European Union Needs Turkey


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This is my final presentation of hypothesis. Presentation score of 25 over 25

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European Union Needs Turkey

  1. 1. What is European union?• The European Union (EU) is aneconomic and political union of 27member states that are locatedprimarily in Europe.• The EU operates through a system ofsupranational independent institutionsand intergovernmental negotiateddecisions by the member states.
  2. 2. • The founding members of the Community wereBelgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, theNetherlands, and West Germany.• In 1957, the six countries signed the Treaty ofRome, which extended the earlier cooperationwithin the European Coal and Steel Community(ECSC)• Created the European Economic Community,(EEC) establishing a customs union.• They also signed another treaty on the same daycreating the European Atomic EnergyCommunity (Euratom) for cooperation indeveloping nuclear energy. Both treaties cameinto force in 1958
  3. 3. Accession of Turkey to theEuropean Union• Turkeys application to accede to theEuropean Union was made on 14 April1987• Turkey has been an associate member ofthe European Union (EU) and itspredecessors since 1963..
  4. 4. If Turkey becoming a full member.and that the effect of the EuropeanUnion.• Economically• Politically• Militarily
  5. 5. Economically Reasons• Turkey is the fastest growing economyin the European Union.• Economy of Turkey increased after1980, and population increased in thesame direction.• Over 70 million people live in turkey.• The majority of young and middleaged.• Workmanship is cheap. And It’scheaper than EU labor.
  6. 6. • In most EU countries, the poor andsparsely populated. (Greece, Spain,Southern Cyprus).• Many EU countries, large economypresented by the countries supported.(Germany, France)
  7. 7. Politicaly Reasons• Geographically, Turkeys location isvery strategic.• Turkey, connects Europe, Asia andArabic peninsula. Turkey acts as aintermediary on trade agreements.• There is a stable structure with rigidand moderate policies. Turkey helpsthe diplomatic crisis of other countries.
  8. 8. Militarily Reasons• Turkey has got almost powerfulmilitary and military system in theworld. Turkish army provides thesecurity and peace• After WWI and WWII, The people ofEuropean Union began to be afraid ofterrorism.• If Turkey is accepted, the internationalpeacekeeping force, minimizinginternational terrorism in Europe
  9. 9. ConclusionEuropean union needs TurkeyEuropean Union needs, a rising gianteconomy, experienced military andmilitary system, and, determined andambitious policy.*This slide has been prepared with a view to theobjective. Is not based on subjective persons orinstitutions.