Soilmec Journal

        Year 3
 Issue no. 2/2008

                                                            4 NEWS
Ever closer to the customer
                                        “You’ll never walk alone”… says the anthem of the Live...
       The Wolf wall contract awarded
                    Creek Dam

       Trevi Group c...
Drillmec to supply the Iraqi Drilling Company
                                 Signed contracts in Iraq for drilling equip...
       The Herbert Hoover Dam
 6     Seepage cut-off wall

       The U.S. Department of the Army,
The internal plaza of Barwa
new business center in Qatar.

The human factor is the secret of Soilmec’s success. Personal
real added value of service to the client: how they see the
company ‘from the inside’, from the point of view of someone w...
                                                                  Mauro Palumbo
new generation that has taken over has done             much ‘leaner’ and supported by external
                    so ver...
Soilmec SR-80 C
                                                             New drilling rig
Detail of Soilmec SR-80 C base
machine turret.

                                       Soilmec machines based on a CAT ...
Soilmec SM-18
               The next generation
                 of micro-drilling rigs

new products
new products
                                      “Cougar” SC-120/H-8 Hydromill
new technology
                 SPS - Slot Pile System
                 Soilmec has designed a new jig for repairing dams,...
Arapuni Dam: check slot dimensions
and continuity across slot.

                                     Development began a ...
network news
               Soilmec Deutschland
    18         company’s start up

               The Soilmec Deutschland ...
network news
Soilmec Australia
“Newborn” downunder                                                                        ...
The team of Erke Dis Ticaret Ltd.
network news
    20         20 years’ partnership in Turkey...
support are their major advantage either in marketing and servicing. Being a part of this
Soilmec Lean Production

                          The     importance
                               of lean thinking
the raw materials into a finished product. Examination of the value flow enables us to identify
any points of inefficiency...
            Soilmec Headquarter expansion
            Soilmec is projecting the enlargement of its own offices
construction of a new 10,000 square metre
A complete
                     structure, earmarked mainly for the assembly
            Nim-A begins life
   26       A new method for tunnelling in difficult soils

pulse                                               soul                                                    brain

Soilmec in action at...
     Foundation work with
 SR-100 hydraulic rotary rig
       in Las Vegas

A Soilmec drilling unit plays
                                                                                as a champio...
                                                                                the Indian
A crowd assists to



                      to “the Pearl”!

         Bauma China 2008
                                                            March 15-19, 2009
ERKE Group, Soilmec Journal Feb'08
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ERKE Group, Soilmec Journal Feb'08


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ERKE Group, Soilmec Journal Feb'08

