our lafl Meeting, that you were prevented at that Time, by the Abfence of lume or the Six Nation Chiefs, from finilhing what you then had to fay, I defer anfwering, for the pi-cfcnt, fuch Parts of your Speech. as relate to me. Butl {hall foon take an Opportuu nity of doing it. This was interpreted to the Delaware: by Ifzm: Stiile. After the Governor had done fpealeing, Tagzzjbara and Nicba: arofc, and faid, they did not rightly iindcrfiazui that Paragraph relating to the Lands, and requiring them to fettle Matters amor g themfelves _; they {aid the Governor had left Matters in the Dark ; they did not know wh.1tLands he meant. If he meant the Lands on the other Side of the Mountain, he knew the Proprietaries had their Deeds for them, which ought to be produced and (hcwn to them. Their Deeds had their Marks, and when they {hould fee them, they would know their Marks again. And then Conrad Wt-zfir being defired to bring the Deed, Governor Bernard informed the Imziuns he was going to {peak to them; on which they acquainted him, that they chefs to be {poke to by one Governor only at a Conference ; for that when they both fpoke, their Belts were mixed, and they were thereby confufed in their Councils. Whereupon he deferred hi Speech to another Time. The Deed was then produced to the Ilidiaiir, and Niche: faid, this Deed we well remem- ber ; we know our Chiefs who figned it ; {cine of them are prefent now ; we fold the Land, and were honefily paid for it ; the Land was ours, and we will jultify it. They were defined F to M. ..» an. -.
  22. 22. i 22 .755. its area: with themiuto theirCouncilRoom. and confer on it. and fettle thelviatter among -v-4"-fitbemfelves. The aqflraw '1" ‘ma #. ' ' Yefic da f the Governor, that twoBelts which he then pl'3:: l(1?, €:; /&t‘: )”f'll}l)1')a, wInsghng' t hrfedt fi: t Belts to the Obie Indians : , "rir D ‘ th Chief -' ‘U ‘:4 1oua. :,mi9*mMmg, saa ahieetiug with two Memifers dig Gdvernoti 0! Coniiridl, at which the bllowing intended Anfwer from Co- vernor Demg to the Obie I inns, being firfi interpreted to the Indians, was confidered, fet- tlcd, and approved by all prefent. Go-vrrn DENNY’. r1!n tstlirllflitgc t£rOlu7oIndiana, 6r‘oug£I.3Frcderick Poll, * or finlgifquitomeii, and‘! Thomas Hickman. Y this String, my Indian Brethren of the United Nation: and Dclawarrr, join with me in re uiring of the Indian Councils, to which thefe following Melliiges lhall be pre- lénted, to eep every Thing private from the Eyes and Ears of the French. . A String. Brrtbren, We received your Meflisge by Pr_'/ 'gm'tenIrn and Frederick P9/I, and thank you for the Care you have taken of our Meflhiiger of Peace, and that you have put him your Bofom, and protected him againfl our Enemy Onantic and his Children, and fent him fafe back to our Council Fire, by the fame Man that received him from us. - A String. Brrtbren, I only fent Pg/ I to peep into your Cabbins, and to know the Sentiments of your old Men, and to look at your Faces, to fee how you look. And I am glad to hear from him that you look friendly, and that there (till remains fome Sparks of Love towards us. It is what believed before-hand, and therefore we never let flip the Chain of Friendlhip, but held it fall: on our Side, and it has never dropped out of out Hands. By this Belt we defire you wiil dig up your End of the Chain otfriendlhip, thatyou fufibrcd, by the Subtilty of the Frené/5, to be buried. ' A