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Bringing the Real World to ZAP @ USF.


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A quick presentation on Bringing the Real World to ZAP at the University of South Florida.

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Bringing the Real World to ZAP @ USF.

  1. 1. Bringing the Real World toZAP.@EricRitter
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  4. 4. Stimulus First Second Moment of Moment of Truth Truth At shelf Experience In-store
  5. 5. communications (e.g., emails, postings, should be considered a strength, not a KNOW THEM announcements). weakness of this course. Don’t be afraid to askDIGITAL MEDIA If a document is posted on Blackboard, questions or disagree. Robust discussions then it takes precedent as the most up-to-date stretch minds. and official version of any other copies you SME Presentation might have in your possession. This includes the A person will have the role of topic Syllabus for ZAP Digital Media, Fall 2010. coordinator for a designated new media topic. The student will be considered the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the special topic of COURSE REQUIREMENTS interest. The SME’s tasks are to research the Each week we will discuss the assigned topic and present it in any way he deems fit (i.e. readings or articles. The requirements for the the history of the topic, the latest news or class include: (a) active class participation; (b) developments). Other members of the class SME Presentation / Discussion Leader, (c) two should not assume that they have a “light week” individual projects, (d) individual blog write-ups, except when they are the assigned SME. All (e) analysis and (f) a group project. class members should come prepared to Active Participation actively participate in the discussions. The topic All students are expected to fully SME should prepare handouts to help guide the participate in class discussions. Therefore, it is discussion or direct students to other relevant important that you do the readings prior to articles, sources and websites. The approach to class. Be an active reader so that you will be an the topic should be sent to the instructor in active participant. Most classes, there may be advance of the assigned topic date for suggested websites to visit to assist you in discussion. Students will be able to indicate gaining a better understanding of a particular topic preferences prior to being assigned a week’s topic(s). The class includes students with specific subject matter. interests in advertising from varying Individual Projects COURSE DESCRIPTION To familiarize students with digital media. This objective will be reached be exposing students to the current body of knowledge of digital media in the area of advertising, to go beyond advertising basics of copy and layout and to develop a broader, fuller Attention can’t be understanding and appreciation of the creative advertising process. In addition, students of this course will be able to analyze, bought anymore. it evaluate, and write POVs that explore phenomena related to digital media. has to be earned. The objectives of this class will be primarily COURSE OBJECTIVES achieved using a discussion-group format in the The objectives for this course are (1) to context of the case method approach to familiarize students with digital media and its learning. Class discussions will be guided by a role in advertising, (2) to introduce students to combination of topic-specific lectures, assigned the process for gathering and analyzing readings, and (when possible) guest speakers information that will be used to make digital that contribute to the students’ understanding of Entrepreneurs advertising and integrated marketing the elements of digital media. Students will be they are the trailblazers communication decisions, (3) to give students encouraged to demonstrate their understanding of digital media. get to the opportunity to apply digital media know them. If you don’t of the course material though a variety of knowledge through skill-based exercises. At the have an entreneurial mind evaluative measures including but not limited to conclusion of the course, students will have an you’ve already lost in the his/her contribution in class discussions, understanding of a selection of available digital individual written assignments, team exercises, new world of digital media it’s advertising. MY MANTRAS the semester, theABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR media channels and how to select the right and oral presentations. Googles World. THE LAST PAGE There will two individual project During class will assignments that will be completed during theContent is in a collaborative project that will use 1) participate King. ‣Digital Marketer ADV 4310 channel for specific marketing communication We just live in Expectations BOOM. needs. semester. Details about each assignment Especially media and skills learned during the in will be digital in today’s ‣Started University of South it. world. Traditional given later in the semester. The assignments will semester. Students will be given an opportunity Florida BLACKBOARD 2) You can’t buy focus on actively participating in digital media Advertising COURSE FORMAT Check Blackboard regularly, if not daily. I MATERIALS: