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BeCollaboration - Collaborators Presentation


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Our proposition to would be partners and collaborators

Published in: Career, Business, News & Politics
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BeCollaboration - Collaborators Presentation

  1. 1. The story so far...
  2. 2. The Lone Ranger... The Other Talent...
  3. 3. Typical Activity of Lone Ranger/Small Business • Days in a month ✓28 • Days you get actually paid ✓4/5 days - 18% ✓80/20 Rule!!! • 80 - 60% of your time generating need and marketing • Most of our business is created through referrals, as a result of ✓Networking ✓Follow-ups ✓Clients ✓Social media ✓Emails
  4. 4. The Sweet Spot... Talent Professional Business Owner What we discovered working with business owners ...
  5. 5. Be Do Have Talent Business Owner Professional Context Action Results
  6. 6. United Artists Film Studios
  7. 7. Mountain of Value
  8. 8. Why is now the best time to collaborate... • Low Entry to Market • Technology Platforms • Its More than the Money • Need exists...for connection....for being remarkable • Know and Be Known • Be Inspired and Be Inspiring • Be around proactive people ✓You are the average of 5 People • Be in business for yourself and not by yourself • Opportunities missed as a result of working alone
  9. 9. ‘‘Be’ BusinessBe’ Business ‘‘Be’ InspiredBe’ Inspired EntrepreneurEntrepreneur In HouseIn House ((CorporateCorporate)) OpenOpen AccessAccess SMESME 0-Start Start - £50k £50k - £250k £250k - £1m £1m plus Intro Events 1 Day Prog. 10 Session Seminar 6 Month Incubator BeSpoke Programs Monthly Support Network Events
  10. 10. Integrated Packages Review Contextual Collaborators What normally happens...?
  11. 11. If you were a collaborator how would that benefit you and your business?
  12. 12. Why becoming a collaborator makes you a specialist in your field
  13. 13. VAT Sole TraderStart-Ups SME Self Employed £79k0-50k Large SMEs £250k - £1m Large Companies Compliance Support Advisory Specialist Fees 0 - £1,200 £1,000 - £2,000 £3,000 - £5,000 £6,000 + MoneyTime Typical Accountants Business Structure
  14. 14. I’m An Entrepreneur...
  15. 15. ‘‘Be’ BusinessBe’ Business EntrepreneuEntrepreneu rr 0-Start Start - £50k Intro Events 6 Month Incubator Monthly Support Network People Who Get Redundancy and Start a Business People who have had a life event and start a business People in a job, no prospect of redundancy who want to start a business People Running a Business
  16. 16. What’s in it for the Collaborators • Training and Coaching • Ability to call on greater resource • Marketing & Sales • Brand recognition, be part of a bigger group • Increased fees and services • Increased client loyalty • New revenue streams • Ability to work on bigger projects - either yours or ours!
  17. 17. How can you get involved...
  18. 18. ProfessionalProfessional AccountantsAccountants The TalentThe Talent IFAsIFAs SolicitorsSolicitors OptionsOptions Key CollaboratorKey Collaborator ConsultantsConsultants Social MediaSocial MediaCoachesCoaches OptionsOptions
  19. 19. Collaborators Package (Application Only) •Use of logo •Named on website •Speak at our events •Part of the inner circle – support and engagement with account managers •Part of our supply panel •Part of delivery offering •Commissions paid – sliding scale. Between 3%-10% on integrated coaching packages •Registered Affiliate – fixed return
  20. 20. Thank you for listening any questions...