History of Five Star Trust Funds


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History of Five Star Trust Funds....

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History of Five Star Trust Funds

  1. 1. (Private Asset Protection Trust) Reg. Isle of Man & Nevis, West Indies Island, Reg. No.: 287/99 (A Foreign Business Trust), Reg. Commonwealth of Kentucky, USA, Reg. No: 0780696 ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE FIVE STAR TRUST: Newport Beach, California— USA Phone: 641.715.3900 Ext. 69832 • 425.247.0612 E-mail: EBeyFiveStarTrust@gmail.com Executive Trustee - M R . M A R I O N H O R N , J R . HISTORY OF FUNDS OF FIVE STAR TRUST 26 August 2011TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: I, Mr. Marion Horn, Jr., as Signatory for and on behalf of FIVE STAR TRUST, (An Assetprotection private trust) registered originally in ISLE OF MAN, 1989 and domiciled in Nevis WESTINDIES in 1999, do hereby confirm under risk and penalty of perjury that FIVE STAR TRUST has inexcess of NINE DIGITS in US Dollars and precious metals worldwide in major banks off balance sheet oroff ledger; ( A partial list of banks is available upon request) and these funds are in the form of good,clean, clear, and non-criminal origin cash funds, is free of any liens and encumbrances and has beenderived from a legal source. I, Mr. Marion Horn, Jr., have a history of more than 25 years plus years of successful business ininternational investments in high yield finance, and as a former Investment Banker with the New YorkStock Exchange in the early 1970s many investments were made secretly with my partner Baron GuyRothschild of Rothschild Banking Family and other partners who wish to remain anonymous. We investedour funds with them and became an partner in late 1980s, (Maj. Gen. Robert L. Ferrera (Deceased) whowas head of clandestine operations for CIA, was one of our original trustees and he handle theinvestments via the Rothschild’s and Mr. Richard Helms, and others; which generated the vast amount offunds which are in our name worldwide, all the cash deposits in our name worldwide are referenced toaccount No.: 4051100-92 (Ref. 118-65), which is the account number at all major banks worldwide, andthe reason for this was to keep a separate accounting of investments and returns in FIVE STAR TRUSTname. Further, in 1989, a loan was made to one of FIVE STAR TRUST subsidiaries, U.S. Mortgage andTrust (Bahamas) Ltd. In the amount of 750 Billion USD, and a bank created in Switzerland, namedInternational Bank and Trust, which Marion Horn, Jr. and Baron Guy Rothschild were co-chairman of thisbank, investments were made and the returns and income for Five Star Trust and its companies wasdeposited worldwide by my partner Baron Guy Rothschild in various banks worldwide; and a US FederalTax ID was created to download and set up accounts worldwide, that FEDERAL TAX ID No.: 61-6234232; large deposits of AU and Precious metals were acquired by the BARON GUY ROTSCHILD andas partners we received one third 1/3 of the profits from trading and receiving AU worldwide; and quietlyand confidential the funds were deposited in Five Star Trust name worldwide, and I, Marion Horn, Jr.Executive Trustee of FIVE STAR TRUST is the sole signature for any and all bank accounts worldwide forFIVE STAR TRUST, further all the funds in the accounts herein are known to be good clean funds of non-criminal origin, the number of accounts in name of FIVE STAR TRUST Worldwide is over a 100 banksand the major banks in Europe hold accounts off balance sheet and in precious metals departments holdvast deposits of Gold and other precious metals in our name. Our trust has hereto updated our trust
  2. 2. document, which was originally filed in ISLE OF MAN, and later domiciled in Nevis, West Indies, undertrust certificate No.: 287/99. The information as to the beginning of our trust fortune is attached hereto astitle opinion to ownership of Certificate of Deposit done by Attorney at Law, Mr. Willard C. McBride, (NowDeceased) former Attorney for 27 years with US Department of Treasury, IRS Division, and was aprosecutor for the IRS for many years. Our assets was determine to be kept confidential by the USGovernment and certain Intelligence Agencies, such as CIA etc., of which Gen. Robert L. Ferrera (NowDeceased) was a major agent, handled our assets worldwide and made sure that only my signaturewould be honored on the release of FIVE STAR TRUST US dollar accounts worldwide under accountnumber 4051100-92 (Ref. 118-65), same number of the CD that was settled in 1989 by US Dept ofDefense and IRS exemption issued on these funds same year. These documents are available for reviewby the parties to whom that need to see them. Our Investment Senior Administrative Trustee and SeniorAccounts Manager Mr. Ernest Bey/Rauthschild, will make this information available for the people whoneed to know. IT was determined that Five Star Trust and its assets be released only to parties on a needto know basis for security purposes. These funds are deposited at Various banks worldwide, under the same account name, andaccount number off balance sheet to distinguish the account as being that of FIVE STAR TRUST/MarionHorn, Jr., Executive Trustee and sole designated signature for these major accounts, within major banks,with deposits at All the major banks in UK, Including, England, Scotland, France, Netherlands,Switzerland, USA and other major banks in world, including Credit Suisse, Main Branch, Zurich,Switzerland, (Including All Major Swiss Banks),Deutsche Bank AG, located at Main Branch,Frankfurt, Germany; ( Including All Major Germany Banks), Barclays Bank, Isle of Man, UK, (All MajorEnglish Banks), and All Major French Banks, Major Dutch Banks, Major Scottish Banks. These depositsand assets are the result of my business in investments with major international partners in businessventures through the PRIVATE PARTNERS OF FIVE STAR TRUST. All of the funds have been earnedfrom the abovementioned business, as well as from financial transactions, with good, clean, clear, and ofnoncriminal origin funds. I further confirm that the above-mentioned funds have over a 15 years history with the bankwhere they are institutionalized. A facsimile of this document and any other associated documents are as valid as the original.Sincerely,Marion Horn, Jr.Executive TrusteeFive Star Trust