Private Island For Sale! Maosonon Island, Philippines, Asia


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The Queen of Palawan Islands, known for its mysterious beauty and majestic view.

Contact: Erna Tacata
Real Estate Broker, CARENET MultiPurpose Cooperative
Marketing Specialist at InvestPhil Realty

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Private Island For Sale! Maosonon Island, Philippines, Asia

  1. 1. Mystery Island PRICE: Php250,000,000 Location: Barrio of Sibaltan, Municipality of Bacuit (now El Nido), Province of Palawan, Philippines Description: Maosonon (Mystery) Island Area: 45.389 Hectares
  2. 2. Located in the famed sanctuary paradise island of Palawan, Mystery Island (or known locally as Maosonan Island) can be found in Sibaltan, municipality of El Nido.
  3. 3. Heavily-foliaged and with a most dramatic shape, this tropical-green island sits in a coral shelf teeming with abundant marine life and is sandwiched between the vast enveloping blueness that is the Philippine skies and seas.
  4. 4. Geographically diverse, Mystery Island is notable for its various, lovely land and water features ranging from private natural harbors, rocky inland slopes, windy elevations, clear and stunning surrounding waters, and strips of beaches leading to an interior of coconut forests and soft beds of tropical grasses.
  5. 5. Generally triangular and longish in appearance from an aerial view, this 45.389-hectare property is composed of a main island characterized by a wide rear area of rolling hills, hidden rocky coves and elevated woods, stretching out further into the water as a narrower promontory of vegetated plains with pristine beaches on the fringes, finally climaxing as a sharp powdery-white tip pointing to another much smaller nearby island jutting out of the water like a teardrop.
  6. 6. Interestingly, at a certain aerial angle, the island resembles a hawk or bird on flight about to swoop down on a prey, with the island’s expansive rear area as the outspread wings, the narrow and sharp promontory as the beak, and the much smaller separate other island as the prey.
  7. 7. Mystery Island sits in close proximity to the other islands of the El Nido municipality and is easily accessible from Manila. An excellent getaway for sun-seekers who crave spectacular light and warm weather all-year long, Mystery Island offers a diversity of land and water adventures for the finicky vacationer and plentiful business opportunities for discerning investors.
  8. 8. OTHER CONDITIONS: 1. The SELLER shall pay for the updated realty taxes. 2. The BUYER shall pay for the capital gain tax (6%), documentary stamp tax, notarization, transfer fees, registration fees, and incidental expenses. 3. The SELLER warrants that he holds a good and registerable title to the property, which upon full payment, shall be conveyed to the BUYER free from any liens and encumbrances.
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  16. 16. ERNA B. TACATA REBL# 0018414 +63.915.285.6816