Belt. Brc/ lwn, It happened that the Governor of fer cy was with me, and a great many Indian Brethren fitting in Council at £410», when your ngers arrived, and it ~ ve Plcafure to every one that heard it; and it will afiiard the fame Satisfaction to our neiggouring Governors, and their Peo le, when they come to hear it. I flnll fendlimgers totlt-em, and acquaint them wi‘ what you have faid. ' Your requeliing us to let the King of England know your good Difpofitions, we took to Heart, and {ball let him know it, and we will {peak in your Favour to His Mojefiy, who 1139. fol’ fiilne Time pail, looked upon you as his lolf Children. And wecan alfure you, that, as a tender Father over all his Childneri, he will forgive what is pafi, and receive you again into his Arms. .1 Bell. Brethren, If you are in Earnefi to be reconciled to us, you will it u Men foam gmgk- ing our Country, and killing and carrying Captive our Bcaecpk islgigatiltg ; and will likewife give Orders that your People may be kept at a Dillance from Fart Duguefnr, that they may not be hurt by our Warriors. who aft feat by-our_K. ing to chaftife the French, and not to hurt }'0u- Uoniidcr the oornmandingroflcer offiattnny treads heavy, and would be very ferry to hurt any of his Indian Brethren. “ ’ - . ' '. '.—' , :: . . ‘J ‘. J And Bretlvrrn, ’ - ' , _ The Chiefs of the United Nations, with their Coufins, our Brethren the Dei'_a'ware. t, and others now here, Jointly with rrie fend this Belt, which has upon it two Figures that reprefent 3“ “*5 Eflghjb. andall the I . dmns'not£ taking Hands, and delivering it to Pt; l'w'ta- M71. and We defirc it may be likewifevfeist. totlie“i'rdiit/5, who are namul at the End of thefe Mcifigttsfi as they have all been formerly our very Friends and Allies ; and we define tbcywillallgol‘romainongtlieFreat5tntlieirtasrn owias, andsiolongerhelpaheFn-rut. If Bmbiiin 'ii1ictbii= iiii°' ‘ Y0“ _ ¢ we now gave yw, in whids all here join Engkfli-and Imflans, =§W°~d°mdwbt you will; then. -bytiissaic, Imakealloeil for yhu, audinvite you to (DE 3.--sanaii: r.A'i. i<. ri. - - ' - sdagrshgogfiorludyhgg. 0‘. A1°1Vfl¢1flr. Towig Tejvigliroano, Geghdageghroano, Oyaghtnant, Sifagliroano.
  23. 23. L 2rJ—"*~-- come to Pbiladrlpfla, to your are old Council rm, which was hindied when iv‘: are aw “'1'; -gs. . _ ac another; which Fire we will kindle i_tp_again, - and remove all Dfiputcs, am] renew {he Qvy-Id old and firfl Treaties of Friendflup. T7315 15 a clear and open Road for on; fear therefore nothing, and come to us with as many II can be of the Ddmmm, Sgvcngfi, or of [Hg Six Nation Indians. We will be glad to fee you ; _ we delire all Tribes and Nations of Indrarir, I who are in Alliance with you. may c_ome. As loon as we hearof your comirzg, of which you will give us timely Notice, we will lay up Pi-ovifions for you along the Roud. ‘, A large wlite Belt, with 11.»: Figure 9," a Man at mcb End, and Sr, ml; of b. ’m'. (', rep-¢_'/ Eating tbr Rana’ _/ i am the Ohio to Philadelphia; Brctbrm, The Six Natim and Dr/ awdrr: _Chiefs_ join with me in thofe Belts, which are tied toge: ther, to fignify our Union and Priendllnp for each other; .vith them we jointly take fhg Tomahawks out of your Heads, and bury them under Ground. ’Wc fpcak loud, {'0 as you may hear us: you fee we a". iland together, joined Handiin Hand. Two Bn': .' tied tagrtbvr. ' The Indirm Chiefs being ailccd, if it would not be