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In Act Developers Platform


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In Act Developers Platform

  1. 1. InAct Developers Platform Eris Ristemena
  2. 2. Vision To empower developers to integrate their application related to project tracking/management into InAct
  3. 3. Benefits • Promotion • Scaling New features that we couldn’t foreseen • Giving more options User can choose to install only features they need • Efficiency Fewer in house developer involved. We can concentrate more on core system
  4. 4. Point of Integration • Modules Additional module inside our system • Addons/Plugins Smaller than module. Used to add new functionality into the existing modules. Example: mp3/video player for document library or notification by sms for document routing, etc. • Third party tools Using InAct data/functionality outside the system by using XML/JSON over HTTP (REST/SOAP). Reference: Facebook Connect
  5. 5. API Model • PHP API – Mainly used for module or addon development where it is deeply integrated to InAct system – User need to upload the code into our server. We can create web based installation to make it easy for user. Reference: Wordpress plugins or themes. – Example: <?PHP require_once “InAct.php” $person = new Person(); $email = $person -> getEmail(); • Javascript API – Mainly used for third party tools development – Using JSON for data interchange format – Includes our javascript library into third party application. Reference: Google MAP API – Example: <script type=“text/javascript” src=“”></script> <script type=“text/javascript”> var email = inact.person.getEmail(); </script>
  6. 6. Preparation • Code improvement • Documentation • Promotion
  7. 7. Preparation Code Improvement • Clean up. Remove any “APD only” codes • Separation between HTML and Javascript (progressive enhancement) • More Object Oriented Approach. Remove any redundancy code. More reusable! • Optimize in speed and response time. More PHP and Javascript benchmarking. • Testing suite (PHPUnit) • Versioning System (SVN)
  8. 8. Preparation Documentation • Code Documentation (PHPDoc) • API Documentation • Developer Guide
  9. 9. Preparation Promotion • Website for developer (WIKI) • Outsourcing modules/addons development • Create developer community, for starter we can embrace some SV’s to develop modules/addons for us
  10. 10. Challenge • Human Resource (not again!) – Technical writer – Programmer: system developer, front end engineer – Network engineer – Marketing (??) • Time (see point 1) • Core system maturity • Infrastructure (web server, bandwidth)