  1. 1. Soilmec Journal journal Year 3 Issue no. 2/2008 Cover story News Soilmec network Lean production Focus on India SOILMEC PEOPLE technology products know-how communication events 2 2008
  2. 2. contents 4 NEWS Dams projects overview 8 COVER STORY Soilmec People 12 NEW PRODUCTS Soilmec SR-80 C colophon 16 NEW TECHNOLOGY SPS - Slot Pile System Soilmec Journal – Year 3, Issue No. 2 Editorial Director: Simone Trevisani 18 NETWORK NEWS Editor in Chief: Franco Cicognani Coordination Director: Federico Pagliacci 22 FORWARD Coordination: Lisa Comandini, Sara Trevisani, Paolo The importance of lean thinking Valzania, Irene Rosano (Communication Dept. Trevi Group) Creative Director: Piergiorgio Balestra 24 CORPORATE Editorial staff: Sillabario srl – Milano Pictures: Soilmec photographic archives Published by: Communication Dept. Trevi Group 30 FOCUS ON Printed by: Litotipografia CILS – Cesena – Italy Entering the Indian market This journal is registrated at the Law Court of Forlì – Italy – n° 26/2006 32 EVENTS
  3. 3. Ever closer to the customer “You’ll never walk alone”… says the anthem of the Liverpool “Reds”, one of the most award- winning and prolific titled soccer teams in the world. That’s a promise, and precise, clear and reassuring one at that. It reminds me very much of the commitment that we in Soilmec have made to our customers. I thought about this just recently when we were looking back over the past three years, while preparing our forecasts for 2009. There is a strong link between the near future and the recent past. A golden thread, a plan or a strategy that connects all of our plans and defines Soilmec’s overall business strategy, namely, the pivotal role of the customer and the importance of meeting “his needs”. Soilmec has no desire to limit itself to simply being a supplier of top quality, high performance and versatile equipment that is suitable for every possible requirement on site. Soilmec’s desire is to be there for the customer at all times, adopting Simone Trevisani, Managing Director an approach aimed at anticipating and providing appropriate solutions for every problem, old or new, facing those that operate in the foundations sector. Soilmec wants to stand side by side with the customer, ever present and ready to offer overall, complete and satisfactory solutions. This is the driving force behind our geographical presence, which is becoming ever more widespread and well organised, via the Soilmec sales network, in order to cement this nearness to our customers. Here, therefore, is a whole range of new services designed to facilitate the execution, analysis and reporting as regards foundation works and to guarantee support and assistance in real time. Increasingly high performance and reliable services, combined with ever better products. In order to achieve this objective, we need to invest not only in research, but also in our internal organisation, namely our people. This is not, however, some recent or future investment since we have been investing in the training of our men for a number of years already. The results of this commitment are already visible, while further results will become apparent shortly, perhaps a soon as 2009. Then we will be able to take another look at the Liverpool motto, and perhaps even translate it into our own language: “You’ll never work alone”. Simone Trevisani
  4. 4. news The Wolf wall contract awarded Creek Dam Barrier news Trevi Group consolidates its position in the American market for the consolidation 4 of large-scale infrastructure thanks to an important contract recently awarded to TreviIcos The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Nashville District, announced that a very big contract has been awarded to TreviIcos Soletanche JV. TreviIcos – the Trevi Group U.S. company – is the sponsor of the joint venture in which it has a 50% interest. Scope of the work is the installation of a concrete barrier wall at Wolf Creek Dam in Russell County, Kentucky. Work is expected to begin this fall with a contract performance period of four years. The concrete barrier wall is the primary element of the Wolf Creek Dam Seepage Rehabilitation Project. The wall will be a combination of secant piles and rectangular panels installed through the earthen embankment to a depth of about 275 ft. It will go deep into the foundation rock to effectively cut off seepage through the limestone. The wall will extend eastward along the upstream embankment from the concrete section to the right abutment, a length of about 4,200 ft. Mr Stefano Trevisani, Trevi Managing Director, has declared that this award is a major achievement for Trevi Group: «The contract is one of most important in our 50 years company history – says Mr. Trevisani –. Trevi Group received in the last few months from USACE two other contracts referring to the extention of Tuttle Creek Dam Rehabilitation Program and to maintenance works for Herbert Hoover Dike. These acquisitions place Trevi Group in a strong position with reference to relevant future projects with USACE related to infrastructure works. Trevi Group is strongly supported in its USA activities by major American financial institutions. We are pleased of the cooperation with Soletanche-Bachy, a company with whom we have a long tradition of partnering».
  5. 5. Drillmec to supply the Iraqi Drilling Company Signed contracts in Iraq for drilling equipment Trevi Group, through its subsidiary Drillmec Spa, has signed large contracts with the Ministry of Oil – Iraqi Drilling Company for the supply of 14 conventional oil & gas drilling rigs of between 500 and 2,000 HP. The supply of this equipment is part of A 2,000 HP conventional plant. the strategic plan of the Iraqi government aimed at increasing oil and gas extraction to boost the country’s economy. Drillmec Spa won an international tender for this prestigious contract, thereby emphasising again its growing role as a highly qualified player in the oil sector. The contract provides for delivery of the aforementioned equipment within 13 months. news The Tuttle Creek Dam Repair and reinforcement works 5 The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) has awarded Trevi Group, through its American subsidiary, TreviIcos South, an extension to the contract to repair and reinforce the Tuttle Creek Dam near Kansas City, Missouri, against earthquake damage. The contract extension, the outcome of the excellent A mixing plant of TreviIcos. results achieved in the first phase of the project, is a partnering for Tuttle Creek Dam between the owner and Trevi to find and adopt the best technological and equipment solutions to the geotechnical problems. The contract extension is proof of the faith that the USACE, the most important civil engineering contractor in the world, has in Trevi Group, particularly in the repair and reinforcement of dams. TreviIcos was awarded as “Contractor of the year award” for the 2004 from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers South Atlantic Division, and recently with the “Safety Award 2008” for one year without incident from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Kansas City District.
  6. 6. news The Herbert Hoover Dam 6 Seepage cut-off wall The U.S. Department of the Army, Jacksonville District Corps of Engineers, Florida, has just issued a notice of award for Herbert Hoover Dam seepage cut- off wall in favor of TreviIcos South Inc., an American subsidiary of Trevi Group. This contract, to be executed in 18 months, is the third task order issued as part of the five years long project for the Rehabilitation program of the Herbert Hoover Dam. The remaining portion of the works will be awarded in the future with further task orders to the successful bidder among these three companies. «It’s a great achievement for our company and Trevi Group – says Ricardo Petrocelli, President of TreviIcos – that will position the Group in a favorable position in the field of the dam rehabilitation program, one of the top priority among the infrastructure spending of the Federal Government in the upcoming years».