proper to infert in the Mt-fligc an Ac- count of the Situation of our Army to the Welt vard, and to defirc them to join General Farbcr, againlt the Fremb; they replied, that they would by no Means adviic this Govern: mt. -nt fo {con to prL-IE then: to talus up the Hatchet, bccaulc their W uunds were not ya-. : heal- ; d, nor Peace made, u i1lCh mutt rirlt he done. They faid iurthcr, that as the Frmr/ J had many Imlizms fighting for them, and they by lntermarriagc. _9 were related to the I/ M/air: who fen: the Meflagcs, it could not he expected th would cauly be pcrfuadcd to join the Bug- lz_'/ }.~, left they lhould kill their own _Fle(h and lood, adding, that the only proger Meafurc that could now be taken, was to adviie them to fit flill, and keep out of the Wa)7, and this Advice they believed n cold be belrkened to. They then deli. -ed, that at leait two of our Inhabitants might accompany I’ij§lziromen and Tibwius Ifxcknuzz, the two Meffengers, to the O/ Jib. The Six Nation Chicfk promlfcd to ii. -rid two of their own People with them ; and ‘Ti'c4,r: jZ'm1g laid he would lend one, if not r, -to I): /nwarn. . ._. . i_ /1.‘ apricate CONFERENCE with the Indians, be-Id at Eaflon, .0&ob<: r 21, 1758. P R E S E N T. Hg": Exccllcmy Gavarnar B E R N A R D, and tbe Jcrfcy Gnimfiwwrt ; THOMAS KING, Cbigfqftlze Oneidoes, ' TACASHATA, C/ Jirf the Scnccas, ToKAAio, Cbiif of the Cayugas, Econonowczn Cbizfqfrbc Minifinlis, Cliig)’ qf the Wapings, -witb atbtr Indians of tbe_fiwra1Na_! ion: ; Gnonoz Cnocnmc, Depart} to Sir W I LL 1 A M JO P! N S ON, Axmuzw Mowroun, Ifl‘: May’; /if: Interpreter to flit‘ Six Nations, Srnrnen CALVIN, Interpreter of Ab: Dniawarc and Minillnk Langmrger. HI 8 Excellency informed them, that he met them to 1 rec about the Price of the un- _ certain Claims of the Mimfmki, andothcr ivdianq, Ciaimants of Land in the Northern Parts of the Province of New-_7rr/ ‘gr, anctdcfitud that it -be c'on_fit_lei-ed that they knew not {that they fold, and heltncw not whtl he bought; thorefdre the ‘Price ought not to be large. 4 That they might propofe :1 Sum to him, or he would make an oii“er_to ‘them: or it mould be left to their Uncles to conlider of a Price, as would plcafc them belt. The Afingacr, or Six United Nation, try 733: Kilgi lid, that the United Ndfimi 1133 no Claim to the Lands of the 1Va'azfnis, or others theit Nephows, on the Eall Side of Dr- lrzuurc, and ihould therefore leave the fixing a Price to them. Then the Il/ !:'rryin£': and Waping: withdrew to confult upon it ; and being returned, Ega- babowcn, the Mz'm'j! n.{' Chief, faid, they would chufc the Governor {hould make an Otter, as they might perhaps demand too much. H is
  24. 24. His Excellency, hnvingconfirlted the Comntiflienls; ofieredthern Eight. Hwulrcdspanifir 593$, pdhniortheirclainin M-ynfiy. aonennadinrylfflm , n_M. _fw, _-‘L , ,,, ,,, ,,, ,.. n,. ,l. .l. ra. .o, '$a. iqnat: lui: Unc1e. in: ruM. ner. - , ' Nuiuu, Thaw: Kiq. kid, that it was a fairand honourablc OE. :rluanAd"$’t', ;'itU; eihJtheirownlzde, they would chearfully accept of it; but as tlrer: ., .,. ‘. ca rerromomnkeanzhepmlure-money. tlteyreoornmendedittoltislgx- eel Fro add In Hunbvl Daflar: more; and if that was complied with, the Report of it you becarriedto all the Nations, and would be a great Proof of the Affeébon and G. -- nu-ofity of their Brethren the Elglijb on this Oocafion, and would be very agreeable to them. Hi