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eduGAIN Federation Lab


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Published in: Technology, Business
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eduGAIN Federation Lab

  1. 1. Federation LabIdentity Federations + eduGAINOctober 20th, Vienna
  2. 2. Federation Lab✤ Test SAML2int Compliance useful for eduGAIN.✤ Validate metadata – metadata is very important to eduGAIN.✤ Test eduGAIN attributes✤ The eduGAIN test federation ✤ Does it exists? Can it be combined with FedLab test fed?✤ SAML tracer✤ Web-based debugger
  3. 3. Testing SAML Service Providers✤ Already working at✤ We need to improve the user experience. ✤ Difficult to trace connectivity problems now.✤ New UI framework is in progress ✤ Common API allows testing of Oauth, SAML and OpenID Connect ✤ Plans for more advanced features: like test result change notifications, machine APIs for test infrastructures etc.
  4. 4. Testing SAML Service Providers
  5. 5. Testing Identity Providers✤ A bit more complex ✤ Needs to traverse login screens✤ I hope we will have to include this in the Fed Lab suite
  6. 6. SAML Tracer✤ Firefox plugin
  7. 7. SAML Tracer
  8. 8. Web-based debugger
  9. 9. Metadata Validation✤ Ad-hoc validation of metadata for one entity ✤ Used for debugging purposes for administrators that would quality control metadata before exporting to eduGAIN.✤ Continuous monitoring of the MDS feed for exceptions from the policy. ✤ May be including alerts/notifications or API against monitoring systems support notifications.
  10. 10. Metadata validation»SAMLmetaJS✤ Javascript editor for metadata✤ Built-in validation supported (just started)✤ Used by the PEER project✤ What about preparing a validation profile customized for eduGAIN metadata profile?
  11. 11. Metadata validation»SAMLmetaJS
  12. 12. Metadatamonitoring✤ Demo generated PDF document✤ Based upon MDS ✤ as of June 20th 2011✤ Tons of errors :)
  13. 13. More tools?✤ Any requests or requirements from eduGAIN?