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VOOT - Virtual Organizations


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These slides do not include all the interesting discussions.

Published in: Technology
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VOOT - Virtual Organizations

  1. 1. VOOT - Virtual OrganizationsIdentity FederationsOctober 20th, Vienna
  2. 2. Use Cases✤ Focus on inter-federation contexts, with collaborators across federations. No shared user identifiers required. Less strict trust model. Orthogonal to Identity Federations, makes use of federated authentication but does not require it.✤ 1) Access Control on web-based service✤ 2) Invitation in web-based collaboration service✤ 3) E-mail list server as a group consumer
  3. 3. VOOT Protocol✤✤ Get list of groups the current user is member of ✤ Endpoint: {BaseURL}/groups/@me✤ Get list of participants in a group ✤ Endpoint: {BaseURL}/groups/@me
  4. 4. PoC Implementations✤ Sympa (France)✤ SurfConnext (NetherlandS)✤ Foodle (Norway)✤ COIN (Sweden)