Excellency defired to know of the_fifi'nr_fiIh, _and other Claimants, if they approved of the: Propofal of their Uncles, and they informed him that they dld. ~ The Guano, ’ “pm confulfin an Commifiimaers, laid, it was more than he had intend- ed to give ; but as the United dim had given themfelves the Trouble of being Mediators between them, he could not refufe theirRecommen'dations, and was glad of the Opportunity he had of fhewing his Regard tothe United Natiaru, and his Benevolence to the A631’/ ink and other Idiom, who had refided in the Province where he prefided, and therefore complied with their Requelt. His Excellency then defired them to remember, that this Conlideration Money was to be in full for the Claims of all the Mini/ ink and Wapirg Indians, and all others who claim any Lands in a Map, which was laid before them atthc fame Time, which included all the Lands from the Line between the Provinces of New-1" art and New«_‘fer_/ ‘cy, and down Hud- firft River, to the Mouth of Rariton, up the fame to Laantrtang Falls, on the North Branch of Rnritan River ; thence on a {trait Line to Paeogualrn Mountain, where it joins on Dela- wm River ; and thence up the Delaware to Cnjbybxnk ; and recommended it to them to have refpeét to this in the Divtfion of the Conlideration Money. Then ‘I'ago_/ Beta, the Smzca Chief, arofe, and addrefling himfelf to the mom, and other Indian Cllimants, {poke as follows. My Nepbews, I defire you will now give over all Thougbtsof your Land, and that we may hear no more Complaints about it. Now you mutt rernenzber the Friendthip between you and your Brother, and tranfmit it to your Children ; and make them acquainted with the Tnnfaétions of this Day. I recom- mend this to you, not from my Lips only, but from the Bottom of my Heart. lhope it will alfo make a deep lmprefiion in your Hearts. It {eemt an if your Grandfather; had not told you of the Treaties they ufed to have with their Brethren, but carried them with them to the Grave. But we hope you will not do fo, but caretully your Children my ts. We have given yo“ this Advice, and hope you will follow it. We you will take Care of your young Men, that they do no more Violence to their Brethren EagI: _'/5. — Egobobowa thenaddrefledhimfelf totheGovernor, anddefired tobeheard. Brother _Weanendw thoroughlyfatistied, andwelfillretain a'Friendfl1ip£orourBredarentheEng- Irjb. and wedefire, that rfwelhonld oomeintoyourProvinoeoofeeouroldFrienda. and fh0u| dhavc0ecafionlhrtheBakd'aTreetooonraCabbin, oralittleRefrefltrnent, that we ihould not be denied, buthe treated as Brethren ; andthatyour People may not look _ on the wildBea1tsof theForefi, orFilhof the Waten. utheir [ole Property, butthat we may beadmlttedtoanequal Ufeof them. The Governor anfirered, that, as lbonashegothome, helhouldill'ueaProclatmtionto notr. tytothePeopleofhu Province, thathehadmadePeace withthem; and toorder 1’-hat. f0fIh€fiIfiJI’¢. they Ihould he treated asfirethren, whichhehopedwouldbedone; b_utdeliredthattheywouldnotgo intotho{eParuwheretheyhadlatelyeommittedI-Iofiili- ties, the P_ lee cooled ; for he could not beanfwerable for his Peoples B_¢h"1°“| '; W thenlofieswerefieflr Ilfontheii-Nlinds. - On