  7. 7. The internal plaza of Barwa new business center in Qatar. news The Barwa Financial District Swissboring foundation works for a prestigious 7 business center project in Qatar The Trevi Group, through its subsidiary Swissboring Qatar Wll, has been awarded the contract for the foundations of the prestigious Barwa Financial District by Barwa Real Estate. This follows a preliminary contract, commenced in the first half of this year; the contract will take about nine months to complete. The Barwa Financial District, to be built using the best and most environmentally friendly technology available, is expected to become the business centre of Qatar and one of the leading centres in the Middle East, with the presence of banks, insurance companies, important financial and industrial companies, as well as leading consulting companies, and will offer full-circle solutions to the business world. This award further confirms the quality of the project technology, the excellence and the degree of internationalization that Trevi Group has attained in the field of foundation engineering. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the recent contracts acquired in Algeria for the extension of the LNG plant at Skidda (client Sonatrach) and for the East-West motorway (client the Japanese business consortium Cojaal). These contracts are in addition Project view of new Barwa Financial District’s towers. to those recently awarded for the extension of the second line of the Algiers metro and the consolidation work to be carried out on the dams of Kissir, Cheliff and Boussiaba on behalf of the State Entity, ANBT.
  8. 8. The human factor is the secret of Soilmec’s success. Personal attention builds up client loyalty, strength and continuity for the People Soilmec company, creating added value – not only in the technological sense – for the clients. Nine interviews, nine stories to be heard in order to understand how much impact the ‘human factor’ has had on the development and growth of Soilmec. We asked different people within the production facility of Soilmec questions concerning three aspects of the life of the company and also life from within the company. This was aimed at highlighting the INTERNAL PRODUCTION Luciano Vernocchi I’m 42 and I’ve been working at Soilmec for 27 years. I started when I was a boy and I’ve seen a Massimo Milandri remarkable growth, both in terms of the working and Luciano Vernocchi. environment, which has improved in order to respond to the new working demands, and in terms of relations with the clients. And I see cover story Soilmec’s future as equally positive: we’re trying the clients themselves. This is an advantage to move with the times, always in command and which comes from being part of the Group: without letting anyone overtake us. The decision through Trevi there’s an immediate return of 8 to expand the plant and adopt a cutting edge assembly process (lean production – Ed.) which information, a daily exchange of experiences which makes a difference. As regards team- is less low tech and more organised, is a move working, it is a crucial factor and involves in this direction: it reduces production times and all sectors, with colleagues extremely willing improves quality in the client’s favour. Today to help people integrate thanks to their the people in the company are young and very mentoring of young colleagues and making closely-knit, even though it wasn’t easy at the their own knowledge and experience available. beginning replacing all those experienced people Rather than an anecdote, one aspect of our who retired at the same time. After a period when daily work comes to mind: the attention paid we were caught on the hop, the relationships to the client is our burden and delight. This can with these young people improved and now be seen in the effectiveness requests are dealt there’s more enthusiasm, mutual openness and with of last minute modifications concerning a team spirit, all factors which bring added value machine that is already in production. to the production and are perceived by the client, because working in harmony allows us to deliver complete machines which have fewer faults. Massimo Milandri After two years working at Soilmec, I see the company as a complex, dynamic plant, which is still evolving with new projects being developed. A system which is evolving rapidly and which requires a great commitment in order to manage the change and to support it, from both a logistics and a human point of view, with new staff to be found, trained and used to the best advantage. The interchange with the outside world of the client helps us to absorb the requests for innovation, which are then passed on to production and back to
  9. 9. real added value of service to the client: how they see the company ‘from the inside’, from the point of view of someone with a long working experience and someone who is new. They also see the company’s results and the next steps in the future development; the daily life of the company microcosm at the plant and in relations with the client; the importance of teamwork between the “old” and “young”. The result is a mosaic which neatly illustrates the industrial, professional and human history of Soilmec, to which everyone has contributed in his or her own individual way. EXTERNAL PRODUCTION Massimo Vernocchi The results speak for themselves: when I arrived at Soilmec 18 years ago they produced about 80 Biagio Fagioli machines, now they make between 600 and 700. and Massimo Vernocchi. So there’s been a technological change, but most of all a change in the organisation. Looking at Soilmec, I see a company which is successful in with basic knowledge but they aren’t able to cover story advance alone and they always need mentoring. Biagio Fagioli In the last few years we’ve had a radical change 9 in the organisation and in the image of Soilmec: now we have to think about organizing the departments, professional training of the personnel as regards the outside world and arranging open days. I’ve experienced all of this in the last few years and that shows a great evolution compared to the past. We still have work to do as regards future improvements and consolidation of the good results we’ve achieved, also as regards the growth in production; the investments made in the plants will give us a boost starting from the markets all over the world: it’s difficult to foresee manufacturing which we now carry out externally. what could happen during a world recession such The change also concerns the daily life at Soilmec: as we’re seeing now, but I don’t think we will at the beginning a lot more of us were “pioneers”, suffer any particular repercussions. we worked more with prototypes than with the The change has obviously also involved people: standard or ready designed machines. Today there are a lot more young people in the company thanks to the new production process we no than there were a few years ago; these are longer produce machine by machine, but on the perhaps more difficult to “place” at work, but production line with subgroups which are already some of them stand out and have what it takes. painted and ready to assemble; we are now able to The company is relying on them and offering them carry out commercial planning with the machines the opportunity to grow, using this human capital which will be produced the following year. We are to the best advantage beyond the technological living through a great improvement of the company, aspects: they must possess a certain technological also in terms of safety in the work environment. We knowledge, be reliable and well trained in the didn’t grow alone: our suppliers has been growing specifics of their job. Studying alone isn’t enough, with us, recognising Soilmec’s leadership role.They there’s a further step to be made in their evolution are very fond of everything that we’re doing, also as within our sector: young people arrive at Soilmec regards human relations; we’re a team.
