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Nura abdulrazak

  1. 1. Nura Abdul-Razak12Q
  2. 2. WHAT IS A THRILLER? A thriller is a genre where it has an exciting plot to start off a film or book, which is typicallyinvolving crime , murders and unexpected events, as these are the main elements, which makesthe audience jump at the edge of there seats. Thriller is a very suspense, as this causes tension forthe audience, as this is where it makes the audience to be all jumpy and scared , mostly in thrillersthere is always a protagonist and a antagonist where there is a good side of the film and a bad side, but within the film or book you would know what roles they have , there are all different typesof thrillers such as political, religious, historical and much more, as all these aspects makes theaudience breathless.
  3. 3. WHAT IS A THRILLER? atmospheric violence MysteriousUnexpected Codes and Conventions charactersplot twist of a thriller genre Revealing Unexpected shots events This shows all the codes and conventions of a thriller , without these codes and conventions the film will not a thriller without these , as the film doesn’t meet the codes and conventions.
  4. 4. Name: The OrphanageMain Characters: Belén Rueda ,Fernando Cayo, Roger PríncepDirector: Juan Antonio BayonaYear: 2007
  5. 5. THE ORPHANAGE This is a close up shot of Simon in his house talking with his mother. His expression and what he says “they’re outside. Listen” makes us feel sympathy as we know his mother dose not believe him however he is certain of what he hears.
  6. 6. THE ORPHANAGE In this shot is an over shoulder shot of the social worker, meeting and greeting the mother Laura, furthermore this is a shot reverse shot to suggest they are having a conversation, this relates back to the audience for the audience to understand what is happening.The diegetic sound of the rain in this scenealong with the dialogue creates an airy, yetcalm atmosphere.
  7. 7. THE ORPHANAGEThis is a full body shot of Laurawalking in her back yard to go tothe shed she heard a noise comefrom; her body language and theway she walks shows she is veryfrightened and scared. She is wearing her normal/everyday clothes which suggests she has had no sleep and was maybe expecting something to happen.
  8. 8. THE ORPHANAGEThis close up shot of Simons drawing . This creates suspense to theaudience as the drawing is of characters he believes to be his friendshowever know one can see them. This is the first time where theaudience as well as his mother start to believe maybe he is telling thetruth and can actually see people. The main focus in this picture is of thethird character who has no facial expression as he has what seems to bea mask over his head. This character (Thomas) plays a big roll in Simonsimagination and at one point in the movie leaves us on our seats as wesee him meet Laura.
  9. 9. THE ORPHANAGEJuan Antonio Bayona uses shot reverseshot to emphasize how close Thomas isgetting towards the mother this connectswith the audience with how closeThomas is getting furthermore I can addthat the sounds Thomas makes is verycreepy , to make Laura scared and theaudience to be scared too.
  10. 10. THE ORPHANAGEThis is a shot of Laurascreaming as Thomas slamsher fingers in door,In the background of this shot, itshows a fire extinguisher whichsuggests that they are prepared fordanger.
  11. 11. Long shot is used during this screen shot, and THE background added at the back, this shot of theORPHANAGE character is called Simon, as this character is a protagonist, as his is really the main action of this film and shot, he is wearing ordinary clothing but from a long far distance, this shot looks like a thriller because where it is set, and because he is all alone and this would make the audience fell sympathy for him.
  12. 12. THE ORPHANAGE In this shot it is very descriptive shot with what is going on, as Laura is in a longLaura is a very friendly shot and zooms in after of acharacter, but here she mid shot of her.looks like she is going This all connects altogether withmad, with babies all thriller , as she has turned into a madaround her, also her person, she is a more antagonistclothing that she is within this film, as more of her badwearing is Victorian side has turned up, and because oftimes. her role.
  13. 13. THEORPHANAGELaura is in a close up shot here, as she is knocking on the wall withusing a camera shot of hand held and panning, from Laura’sperspective, whilst she is doing this there is a dark lighting during thisshot, however the tension is naturally built up, this hooks in withthriller, as when scenes are naturally built, it gives the audience abetter effect towards them.
  14. 14. THE ORPHANAGEOn the other hand Laura is wearingVictorian times clothing to connect withthriller with the audiences people in theVictorian times wear scary clothing, Within this shot it is a close up offurthermore Simon in this shot is wrapped Simon and Laura, as it shows loadsaround with clothing and face not showing of emotions and facial expressionsto not show his identity, as Laura doesn’t towards their face, as the protagonistwant no one to take him or let him run and antagonist come together.away again.
  15. 15. Name: Fatal AttractionMain Characters:Michael Douglas, Glenn Close andAnne ArcherDirector: Adrian LyneYear: 1987
  16. 16. CONCLUSIONOverall I have learnt how effectivethriller is and how many different waysyou can make a film into a thriller andhow much different skills that have beenused , however what I am going to usein the future is the techniques to make athriller, and all the effective ways it is athriller, furthermore these shots havehelp me to understand what a thriller is,by the way the special techniques andcodes and conventions used, and spreadout.