  25. 25. [zs] 0nthe21fiofO£IaA-ritheManhennftl: e.P I-van’ Council - Mr. Wftflf. that the Chiefs of the United Natiwuf-mwgre me: in $3: from the Delauum, at the Houfe of Mcbohi Sad}, and that the Delaware: had fornething to [3, : :,: **: ,:: ,:1;. *<= ,:: s’, ,:, ::‘. ::*1md: .f*: .°". ,:: ,*: °=°f th= M=m*>= *=°f ~= °°i-~? '= and Meflieurs Gra-wdon, Chem, and Mfln, attended mccordi l , ‘ch Mdfi Fax, and Hugizs, Commiifioners, and I ma! Pelnfierton, 23;, ’ and [o: ‘:o : .h~r: c, who were prefent at this particular equeit of the Ddawara. %’a PRESENT, A1115: Six Nation Chiefs, Traeovost uxo, TAPISCAV£N, alias Samuel Davis, NowA1.r. x£ex. ~1, of Four Strpr, COMPAS s, CONRAD Vr. xs1:R, Arzmuzw MONTOUR, IsAAc_STu. t1:, Interpreters. Awrzr-u:1A, alia: fame: Davis, LAPPINK, Nzccocnoon, Muxfq C175,}; Moses TITTAMY, Tcedyufcung, on Bebe]/ ' cf the Delawares, arc]? and fpokt as fillows. Cr/1CA"a': ', '1) E S I R E you will hear me. We have gone {'0 far at this Treaty as to talk of Lands - I therefore thought proper to meet you here, to let you know that I have eonfulted wit}; all my Brethren, your Coufins, here preient, about the Deed you, our Uncles, ii ned to the Pf(: pIiC(£1l'l€5 of Pr/ zrgfl-/ oania, {hewn to us Yefierday, for the Lands beyond the "ttacbt: 'rmy lhlls. “’e have {een the Deed, and know it well. Nutimus, one of our Chief Men has Ii . ZR] it, and here fits one of our Men, named Pbiliyb Compaji, who was prefent whim the 531; wa= made; and remembers that Nutimus, our Chief‘, received Forty-jbur Dalian, as his Part or Share of the Conlideration Money. We agree to it, and acknowledge that the Land was fairly 1?. -ld. We ive it up, and now confirm it. Let there be no Difference, nor any 'Thing more {aid a ut it. This is not the Land I have difputed with my Brethren the Eu '- 1[, J.~. That Land lies between ‘Tobiccnn Creek and the Kittorl-nary Hills. ‘ Gave 4 String. ‘foézzaiou, the Czzyluga Chief, up and fpoke as follows, addreffing himflelf to Teeayxf c. 't. r,'; *. ‘ C91?/ ;'-'1 I thank you for your Dpennefs and Ho-nefiy on this Occafion, freely to declare the Truth. l-‘u uillt our Brethren the Englzflv, naming the Governors of Pmrrfilvanid, Virginia, Carn- . ‘*u. : and j? -rfiy, were (0 honeft and preci1i: '. They have called us down to this Council Fire, which was kindled for Council Affairs, ts: :-tncw Treaties of Friendihip, and brighten the Chain of’ Friendihip. But here we mufl: !-. -.-. ~.- 2. Difpute about Land, and our Time is taken up, but they don't come taothe chief Pulflt. The E723’/ I;/ ]J. fil'fl began to do Mifchief; we told them fo. They only thanked us for our Opt-nncfs and Advice, and {aid they would take Care for the future, but healed no ". '<~und. s. ln fhort, when they {peak to us, they do it with a (hotter Belt or Stringthan that which we {poke to them with; tho’ they can make Wampum, and we cannot. They ought not thus to treut with Indian: on Council Afihirs. Several of our flrong Belts :1'. 'c loft in their Hands entirely. I fear they only {peak from their Mouth, and not from their Heart. On the fame Day, P. M. Pi/ 'guz'tomm and Things‘ Hickman came to taketheir Leave of the Governor, accompanied with Captain Hull, Ilfilltam Hayes, and (/2242: Stzlle, ‘the Perfons uplluilllcsi to attend them to the Obie, who were particularly recommended to their Care and Protection by a String of VVampum. The Belts and Strings were numbered, as well in the w_ritt¢_: n Paper eontaining_ the Mel'- 1‘-Jggg, as (;11Lab¢l51ied to each of them, and delivered to Ptfgtutomm, and the Written Mel’- fagt-. was delivered, with the Palfports, to Capglin . b'll/ /- The 1758. 4.'