  10. 10. FORLÌ PRODUCTION Mauro Palumbo I’ve been at Soilmec for 12 years and in my opinion the greatest strength of Soilmec and the whole Group is the ownership, the Trevi family. The three founding brothers, Davide and his brothers and the children are all within the structure of the Group in order to carry on the tradition, the continuity and keep everyone Mauro Palumbo. motivated. I see a positive future, because the TESTS profound evolution from all points of view. They Ivano Comandini say that we’re now on the crest of a wave; I When I started, in January 1963, there were think that to get there we have to aim higher. very few of us. I worked in the workshop This is Soilmec’s strength, the spure to always and then abroad, delivering and repairing be the first, so I think that in future, market machines. Now I take care of the testing in permitting, we’ll be speeding along even faster close contact with the internal production to because there’s a constant evolution, from all achive the finished, fully functioning product. points of view. cover story Soilmec has grown both technologically and in terms of its staff: previously a new machine came out every two months. Now we work 10 on pre-assembled parts and there are new young people in the teams. Mine is a typical case of extreme attachment to the company and to its values: when I got my retirement I stopped work for 6 weeks, but then I came back again and now I’m still working in order to train, as well as I can, the young people who will continue doing my job. Of course we no longer talk in the local romagnolo dialect in the company. The new arrivals come from different parts of Italy and from abroad; for most of them this is their first job, and they listen to those who have more experience, they’re willing to learn, and those who are really interested in the job want to get on. I The added value, to the client’s advantage, is think that the added value of a management very good and skilled from a technological point that works well, also on a human level, is of view, and is in constant evolution. I also take important not only for the client but also for care of testing and I never would have imagined those working at Soilmec: I was very pleased that we’d advance so far. The future is all about when an American Soilmec Technician, who electronics: if the client asks for something had spent a week here studying 8 years ago, that was inconceivable up to a few years ago, still remembered me and his experience here. you’re able to supply it, providing the assistance as well as the product. This transformation is Filippo Viroli and Ivano Comandini. Filippo Viroli reflected in the human environment too: when I Over these last 10 years, Soilmec has given me a started there were still the “old ones”, and more lot, helping me to grow also on a personal level, individualism. In the last 5-6 years the company in terms of collaboration with others, with the has been repopulated with a high percentage chance to exchange views with all the people of young people. Today there’s more of a family who work there. And we’ve grown a lot since atmosphere, people are more willing to co- I started. In the last few years there’s been a operate and to work in teams.
  11. 11. new generation that has taken over has done much ‘leaner’ and supported by external so very well with a percentage increase of 40 structures, all within the Group, while from a to 50%. Technological development is very human point of view the internal climate is important but so is production, which is very positive: we’ve always encouraged dialogue strong at Soilmec, (Soilmec is not simply an between the people: if you work in a healthy assembler or seller), as well as the employees environment where you’re happy you also who are trained to know how to assemble give back more. This has always been our and test a machine, from the beginning to trademark: we’ve moved and we’re moving in the end. From the company’s point of view, that direction. And this is an added value that compared to when I started, it’s definitely the client is very well aware of. PROTOTYPES Ermes Monti I started at Soilmec in 1984, at the age of 16, and the company has changed a lot since then: Bruno Scarpellini and Ermes Monti. machines used to be created from nothing, using pig iron, and now it’s an industrialised process, components are pre-assembled and we only have to do the final assembly and testing. We still create prototypes from nothing, with great today have a very different mentality; I don’t cover story ingenuity and craftsmanship, but even in large- see the same attachment to the company as in The testimonies scale production there’s still a very strong personal my time – there’s a continuous turnover. With given by People working day astuteness in the know-how we have about the work. How can we pass on this knowledge to them the relationship has changed, there’s full collaboration. We “old ones” wanted to grow 11 the young people? It’s a question I ask myself. In and to believe in this company. Another essential by day in the my opinion there’s a great relationship between aspect concerns the importance of the ‘human the young and the old; everyone is going forward value’ of a person. This includes both the ability company clearly together. It’s a bit more of an effort with the to build relationships between the employees demonstrate young ones, but, contrary to what I thought, a and the boss, and the fact of having put safety that human lot of them are smart and are willing to work, at work above all else. A few years ago a new to learn. At Soilmec, there’s a very healthy plant manager started here, who was head of factor is the atmosphere on a human level; the Trevisani production. We immediately became friends. secret of Soilmec family has always maintained this, despite the This episode is a sign of the desire of Soilmec to growing numbers. It’s a relationship which has maintain direct contact with the workers, with success remained constant over time, and which has those working in the workshop. allowed us to obtain the great results we have achieved on the market. Bruno Scarpellini Soilmec has never stopped, not even in moments of crisis, setting up radical and innovative changes. I can’t but help speak highly of the company, having a working experience which started in 1976 and which has now almost reached the end. Their great merit is to have always allowed people to grow within the company: I started with a junior high- school diploma and yet I became a foreman and now I’m head of the prototypes department. Having the opportunity to grow has been very important: this fact is still valid now but you have to really get down to work. Young people
  12. 12. Soilmec SR-80 C New drilling rig for LDP and CFA new products With the new SR-80 C Soilmec has reached its target to complete the range of drilling rigs for large diameter 12 piles and remarkable depths After the great success earned by the SR-70, SR-90 and SR-100 introduced since 2005, Soilmec offers to the demanding foundation market the possibility to choose The new SR-80 C drilling rig a new rig jointing in the same machine the experience dued to SR Soilmec by Soilmec. series to that one of Caterpillar. In fact SR-80 C is a perfect mix of CAT base machine turret (345 C) with Soilmec standard rotary. CAT C13 engine generates the considerable rated power of 328 kW at 1800 rpm with that important guarantee of reliability, quality and durability that have made CAT famous around the world. Noteworthy are the performances of SR-80 C. It’s possible to drill large bored piles with a maximum diameter of 2,000 mm, at a depth of about 80 m, while in case of CFA (continuous flight auger) the rig has been conceived for piles up to 1,200 mm at a depth of 25 m. The multifunctionality of SR-80 C is testified by the possibility to be Soilmec SR-80 C fitted with crowd system made by whether winch (13,000 mm stroke Rated power – standard) or cylinder (6,500 mm stroke – optional). In alternative 328 kW at 1800 rpm to the standard spin off rotary, the customer can select Max pile diameter the innovative shifting gear rotary, with a mechanical 2,000 mm (kelly version) 3 high speed gear. This new solution allows to have a nominal 1,200 mm (CFA) Max pile depth torque range that varies from 292-132 kNm, that permits an higher 77 m (kelly version) production in terms of m/h and better rotation-to-torque ratio, with 24 m (CFA) a max drilling speed that varies from 27 to 107 rpm. As for the other
