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STINUS - Federated Provisioning


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STINUS - Federated Provisioning

  1. 1. STINUS(Standardized
Services) GN3 update
  2. 2. About STINUS• Provisioning tool• Multi protocol support• Centralised, web based administration (mapping rules etc.)• Event driven (?)• IdP-side client based (?)• Custom made connectors for SPs APIs• Push / pull (both?)
  3. 3. Services Institutions Event trigger 1 A Data Source Web Service STINUS LDAP Event trigger Provisioning 2 SPML Engine SPML B Data Source Custom Interface SCIM Administrative Interface Event trigger 3 C Required Mapping Data Source data rules Connectors Connectors
  4. 4. About STINUS• Effort coordinated with SURFnet, JANET• Pilot service: Google Apps• Start November 1st 2011• Estimate: 0.75 FTE in one year• Primary developer: Mads Freek Petersen