  26. 26. -. .. 4““" " r 26 1 i ; aM', ;.ghs; gN' ChiefsheldI'teG>uncil, andnarnedtwof L--V-41758. meiihirdgiifo fend mheeoua, v§i'i*"gmm . u 05:; Chkfi and 5* Y‘? “"8°“ 865/: C414,, ’ wha ‘ned Pifiufirmm, andfetof this n. As they were fe¢Ifl30|R, Mr. F, .“; ,., .,i, ; 1: "mg; mg}; News from General Forks, that a large Freud» and In- diam, having attacked his advanced Pol’: at Loyal Having. were re with are" Lofi on their Side ; which News he communicated to the Indians. At. Noon the Governors, being pr red for a Conference, propofed a Meeting of the Indians, which they defired might be eferred till the Morning. Oflokr 23, 1753.‘ This Mornin one of the Seneca Chiefs died ; Condolence Ceremonies, and Prefents being made as ufual, e was decently interred, a Number of the Inhabitants attending the F une- ral. This took up the Forenoon. At 4 CONFERENCE with lb: Indianl. lb! film! D3}. P» M- P R E S E N T. ‘-172: Uuvanuons, mdtlv Gtntlemmqf their Councils, are. as before. HE Minutes were read, and approved, to the End of the publick Conference on Fri- day lall; after which Governor Denny fpoke. B}? !/. '7‘¢’fl, By this Belt we heal your Wounds, we remove your Grief; we take the Hatchet out of r Heads; we make a deep Hole in the Earth, and bury the Hatchet fo low, that no fiy {hall be able to dig it up again. A B’, I. W) we have healed your Wounds, we, ‘W this Belt, renew all our Treaties; we bright- en t_heChain of Friendlhip; we retum to our firfi Alfeélion; we confirm our ancient Union 5 he putfrelh Earth’ to the Roots of the Tree of Peace, that it may bear up againfl every Sto- in that can blow, and live and flourilh to the End of Time, whilfi the Sun fhinei, and the River: run. And we defire you would publilh it among your own, and all other Indian, Nations, who are your Friends and Allies, and engage them tojoin with'you in a firm Peace with His Majefiy, and all His Subjeéls 5 in whole Behalf I give you this Belt. .4 large Pr-ace Brit. Brethren, We now open the Road to the old Council File, which was kindled by your and our Fa- then in the City of Philadelphia. iBeali'ured. that you will always find this Road open, eafy and pleafant to travel in, and, for the future, whenever Occalion calls, we lhall be glad to fee you there. A Bell. _Br: tbrm of tbe United Nations, am! all our other Prarbrm, our Cog/ ins and N bows, We thank you for the Care and Dili ence with which you ave attended to t e feveral Ma_tters_recommendcd to you in thefe ‘onferences, which has yielded us Abundance of Satisfaéhom This Treaty will convince all our Enemies, that we are now united in the firmelt Band of Amity ; and whilll we join our Strength together, it will not be in their Power to hurt either you or us. - Brrtivren, A5 ‘.1 Token of the Lovewe your Brethren of this Province bear to you, Ilhall make a Prefent of ‘a uantity of Goods, which we have prepared for ou, and delire your Accept- ance of them; cnfible of the ap roaching Seafon, and of the many Difliculties you live under, from the prcfent War. e give it with an hearty Good-will. A Belt. Here his Honour delivered aLifl: of the Goods, and defired Mr. lV: :]ér, and Mr. Mm. mlr. would interpret it to them at a proper Time. IN-