  13. 13. Detail of Soilmec SR-80 C base machine turret. Soilmec machines based on a CAT turret, the winches are positioned in the lower part of the mast, in front of the cabin, to permit to the operator a constant check. The main winch has a maximum pull of 260 kN and a speed of 75 m/min, while the auxiliary winch has a maximum pull of 100 kN and a speed of approximately 65 m/min. The machine can also be arranged with a free fall service winch with 80 kN nominal line pull. new products Soilmec SP-110 New crawled grouting pump 13 The Soilmec SP-110 is a grouting pump driven by a Deutz engine with a maximum power output of 124 kW at 2,100 rpm. The pump unit, which has been designed and built entirely by Soilmec, has a maximum delivery rating of 110 m3/h at a maximum pressure of 50 bar. The feeder hopper, with mixer unit, has a capacity of 600 lt. The SP-110’s other construction features include: electrical proximity pumping inversion system; force pump specifically dedicated to controlling the inversion of the “S” valve; easy access via the washing tank for the purposes of maintenance and replacement of pumping unit gaskets; soundproofing cowlings. Soilmec’s crawled unit concrete pump at work.
  14. 14. Soilmec SM-18 The next generation of micro-drilling rigs new products A clear response to all job-sites’ requirements 14 by means of a performing, quick and multifunctional drilling rig Soilmec presents SM-18, a unique drilling rig in the field of the micropiles multipurpose rigs. SM-18 was developed from the fusion of Trevi Group job-site experience and Soilmec technological research, thus perfectly responding to the needs of professionals worldwide. Soilmec SM-18 offers higher performances: greater drilling depths thanks to higher hoist force (more than 11 ton), and engine power totally transmitted to the tool through a rotary with a power capacity of 160 HP. Soilmec SM-18 is faster: load-sensing control system on hydraulic power; over 500 l/min oil flow given by twin piston pumps; higher speed on any drilling movements. Last but not least, Soilmec SM-18 is safer: the control of all operation is hydraulic and proportional; remote control board of each functions for finding the best working position in any condition; noise reduction thanks to engine speed set on only 1,900 rpm; innovative emergency stop for drilling functions, safety light for active drilling mode, telescopic counterweight and telescopic stabilizers for increased stability, easier maintenance c/w faster fault checks. Remote control board of Soilmec SM-18.
  15. 15. new products “Cougar” SC-120/H-8 Hydromill Malaga and Naples, two towns where Soilmec hydromill 15 found themselves facing entirely different situations The equipment used on both these construction sites was the Soilmec H-8 hydromill with a maximum drilling torque of 87 kNm for cutter, mounted on a Soilmec SC-120 crane (120 t category) in the “Cougar” configuration. In this configuration, the machines cut panels with a dimension of 2.800x800 mm; the hydromill’s capacity in this configuration is equivalent to 58 m of depth for maximum thicknesses of up to 1,400 mm. The DMS (Drilling Mate System) developed by Soilmec and installed on all the products in the range, in other words the system used for the real time monitoring of all the operating parameters of both the equipment and the production process, includes a dual-axis positioning sensor (triple-axis version optional extra) that controls the geometry of the panel depending on the depth. Vertical corrections are possible thanks to the following: mobile flaps installed on the main body, variable rotation speed on the excavation discs and the patented inclination system for each excavation disc that ensures optimal orientation along three main axes. In Malaga, the Soilmec hydromill was used to create the support buttresses for a shopping mall in the harbour area. The stratigraphy of the area revealed that, under the surface and subsequent layer, varying in thickness from 2 to 4 metres, there was a layer of gravel and erratic chalky The new Soilmec “Cougar” SC-120/H-8 sandstone deposits (a type of conglomerate sandstone), characterised by a resistance to hydromill at work in Naples. compression and lateral free expansion in excess of 1,000 kg/cm2. Furthermore, the layer of rock layer to be excavated was often found to be at a depth in excess of 10 m. The SC- 120 “Cougar” hydromill is currently in use in Naples for the construction of a station for the underground railway and, more specifically for the creation of “T”-shaped panels of 1,200x2,800 mm and up to 40-45 m in depth. In this case, the stratigraphy is characterised by silty, sandy soils covering the yellow Neapolitan tuff.
  16. 16. new technology SPS - Slot Pile System Soilmec has designed a new jig for repairing dams, 16 developed using the experience they acquired through an important project in New Zealand Repairing and installing safety measures at the Arapuni dam in New Zealand was a project that was among the most technologically important in the field of civil engineering. In particular, the work performed by Trevi, by the main contractor Brian Perry Civil, called for a series of precision drilling tasks. The slot cavities created were then filled with concrete, which formed a waterproof diaphragm under the dam. The implementation procedures for the drilling had unique characteristics, and the task was achieved thanks to the competent support offered by Trevi during the process of defining the project and their fundamental contribution was made possible by their ability to count on the most advanced and sophisticated drilling devices, through Soilmec. On the basis of the experience they acquired at the Arapuni dam, Soilmec Research and Arapuni Dam: preparatory works. Arapuni Dam: drill adjacent hole with guide in adjacent hole.
  17. 17. Arapuni Dam: check slot dimensions and continuity across slot. Development began a project for specialized excavation tools to create “guided secant new technology piles” to be used in dam repair projects. In short, the tool calls for the insertion of a down- the-hole rotary drill and a guided system that allows reactive control of the direction of the excavation. The specifics of the solution consists in an excavation device that is 17 supported in the hole during operation through a lifting mechanism and that includes an exchange motor. The opening can be partially filled with excavation fluid, and the detritus Focus on technology evacuation system uses reverse circulation so that the excavation debris is transported to Specialized excavation tool the surface through a flexible tube that is wound up in a special coiler. The tubes and the To be used in dam repairing electrical cables necessary for operation and control of the unit are controlled in the same projects way, including measurements and corrections relative to its position. Insertion of a down-the-hole rotary drill With respect to the solutions developed and applied at the Arapuni project, the new jig Reactive control of the decreases excavation times since it is no longer necessary to insert drill pipes, which are excavation direction replaced by tubing, allowing monitoring of excavation parameters and reactive control of the gradients. Project sketch of new equipment.
