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Android Bluetooth Introduction

* Android Bluetooth architecture
* Related source code
* Init Bluetooth
* Connect with other BT devices (dbus)
* OBEX (socket)

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Android Bluetooth Introduction

  1. 1. Android Bluetooth Introduction Erin Yueh 2009/06/26    
  2. 2. Agenda ● Android Bluetooth architecture ● Related source code ● Init Bluetooth  ● Connect with other BT devices (dbus) ● RFCOMM ● OBEX (socket)    
  3. 3. Android architecture    
  4. 4. The diagram above offers a library-oriented   view of the Bluetooth stack.  
  5. 5.    
  6. 6. Related source code ● Bluez 3.36 (user space and kernel) ­ /mydroid/externel/bluez ­ /mydroid/kernel/drivers/bluetooth ­ /mydroid/kernel/net/bluetooth ● Android app framework (java & c++) ­ /mydroid/frameworks/base/core/jni/android_bluetooth_*.cpp  ­ /mydroid/frameworks/base/core/java/android/bluetooth/*.java ­ /mydroid/frameworks/base/services/java/com/android/server/ (SystemServer) ● Android UI application  ­ /mydroid/packages/apps/Phone/src/com/android/phone/ (Phone App) ­ /mydroid/packages/apps/Settings/src/com/android/settings/bluetooth/ (Settings App)    
  7. 7. Init Bluetooth  ● /root/init.rc  mkdir /data/misc/hcid (store device info) service dbus /system/bin/dbus­daemon service hcid /system/bin/hcid (disabled) service hfag /system/bin/sdptool add ­­channel=10 HFAG (handsfree, disabled, one shot) service hsag /system/bin/sdptool add ­­channel=11 HSAG (headset, disabled, one shot) ● /root/init.trout.rc service hciattach (disabled)  ● system server decice BT power On or Off from settings value start related services    
  8. 8. ddms: dalvik debug monitor I.    
  9. 9. ddms: dalvik debug monitor II.    
  10. 10. Bluetooth headset Music player + Dialer     
  11. 11. Connect with other BT devices ● Bluez: hcid daemon ● dbus-daemon: connections between hcid and system server ● D-Bus is a simple inter-process communication (IPC) system for software applications to communicate with one another. ● dbus-daemon is the D-Bus message bus daemon. D-Bus is first a library that provides one-to-one communication between any two applications; dbus-daemon is an application that uses this library to implement a message bus daemon. Multiple programs connect to the message bus daemon and can exchange messages with one another. ● debug utility: d-feet, dbus-monitor, dbus-send    
  12. 12. BlueZ D­Bus Architecture     
  13. 13. D­Feet: D­Bus viewer and debugger    
  14. 14. Dbus­send: send a message to a message  bus    
  15. 15. Scan nearby BT devices in Android ● Bluez utility: hcitool scan ● DiscoverDevices: bluez/util/hcid/dbus­api.txt This method starts the device discovery procedure. This includes an inquiry  procedure and remote device name resolving. On start up this process will  generate a DiscoveryStarted signal and then return DeviceFound singals. If the  procedure has been finished an DiscoveryCompleted signal will be sent. ● Source code: android_server_BluetoothDeviceService.cpp /* Compose the command */ msg = dbus_message_new_method_call(BLUEZ_DBUS_BASE_IFC, nat­>adapter,  DBUS_CLASS_NAME, "DiscoverDevices"); /* Send the command. */ reply = dbus_connection_send_with_reply_and_block(nat­>conn, msg, ­1, &err);    
  16. 16. Signals    
  17. 17. How to pair with a BT device? I. Register  Passkey Agent    
  18. 18. II. Request PIN code    
  19. 19. RFCOMM (Radio Frequency  Communication) ● The Bluetooth protocol RFCOMM is a simple set of  transport protocols. ● RFCOMM is sometimes called Serial Port Emulation.  ● The Bluetooth Serial Port Profile is based on this protocol. ● In the protocol stack, RFCOMM is bound to L2CAP ● RFCOMM provides a simple reliable data stream to the  user, similar to TCP. It is used directly by many telephony  related profiles as a carrier for AT commands    
  20. 20. Send AT commands via bluetooth ● Connect with Nokia N73 phone ● > sdptool browse 00:18:C5:42:18:78 ● > sudo rfcomm connect 0 00:18:C5:42:18:78 2 ● minicom ● > AT ● > AT+CGMR ● > AT+CGMI    
  21. 21. OBEX (Object EXchange) ● a communications  protocol that  facilitates the  exchange of binary  objects between  devices. ● in the protocol stack,  OBEX is bound to  RFCOMM    
  22. 22. SOCKET  ● UNIX socket  (AF_BLUETOOTH) ● inter­process  communication  ● like Internet socket recv() send() ● client­server    
  23. 23. Receive files via BT in Android ● openobex + obexpushd   ● Run an OBEX data server in Android ● > obexpushd ● listen RFCOMM connections ● File permission    
  24. 24. Send files via BT in Android ● Openobex + obexftp ● Connect to a RFCOMM connection ● > obex_test ­b BTADDR CHANNEL ● > obexftp ­b BTADDR ­B CHANNEL ­­list    
  25. 25. Thank You!