  27. 27. [27] nvrozcn gflndian GOODS hymn Eabn. ‘ Grace of narrow ftarred Catering. 1 Piece of brown _ Ditto of broad Star. 2 pm, of white 1); .» Ditto of middle Star. 1 Ditto of blue Broadcloth. Ditto of narrow Start-.6. Laced com, Ditto of middle ‘Tur-L7. 6 Plain Dino, Dim of broad Turkey. 50 Pair of Shoes. . _ 3 Dooen and one Pair of Women: Wot. Ditto of mm: figured. {ted Stockings. ’ Ditto of narrow Calimancoe. 1 Dim of Yarn Dino, Ditto of broad Calimancoe. 4. Pieces and 2 Bandanoe Handkerchiefs. Ditto of fpottcd. 1 Ditto Lungce Roma]. -. Ditto of Leaf. 1 Ditto of Cotton Romals. Ditto of London lettered. 4 ' Ditto of Plad. 3 Ditto of middle Scarlet. 4. Ditto of broad Scarlet. E to of Nonf retties. 8 lb. Coloured read. 3 Dozen and ten Worited . 2 Ditto of Knives. Caps 3 -1 4 2 2 . , Dam of not Scarcb. 5 2 1 2 2 I 2 3 Ditto of fuperfine. 1 Ditto of Tobacco-boxes. 2 Ditto of Boys. letterci 1 Ditto of coarfe Linen Handkerchiefs. 2 Ditto of broad white lettered. 4 Pieces of figured Gartcring. 2 Ditto of coloured Pigeon. 4, Ditto of blue and white flowered Hand- 2 Ditto of Camblet. kerchiefs. ‘ 33 Painted Looking-glaifes. 3 Dozen and ten plain Hats. 8 Pieces of red Stroud. 2 Dozen of Taylors Shears. 4 Ditto. 6 Gun-Locks. :4. Ditto of Mazarine Blue. - Bunch of blade Beads. . I Ditto. 3 Grace and an Half of Sleeve Link But. - I Ditto black. tons. I Ditto red, and one blue. 4. Dozen of Ivory Combs. 2 Pieces of 6-qr. blue Duflil. I Groce of Womens Thimbles. 2 Ditto of 7-Sths Ditto. -loo Blankets. 1 Ditto nap d. 160 Matchcoats. I Piece of nped Ser . 346 Shins, plain. 1 Ditto of red llalfthic s. 187 Ditto, ruffied. Br-other Teedyufcung, Bv lllls Belt you put me in Mind, that we formerly referred our Dif ute about Lands to our l~'. xther King Gannon, and you deiired to know if he has decid it. Brother, You flu. -uld confider the Circumftances of the Affairs of your Father King Gannon; His . ‘.! .i'ctly%; .'cs at a very great Dillance from us, is now engaged in a War with the Frmcb, an the liufinrfs of War takes up a great deal of Time and Attention; befides, in Time of War, We have but few Opportunities of hearing from him. As yet i have hzid no Anfwer relative to your Affairs. You may depend upon it, as {con e : -~ I rcttivtc one, it {hull be communicated to you. And I can affure you Proprieflfies ‘-. we prcifud Diiisntcli, and will do every Thing they can to bring it to a fpeedy Determtna flC)! l. ]i’n-Mr. -22 of flu’ United Nations, A Bell‘. '1 122:: Gust-rnor 1.-‘er/ mrzl, rcquclling the Attention of the Indians, addreffed then; as fol- lllvb By thi. » String" you (poke on Behalf of our Brethren the Minrfab, and {aid that they were ivrmqzcti in their l. .ln(l>; that the Engli/ I: them ll'. ‘.Ll". _', and when they l, an<i~: , and had got drunk, and forgot it. If they lie Luntrnt, l)ll[ they did not believe tbatthey fettled fo fall, that they were continually pufhing aiked for their Lands, they were told that they bad {old their had fwallowed their Lands, they mufi had fwallowed all, but that time was left. They Ll‘. ’lll'CLl that I would enquire after their Lands that were left, and do them Jlrr. ‘/. ‘rm, I am glad I llzwc an Opportunity, in the Prefence of {o many Nations, to exprefs the De- iire I have of doing juitice to every one. The Throne of the Great King is founded on juflice, and l lhould not be a faithful Servant to him, if I neglefted to Redrefs to all Perfons tlmt h. w«: received Injuries from the People over whom the Great King has I have
