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Denver Dumb Friends League Client Showcase


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Denver Dumb Friends League Client Showcase

  1. 1. Blackbaud Denver Summit September 10, 2013 By Rick Gabrielson, Kristin Snow, & Jenny Herron
  2. 2. Introductions • Rick Gabrielson, Vice President of Development & Communications • Kristin Snow, Director of Communications • Jenny Herren, Marketing Technology Manager
  3. 3. About the Dumb Friends League • 103 years of service to animals and people in the metro Denver area • Private organization, reliant on donations • Two shelters for homeless pets and pet-related programs; one equine center for abused and neglected horses and other equine • 4-star rating on Charity Navigator
  4. 4. Our Mission & Our Website OUR MISSION The Dumb Friends League is committed to the welfare of animals: • We shall provide shelter and care for animals • We shall provide programs and services that enhance the bond between animals and people • We shall be advocates for animals – speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves OUR WEBSITE The role of the Dumb Friends League website is to: • Promote adoptions of the animals in our care • Enable donations so that we can provide programs and services for pets and people • Encourage involvement as a volunteer, fundraiser and advocate for animals
  5. 5. Our Current Website
  6. 6. Audiences & Engagement: Adopters 35 options under Adopt
  7. 7. Audiences & Engagement: Donors 13 options under Ways to Give, plus two Donate buttons and a slide to donate through an event
  8. 8. Audiences & Engagement: Volunteers/Activists 9 options under Volunteer
  9. 9. Audiences & Engagement: Programs & Services
  10. 10. Goals & Reasons for Redesign Increase adoptions, donations and engaged community members through: – Overall usability – Clearer calls to action – Less and better content – Modern look/functionality – Responsive design
  11. 11. Clearer Calls to Action by Audience
  12. 12. Measuring Functional Success • Functional Success through growth –Increase in online donations –Housefile growth –Traffic to the website: increase in unique visits
  13. 13. Online Fundraising Strategies • Acquisition – Appeals - All acquisition fundraising appeals include a custom URL to a donation landing page – Contest - We run a calendar contest through our website to acquire new donors and grow our housefile – Welcome series - Constituents signing up for email communications through the website receive a three part welcome series: welcome, educate, ask – TeamRaiser - Peer to peer fundraising through personal fundraising and Dumb Friends League events using TeamRaiser on our website • Retention – Stewardship - Thank you and stewardship emails acknowledging their support showing them how it’s helped our mission and the animals – Segmentation – Communications based on constituent preference and giving level – Multichannel opportunities - Ease of giving through multiple channels: mail, website and mobile – Multiple choices of opportunities - Offering donors multiple ways to give: one-time, monthly giving, memorial and tributes
  14. 14. Online & Offline Fundraising: a Complementary Relationship • Direct mail – Custom URL to a donation landing page – An email follow-up appeal approximately two weeks after the mailing drops – Slide or button on our website homepage • Events – Print collateral such as posters, brochures and newsletters include the URL to the event website to make it easy to register or donate
  15. 15. Online Giving Trends Planned Giving Special Projects Major Donors Annual Giving Direct Mail & Special Events Moving patrons up the giving pyramid Largest percentage of online fundraising • Major donors becoming more comfortable with donating online • Monthly donors are increasing
  16. 16. Online Revenue History • Luminate Online revenue for fiscal year 2013 – Percentage of overall revenue 19.3% (includes events) – Three-year average growth of 20%
  17. 17. Wag ‘n Trail: Fundraising in Douglas County • September event • Glendale Farm Open Space north of Castle Rock • Benefits the Buddy Center • Attracts more than 1,500 animal lovers • Last year, donations totaled $138,845
  18. 18. Email Strategy • Integrated with and complementary to all other efforts within detailed marketing campaigns. • Combines the following: – Calendared appeals – Welcome series, newsletters and other cultivation & stewardship communications – On-demand (urgent appeal) efforts – Event-related communications split between potential and committed participants • Strategic messaging and segmentation based on user preferences and campaign goals • Measurement of outcomes – Open rates – Clickthrough rate – Response rate – New constituents to the housefile
  19. 19. Integrated Marketing Strategy Email and direct mail marketing Free media coverage (TV & radio) Free online & print publications & articles Paid advertising in online & print publications, and on radio Website content & social media To support our programs, we use integrated marketing for all of our campaigns to combines free, and in-house efforts with paid marketing outreaches. We use outside expertise when needed to complement our knowledge and staff talent.