Advertising is a business You almost made it through the entire syllabus. attention anymore. It preferences. Learning to indicate team member ‣Love Detailed Tuesday 6:20 – 9:05 use Blackboard for distribution of class Groundswell through content creation (e.g. Becoming a needs to be earned.the assignment will be given. instructions about ‣Love Twitter, Star CIS 3012 that specializes in By Charlene Li & Josh Bernoff communication. Successful Check out the Schedule below for extra Karma. mayor on foursquare, creation of a twitter 3) We trust each other Wars, Soccer, advertising practitioners account, etc.). Students will be able to indicate than brands. more Baseball, and Gators EVALUATION TOPIC TOPIC are foremost both passionate and persistent individuals. area of interests and preference through a class (a.k.a. Grading Policy) [1] [2] Many have a natural talent [3] discussion prior to the commencement of the and affinity for “thinking” 1.Digital Course Intro 11.WOM / Viral Write-Up 8 projects. It will be your responsibility to meet like an advertising Media Overview Marketing SME: 9&10 Individual Write-ups / Blogs deadlines promptly. Any missed deadlines on professional. Most have to work extremely hard to keep 2.ZMOT Write-Up 1 10.Guest Write-Up 9 Individual Write-ups will be assigned on a these projects will result in a subtraction of 2 up in a business that Why Digital Speaker: Kris SME: 11&12 week-to-week basis depending on the class points per day. evolves almost daily. Analysis Media? Solberg discussion topic and guest speakers. Details Your SME Presentation including class Learning never ends. Community Due #zapstrong You are going to be about each write-up will be given throughout the discussion, research and presentation skills will Manager challenged like never semester. count for 10% of you grade – worth 10 points. before: This is going to be Analysis of Course Material Write-ups including those for guest a very fast-paced class, 3.Project Write-Up 2 11.Building a Write-Up extremely rigorous, and you Re:Brief Website / Mobile 10 There will be a complete Analysis of the speakers will be due at the beginning of class will need at least ten hours SME: 13 Groundswell. The main objectives of this the following week. Combined, the write-ups will outside of class each week Responsibilities. The SRR policy can be found at analysis is (1) to present a synthesis of the main be worth 26 points or 26% of your grade. The to complete projects. 4.Groundswell Write-Up 3 12.Field Trip or Project #2 ideas presented in the books; (2) to offer your Criteria and format for write-ups will be SME: 1&2 Guest Speaker: due If you can’t spend the time, TBD knowledgeable opinion of the authors’ ideas; (3) discussed in class. then don’t even consider to propose conclusions about the significance of An analysis of the course materials will taking this class: no 5. Search Write-Up 4 13.Guest Guest the book’s subject matter as applied to the count for 14% of your grade – worth 14 points. shortcuts, no slacking off. Engines / SME: 3&4 Speaker: Lauren Speaker world of advertising. Criteria for grading your analysis will be Adwords Opelt Write-up Team Project explained at a later date. Email Marketing Guru the Follow the Syllabus and In-Class Instructions to finish the course like a boss. 6.Email Write-Up 5 14.Field Trip or Guest groundswell is Marketing SME: 5&6 Guest Speaker: Speaker CONTINGENCY PLANS STUDENT BEHAVIOR TBD Write-up a permanent In the event of an emergency, it may be necessary for USF to The School of Mass Communications has a zero tolerance policy shift. 7.Frontline: Write-Up 6 15.Last Day of Guest suspend normal operations. During this time, USF may opt to regarding students who are under the influence of alcohol or Digital Nation SME: 7&8 Classes Speaker continue delivery of instruction through methods that include drugs while in mass communications classes or labs. If Write-up but are not limited to: Blackboard, Elluminate, Skype, and digital is a alcohol or drug use is detected by a faculty member or by a 8.Basics of Write-Up 7 16.Finals Week FINAL TEAM email messaging and/or an alternate schedule. It’s the channel. don’t student who reports such behavior to the faculty member, Social Media PROJECT responsibility of the student to monitor Blackboard sites for the faculty member will refer the matter immediately to be intimidated. PRESO each class for course specific communication, and the main Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. The SRR USF, college, and department websites, emails, and MoBull policy can be found at messages for important general information. id=88. BLOGS TO FOLLOW MASHABLE ALL THINGS D EMARKETER AD AGE DIGITAL Stuff you should know • Facebook Get ahead of the curve • Create a Twitter HANGOUTS • Twitter • Have a Blog @ericritter • Google+ • Polish your LinkedIn Tumblr Define your Online Brand The Leader Info overload Stats galore Ad Relevant • • @USFDigitalMedia • Instagram • Know what ZMOT is Foursquare Figure out Reddit http:// http:// http:// http:// • • skype: crazymainzer • Wordpress www.emarketer. Email com/Articles channel/ • Need to reach me? • ZMOT digital/20 • MySpace? Check out one of my Hangouts to the right.ENGAGING AT ALL LEVELS. [4] [6] [7]IT’S ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS.
  6. 6. thank you!@ericritter