  28. 28. [ J 9 . ' ' ‘ in the Prefenee of fiimeof their the Proceedings of whichare now Proof to give you of the Ilpri htnefs and Jufiice of our Province. We have come to an A cement with the Delaware ndians, and other Indians, for the uncertain Claims they had on the Southern Parts of our Province; I hereby produce the Deeds that d this Oc af , that the Subject of them may be explained to you, :: dcbtt): elI: d:? f1c‘p: curt: )ct: :l Remenfbrieirize by all the Nations prefent; and I defire that you may all remember, that, by thefe two Agreements, the P: ovince of New-jeifey is entirely freed and difcharged from all Indian Claims. In Confirmation of which I give you this Belt. 11 Belt. E £2 '1‘ ed uf 3 By Siringc yoyu tceifigrie, that, after the killing the nine Indians near Efopus, you carried three Belts to George Freeland, who undertook to give them to the Governor, and you alk what is become of thofe Belts. B :5 , Imrihnly fa , that] never heard of thofe Belts before; nor do I know what Govemor George Freelan undertook to carry thofe Belts H. The proper Govemor was the Governor of New-1"ark; for in his Province was this Mifchief committed. And probably the Cover- nor of I'mo-Tort had thcfe Belts; for I have heard that he iffucd a Proclamation for appre- hending the Perpretrators of this Fact. This Fact has been blamed by all good_and wife Men ; and I am glad it was not done by the People of my Province. I will acquaint the Governor of i’'. =w-Tara with what you have laid upon this Occafion, and I will enquire after tholi: Belts, and give you an Anfwer. A String. Governor Denny being obliged to return to Pbilzzdelpbia, on urgent Bufmefs, took his Lcavir. of the Indians. Bretlzren, It gives me great Pleafure that the Bufinefs of this Treaty has been carried on with fo much Satisfaction. is, that I am obliged to leave you, having received laft M Bufinefs calls me to e Remainder of the I am forryl am now to inform Night an Exprefs from General For s, who is now near the Obie. Town, I [hall therefore leave Mr. Logan and Mr. Peters to tranfact Bufinefs, and doubt not but they will act to your Satisfaction. I afliire you of my Affection for you, and wifh you all Manner of I-Iappinelis. ‘I'eedyr5/Bung arofe, and desired to be heard on Behalf of the Wapings, or Wapin er Indians, called the River Indians, living near Efopus, and produced a {hort broad Belt of white Warn- puiii, having in the Center two Hearts, of a reddnh Colour, and in Figures 1745, wrote after the following Manner, 17$$4 . The Belt had a. round Circle Pendant, reprefenting the Sun ; he then roduced two Certificates, one from Governor Clinton, and the other from Governor Hardy, th which were much in Favour of the Wapinger Tribe of Indians. He laid the Belt was given them by the Government of New-Tort, and reprefented their Union, which was to laft as long as the Sun fhould continue in the Firmamcnt. ‘1"t'ed_; 'zJ'ung addrefi'ed Governor Bernard, defiring, by a Strin of Warn um, that he vvouldextend his Protection to the Tribe of the Wapingr ; and as cir Chic was old and infirm, he requeited the Favour of a Horfe to carry him home, which was readily granted. _‘. l'al'eaglyI2da, or agajbata, made the fame Requefi to Governor Denny, which was like- wife granted. The Six Nation Chiefs confulted together, and, in a little Time, Niclias, in their Behalf, returned an Anfwer to the Speeches of the Governors, laying the Belts and Strings upon the IIIJIC in the Order they were delivered, and repeatin diftinctly what was faid on each of them. At the End of every Article he returned Than 5, and expreffed the highefl: Satisfac- t_ic_m, particularly on the rati ing the Peace, and the large Belt given thereupon, which he laid ihould be lent to all the 'flant Nations of Indians, to whom it would be very agreeable ; he liltewife promifed, that every Thing tranfactcd in thefe Conferences, which, he again aid,