  18. 18. network news Soilmec Deutschland 18 company’s start up The Soilmec Deutschland GmbH has been founded in May 2008 with the idea to provide a perfect technical assistance and spare parts service in the North European market. The world’s most important drilling rig producers are settled either in Italy or in Germany. For this reason it was a strategic decision for a market leading Italian company as Soilmec to possess also a branch in the German-language region. The headquarter in Drolshagen – in the center of Germany – has a covered space of more than 3.000 square meters which means a huge capacity for workshops and spare part stocks. Furthermore it is even suitable to build up a future production unit. With a German and English speaking staff of actually six people, Soilmec Deutschland is able to serve the 12 units already sold in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and Scandinavia. The team of Soilmec Deutschland: from the left, Massimo Valenti, Engelbert Bieker, Kathrin Bieker, Rainer Obert, Alex Schmelzer.
  19. 19. network news Soilmec Australia “Newborn” downunder 19 Blue bow for Soilmec’s “newborn”: on October 1st 2008 Soilmec’s Australian branch was officially inaugurated. The new branch, called Soilmec Australia, strengthens the company’s presence in the Oceania area and enriches a worldwide network which now accounts for more than 70 distribution and assistance points in more than 90 countries. The new Company’s seat shall be in Sydney (see in the pictures: the staff headed by Mark A. Williams, the Area Manager, Stefano Cordella and Soilmec’s Administrative Manager, Marco Casadei). The new branch’s Managing Director is Mark A. Williams who has The team of Soilmec Australia. been representing Soilmec’s brand in Australia since 2000 and has now enthusiastically accepted the Head Office’s invitation to give birth to a new branch. The new structure consists of a staff of 4 mechanics who will be relying on a workshop located at Sydney’s seat and on 4 movable units to safisfy the needs of a very vast territory.
  20. 20. The team of Erke Dis Ticaret Ltd. network news Soilmec-Erke, 20 20 years’ partnership in Turkey A great announcement There is a vast number of projects in Turkey involving Soilmec After 20 years of friendship, Mr. A.F. El Didi and Mr. H. Kaya, machines and there will always be a demand for these machines who are the oldest and most in the Turkish market. Founded in 1987, Erke Dis Ticaret Ltd. is one of the most successful dealers of Soilmec, experienced companies in its market, either in sale and service. The company handles its made an exclusive agreement for a cooperation in the Gulf Area. sale and service activities through its own offices in Istanbul and in Ankara thanks to a really According to such agreement, Mr. experienced and dedicated staff. Erke main activity is the marketing of foundation machinery, H. Kaya in behalf of Erke Co. will be together with all equipments and attachments which are necessary for ground engineering. responsible for Turkish contractors who are working in the Gulf Area. Erke is the official dealer of Soilmec machinery in Turkey, as other seven world famous brands Mr. El Didi, Soilmec Gulf Chairman, in ground engineering. Erke is also acting as consultant to those companies which are looking said that the cooperation with Mr. for solutions in the ground engineering. Thanks to its 21 years experience Erke can suggest to Kaya and Erke will lead to even more success through Turkish its own customers and to anyone else operating in this market, various and different solutions contractors. to their problems. Erke has very strong relationships throughout the international market and this is consenting them the possibility to accomplish the Turkish market with the latest Mr. H. Kaya and Mr. A.F. El Didi after the sign agreement. developments in its market. Any innovation and development in the sector can be followed through Erke. Service is sustained by experienced personnel, proposing and executing the most appropriate solution. Erke is fully aware of the Trevi Group’s greatness and philosophy, is also fully aware of the fact that Erke is a strong member of Soilmec’s family. A distinguished Soilmec agent, which by the way has been elected “number one distributor” for several years, and proud to be part of Trevi Group. Everybody in this field knows that Trevi Group and Soilmec are the most important actors in this business. Their worldwide network will always support Erka. The wide knowledge and experience of Trevi Group together with Soilmec’s technology and after sales
  21. 21. support are their major advantage either in marketing and servicing. Being a part of this Group, which is the worldwide leading company both in foundation works and machinery manufacturing, gives Erke a great advantage in foundation equipment, adapting solutions to Soilmec’s drilling rig at work in Turkey. the market and enhancing customer satisfaction. Turkey is a booming country for Soilmec equipment and machinery. There are two main sectors which involves Soilmec equipment: hydroelectric power plants and main infrastructure investments like metros, tunnels, highways, bridges, etc. The most important sector for Soilmec machinery in this moment is the small and medium sized hydroelectric power plants. There are almost 1,278 projects of this kind which have already been planned. 72 have already been started, and Soilmec drilling rigs, mini piling rigs and hydromills are widely used for all those projects. Since these projects will be going on for years, its sure that even more Soilmec machineries and equipments will be requested by the market. Another important sector is the infrastructure investments. At the moment one of the world greatest infrastructure project – the Bhosphourus Tunnel – is under construction. Together with this tunnel, 16 new stations will be built and either on Asian side and European side 26 km of new railroad are under construction. Only this great project needs 10 Soilmec machinery for piling, anchoring, jet grouting and diapghram walling. Beside this great project, in Istanbul, at the moment there are 3 different metro projects going on. In all these 3 projects Soilmec machines are being used and will be used. Also in other Turkish cities like Ankara, Izmir and Adana similar projects are going on and will go on for a very long time. network news Soilmec at Conmex Dubai (UEA), 20-23 October 2008 21 Soilmec took part to Conmex, the most important trade fair for the construction industry equipments in Middle East. The construction sector in the Middle East is yet to reach its full potential. It is estimated that currently projects worth US$ 4 billion are being announced every week. In the coming years, construction activity in the region will reach astronomical proportions with subsequent rise in demand for related machinery and equipments. Pictures of Soilmec stand at Conmex in Dubai (UEA).
  22. 22. Soilmec Lean Production The importance of lean thinking forward 22 The desire to ensure ever-higher quality standards, combined with the need to optimise production times has driven Soilmec to invest heavily in its productive and organisational structure. As a result, a new organizational model has been adopted, inspired by the “Lean Enterprise” system. This is a medium-long term strategy that leads to improved efficiency by means of a drastic reduction in the non-value generated by company activities. The term “Lean Enterprise” is used to define a cultural approach to ongoing improvement, involving the entire production delivery chain. A philosophy driven by the internal customer, whereby downstream employees/workers are viewed as customers of their colleagues upstream. This creates a customer driven “pull” system throughout the production system, all the way through to product design team and the managers who decide company strategy. The Lean system, and more specifically Lean Production, is an application of the production system developed within the Toyota Company (more specifically the TPS, or Toyota Production System), which managed to overcome the limitations of the mass production system (the one adopted years ago by Henry Ford and Alfred Sloan). The cornerstone of so-called “lean thinking” is represented by ongoing research and the elimination of inefficiency so as to produce more with fewer resources and greater quality control. The systematic elimination of inefficiency is made possible by the Lean production principles pursuance and implementation of the 5 principles that constitute the reference framework 1. Define the value 2. Identify the value flow for the activities involved in reviewing company processed. The starting point in the hunt for 3. Make the “flow” flow examples of inefficiency (first principle) is the identification of that which actually 4. Get the customer pull creates value. Thereafter (second principle), establish the flow of value, which, in the the company’s value case of a specific product, includes the entire range of activities required in order to convert 5. Seek perfection
