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01 Welcome - Federation Lab


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These slides did include video screencasts that is not visible on slideshare. The slides does not eigther include all the interesting discussions… The sessions today was mostly discussions.

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01 Welcome - Federation Lab

  1. 1. WelcomeIdentity FederationsOctober 20th, Vienna
  2. 2. Identity Federations09:00 Welcome Federation Lab Plans and User interface (Andreas) - 10 min Live statistics from Feide (Andreas) - 5 min Monitoring and statistics - Monitoring and statistics (Miro) - 15 min Automated SP for testing IdPs (Miro) - 15 min OpenID Connect Lab (Roland) - 40 min10:30Coffee Break11:00 Federated Provisioning - STINUS (Wayf) - 15 min Moonshot status (Josh) - 20 min VOOT Sympa Status (Renater) SurfNet Status (SurfNet) Plans and Discussion12:30 Lunch 14:00 Identity Federations + eduGAIN
  3. 3. Identity Federations + eduGAIN Lunch14:00 Welcome (Andreas and Valter) Federation Lab and eduGAIN - 25 min Federation Lab in eduGAIN context Service Provider profile validation Attribute set validation Metadata validation Discovery and usability, DiscoJuice - 25 min Federation Lab in eduGAIN context Service Provider profile validation Attribute set validation Metadata validation Attribute Semantics (Brook S) - 30 min15:30Coffee Break may start earlier16:00 eduGAIN Connectivity Workflow (Valter) - 75 min Workflow of establishing trust between entities within eduGAIN Opt-in and opt-out Trunctating the list of available IdPs in discovery services Federations providing list of trust matrix User experience when connectivity is missing How to get in contact with the right people, requesting access Error messages in IdPs SPs handling various set of attributes SAML2int - 15 min17:30 to REFEDS?
  4. 4. Federation LabIdentity FederationsOctober 20th, Vienna
  5. 5. Federation Lab Version 1.0✤ Version 1.0 is in operation on✤ Automated SAML 2.0 SP Testing✤ SAML Tracer✤ Web-based debugger
  6. 6. Federation Lab Version 2.0✤ Test SAML 2.0 SP✤ Test SAML 2.0 IdP✤ Test OpenID Connect Provider✤ Test OpenID Consumer✤ Test OAuth Provider✤ Test OAuth Consumer✤ Validation of Metadata
  7. 7. Version 2.0✤ Complete new UI to setup and execute the automated testing. ✤ Improved user experience, no login required.✤
  8. 8. FedLab UI - Configuration
  9. 9. FedLab UI - Test execution
  10. 10. Federation Lab - Test federation✤ IdP Test Federation ✤ A feed of operational (test) IdPs that trusts all registered SPs. ✤ The purpose is to test Service Providers. ✤ Include at least: ProtectNetwork, Feide OpenIdP, ++✤ SP Test Federation ✤ One or more SPs configured to trust all IdPs. ✤ Includes a discovery service ✤ Simple way to register IdPs ✤ Purpose is to test Identity Providers✤ Focus on eduGAIN
  11. 11. Federation Lab - Test federation✤ What’s needed: ✤ Metadata aggregator ✤ Registry ✤ Partnerships with various providers✤ Tight collaboration with eduGAIN✤ Collaboration with PEER?✤ Setup DiscoJuice?
  12. 12. Federation Lab - Test federation✤ Federation Lab Test Federation needs a boost.✤ One participant should lead the work on this specific task.
  13. 13. Next Up✤ Statistics Monitoring (Miro) 15 min✤ Automated SP for testing IdPs (Miro) 15 min✤ OpenID Connect (Roland) 40 min✤ Coffee break at 10:30