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SumitomoBlack Ant ID Pestech 2014


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Argentine ant is one of the most invasive species but only found in the temperate Southern states. PIA key is a useful tool (as it the Sumitomo pocket guide, available on the stand).

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SumitomoBlack Ant ID Pestech 2014

  1. 1. What black ant is that? Pestec 2014
  2. 2. ID Features •2 – 2.5mm •Single, raised petiole •White “feet” •Shiny, black gaster •Single nest •Single queen
  3. 3. ID Features •2.5 – 3.0mm •No raised petiole •White “feet” •Black / Brown gaster with hairs •Multi-nest •50% inter-castes (female reproductives)
  4. 4. ID Features •4.0 – 4.5mm •Heart shaped gaster •Gaster can be raised through 180O •Large nests •Many multi-queen species •Species vary in colour
  5. 5. ID Features •1.3 - 1.5mm •White gaster and legs •Multi-nest •Multi-queen
  6. 6. ID Features •6.0mm •Fast moving and aggressive •Compound eyes in middle of head •Colour varies by species •Multi-nest •Multi-queen
  7. 7. ID Features •5.0 – 7.0mm •Irridescent green / purple colour •Aggressive with painful sting •Tend to forage in sunshine •Single nest / Multi-queen •Queens similar to workers, often forage)
  8. 8. So can you tell the difference?
  9. 9. Black House Ant Argentine Ant White-footed Ant •Single raised petiole •Shiny black gaster •White feet •Single raised petiole •Uniform dull, brown colour •No petiole •Erect hairs on large gaster •White feet Pacific Invasive Ant Key (PIAKey)
  10. 10. Thank you Don’t forget to pick up your ant pocket guide from our stand