  23. 23. the raw materials into a finished product. Examination of the value flow enables us to identify any points of inefficiency in the process. Having accurately identified the value flow for a specific product or family of products and having re-designed it, eliminating all of the useless activities by mapping the flows, the next step, in terms of the third principle, is to make sure that the remaining value-adding activities are arranged in a logical flow. The “Lean thinking” concept completely overturns the traditional way of thinking according to lots, functions and departments. As a matter of fact, tasks can almost always be performed more effectively when the product is processed seamlessly from raw material through to finished product. Once the company (or more generally speaking, the organisation) has defined the value of the product (to the customer), identified the value flow and finally eliminated any obstacles, and thus any waste, thereby ensuring that the process flows without any interruptions, then the time has come to allow the customer (fourth principle) to “pull” the process (namely the value flow) along: by definition, the customer “pulls the company’s value”. This entails acquiring the ability to design, plan and produce only that which the customer wants, precisely when he/she wants it. The fifth principle is all about seeking perfection. This final principle may appear to be somewhat presumptuous and should therefore rather be interpreted as continuous improvement (Kaizen). In fact, if the first four principles are properly applied, then previously unthinkable synergies are forward 23 created, which start up an ongoing process of reduction of times, of space and of costs, also establishing precise moments for the ad-hoc inter-departmental teams to attempt to resolve problems in weeks (the so-called “Kaizen”). The implementation of the Lean Production system within Soilmec involved, above all, the operations area, which was then followed by production, then the supply chain and then back to the design area. In terms of results, what was achieved on average was improved efficiency, a reduction in machine assembly times, an increase in production capacity and an improvement in the level of logistics services in terms of feeding materials from the stores to the assembly lines, thus reducing the non-availability of materials.
  24. 24. corporate Soilmec Headquarter expansion Soilmec is projecting the enlargement of its own offices 24 and manufacturing plant sites. Work in progress for the new production unit of 10.000 square meters In line with the strong growth which has characterised its recent industrial history, Soilmec has set up an important project for improving its production facility. It is a complete renovation project which will change considerably the overall look of the Soilmec headquarters in Cesena by adopting innovative architectural solutions. In fact, alongside the building and architectural works, the street furniture on the premises (green areas, Internal view of new Soilmec’s walkways, lighting, entranceways, etc.) will also be examined in order to improve the plant working space. internal accessibility. The first measures for expanding production capacity are already in progress, and these will be followed by optimisation of the logistics area and the internal road system, the renewal of all the executive offices and the reception area (more than 3,000 square metres), and the expansion of the canteen and other adjoining areas. The whole operation should take a couple of years, with completion due by the end of 2010. As regards the expansion of the areas available for the production, work is currently in progress at the centre of the Soilmec headquarters on the
  25. 25. construction of a new 10,000 square metre A complete structure, earmarked mainly for the assembly renovation project of large tonnage machines. These will all be which will change ready at the beginning of next summer. This considerably important investment forms part of the general the overall look reorganisation process of the production (already started following the principles of Lean of the Soilmec Production: see article on page 22) in order to headquarter adapt the space available, improve the services, in Cesena assure the final quality of the products and, of course, improve production potential. The new structure, just over 14 metres high and divided into 4 bays, each equipped with 2 overhead cranes weighing 40 tonnes each, will be built Project view (above and beside) of new Soilmec headquarter: according to highly innovative criteria which enhance both the quality of the working officres and manufacturing sheds. environment and general safety. To guarantee good natural light and ventilation for the assembly workers, the roof of the premises has been made using 1,400 square metres of skillion (shed) roof, while heating and cooling will be guaranteed by a geothermal system made up of 80 bore holes driven to a depth of up to 120 metres. corporate 25 Soilmec and total quality Soilmec has been selected, together with Quality (EOQ). For many years the Galgano a number of other outstanding Italian Group has promoted this initiative, bringing companies, to participate in the National together public and privately owned Italian Quality Campaign, an important annual companies operating in all of the various event to promote the strategic role that product sectors that have chosen Quality Quality plays in the Country’s overall as being a key factor in building success, economic system.The initiative was originally involving society as a whole and the market launched back in 1989 by the three major itself. Since 1995, the National Quality Japanese, American and European Quality Campaign has formed part of the European Associations, namely the Japanese Union Quality Week, a campaign launched by the of Scientists and Engineers (JUSE), the European Union to encourage member American Society for Quality Control, now States to hold a whole series of promotional known as the American Society for Quality events during November of each year, aimed (ASQ), and the European Organization for at spreading a Culture of Quality.
  26. 26. corporate Nim-A begins life 26 A new method for tunnelling in difficult soils NIM-A (NIM is the acronym of New Italian Method) is an alliance between Rocksoil, a firm of the former minister Pietro Lunardi, Trevi and Soilmec of the Trevi Group. The aim of the alliance will be the excavation tunnels in difficult soil conditions in China, India, the Russian Federation, Brazil and Lithuania, though the geographic destination will be decided case by case by the directive commission of the Consortium. According to the different client’s needing, the following services can be provided: tunnelling design; technology know-how transfer; special equipment supply; tunnelling construction.
  27. 27. pulse soul brain motion power Launched during the 2006 “Open House”, “Elements concept” has undergone some minor graphic restyling. The five colours that were associated with the elements of Pulse, Soul, Brain, Motion and Power have changed hue. A minor graphic update that nevertheless retains the original meaning and colour association with the various departments. Pulse is still associated with the Sales Department and network; Soul with the Marketing & Advertising Department as well as Customer care and After-sales services; Brain with Research & Development, Motion with the Technology Department and Power with the Production Department. corporate The Elements change colour Updating the concept 27 Cover for Soilmec SR-70 Business Class, the official magazine of Ukraine National Airlines, dedicated August cover to Ukraine tycoon Volodymyr Prodivus. A model of Soilmec SR-70 is shining on the desk of the businessman. Trevi Group on You Tube Is already on line a new space on You Tube about Trevi Group. On this site you can see our corporate’s videos and other general information. To enter the site:
  28. 28. Soilmec in action at... Foundation work with SR-100 hydraulic rotary rig in Las Vegas A Soilmec R-930 used for the foundation works of new bridge between Bronx and Manhattan, near Willis Avenue Bridge, in New York click on site 28 Foundation works with Condon Johnsons’s R-930 in R-312/200 for the highway bridge CFA working on the new City expansion project in Utah Creek Project in downtown Salt Lake City
  29. 29. A Soilmec drilling unit plays as a champion on the field of Fenerbache Stadium in Istanbul Highway consolidation works with PSM-1350 in Manchester, little town near Boston click on site 29 A SR-100 at work on a offshore platform near Brisbane Two Soilmec machines – R-724 and R-625 – in full action in Dubai
  30. 30. Entering the Indian market focus on Starting from January 2007, Soilmec Indian arm was set up 30 for scaling up the operation aiming at one motive “selling” Soilmec India is headquartered in Mumbai providing equipment, sales & service, training across the country with a strong support of inventory of spares and other parts in Mumbai and Delhi. Soilmec India is being incorporated as a manufacturing and trading company. Mr Davide Panzavolta, Soilmec Area Manager, said his company will be interested in introducing the whole range of its sophisticated drilling machine systems, which had undergone a change integrating more safety apparatus like operator’s cabins, video camera and remote radio control for easier monitoring and quick follow-up actions by the customers of the machines installed at various sites. Started with setting up a 2,000 square meters factory for manufacturing drilling tools, Soilmec India plan to manufacture around 250 tools in 2009 for serving the Soilmec customer in the local market. This will serve as an added value to our selling of drilling rig in a market which needs a continuous monitoring on the choosing the right equipment and tools in different conditions of work. Today the strong presence of skilled technicians and operators have increased the aura around support issue All about the charme of Indian which has always been considered the most wanted feature of the Indian customers from the architecture for Soilmec SR-40. equipment manufacturer. In the last two years, India has increasingly developed a great demand for Soilmec product and technology because of its quality, expertise, reliability and innovation. With this respect, a strategic road map has been concreted to meet these requirements, by offering comprehensive solutions that are the results of intense research & development done by Soilmec over the last 4 decades. Soilmec International experience & technical know- how is on its way to meet Indian demands – that will benefit the construction industry tremendously. With the infrastructure & energy projects gaining momentum, our specialised range of equipment and accessories for deep foundation works are ideally suited for these
  31. 31. A crowd assists to Soilmec R-625 drilling operations. projects. We have introduced our flagship drilling and piling machines for the initial stage. On the later stage, depending on the demand based on customer requirements we plan to add innovation to the existing product range. One of the key services that we will offer in India is “customisation”. Soilmec being a manufacturing company, we are in a position to customise the machinery as customer specifications & utilization. This value added service in the construction industry, sets apart Soilmec from its competitors. By imparting appropriate training to operators all over the country, Soilmec ensures that the equipment at a customer’s site works to its full potential with negligible or zero downtime. Soilmec India have successfully demonstrated the prowess of Soilmec products, and converted them into sales. There’s a surge in demand for drilling and piling machines, all over India, which will be delivered in the next months. The importance of construction industry can be gauged by the In two years India mentioned size and we are ideally positioned to meet the demands posed by the industry. has increasingly focus on developed a great demand for Soilmec products 31 and technologies Two Soilmec machines, SR-70 (above) and SR-100 (beside), at work in India.
  32. 32. events 32 PICTURES FROM GEOFLUID
  33. 33. events 33
  34. 34. Soilmec Welcome to “the Pearl”! events Bauma China 2008 Shanghai (China) 34 November 25-28, 2008 Great success for Soilmec at the 12th too, played a base role while ideating the edition of Bauma China, the most important project of “the Pearl”… exhibition in the Far East dedicated to the The success of the exhibition is also due equipment for special foundations and for to the precious cooperation of the Eastern construction industry machinery. It was subsidiaries of Soilmec network, of the A new concept of Soilmec stand held at the Expo Centre in Shanghai, from Representative Office in Beijing and of Focus on: November 25th to 28th. Soilmec had a brand Soilmec Hong Kong. Hospitality & Technology new exposition structure, with a spherical See you at Intermat 2009! Feeling with Customers base, somehow suggesting the embrace of a precious content, a “pearl”, a welcoming isle of relax along the busy exhibition days. Smooth shapes, multimedia information points for the new 3D, Soilmec labelled, catalogues, a typical “made in Italy” warm welcome, and everything together making up “the Pearl” as a real landmark of the event, either for the various professionals and for all those who are mostly caring for new trends in technologies and design. A special care for the customer – main target of Soilmec new vision – and a special care of the specific needs of the Eastern market
  35. 35. IFCEE 09 March 15-19, 2009 Orlando (U.S.A.) The International Foundations Congress and Equipment Expo ‘09 (IFCEE09) will provide a spectacular and comprehensive congress. It combines the International Association of Foundation Drilling (ADSC), the Geo-Institute of ASCE, and the Pile Driving Contractors Association (PDCA) 2009 annual meetings, and will bring together varied U.S.A. and worldwide industry organizations. As part of the technical program, engineers, foundation contractors, equipment manufacturers, suppliers, and researchers will discuss the latest technological advances in the foundation and earth retention industry. OMC 2009 March 25-27, 2009 Ravenna (Italy) The Offshore Mediterranean Conference & Exhibition 2009 is the complete events event for the Mediterranean oil&gas industry as it brings together hundreds of companies and organizations from worldwide. Anyone involved in the industry cannot miss the opportunity to participate in OMC: more than 7.600 attendees from Europe, 35 America, Africa and the Middle East participated in lest edition (2007). The general theme of OMC 2009 – The Mediterranean: the centre of Energy Interdependence – aims at highlighting the situation which is consolidating in the Mediterranean area. INTERMAT 2009 April 20-25, 2009 Paris (France) One of the world’s three biggest trade shows for building technology and construction market (with Bauma and Samoter), Intermat brings together the major players in the construction materials and machinery production industry. One special feature that makes this event unique is that it is the only one to offer an outside demonstration area of 30,000 square meters, on which exhibitors’ machines perform in a gigantic open-air construction area. For the 2009 editions Intermat is opening its doors to new business sectors as mines & quarries, drilling and boring.