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Revenuenorth sparks-3-21-13


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Erin Sparks recently gave a presentation at the Revenue North Business Summit on March 21st, 2013. Topics covered were SEO issues that you need to attend to and possible violations, Social SEO, Mobile SEO, Links and Authorship.

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Revenuenorth sparks-3-21-13

  1. 1. What you Don’t Know WILL Hurt You
  2. 2. A local indianapolis internet marketing AgencySite Strategics is a internet marketing andsocial media management company that notonly helps business owners look good on theInternet, but also uses proven methodologiesto ensure you come to top positions on majorsearch engines.Site Strategics curtails its business toIndianapolis, Indiana – but also worksnationwide.
  3. 3. Early adoptersmo day yr 08 20 04Site Strategics was established in 2004, with aprimary focus on web site development for SEARCHOPTIsmall, medium and large businesses in Indiana MIZATIONthat not only were appealing designs, but SEARCHMArkfocused on Success! eting SOCIALMANAWe pride ourselves on our ability to manage theintricate balance between marketing strategies, GEMENT LOCALOPTIMImedia vehicle selection, campaign management,creative thinking and application. ZATION WEBDEVELOPAll areas are carefully considered to maximize MENTyour advertising effort. CONTENTMA RKETING
  4. 4. THE DUDE You know me Erin Sparks is the owner and president of Site Strategics, a company he founded in 2004 that specializes in high-end Web services for small, mid-sized and large businesses in a format and language they can afford and understand. The company’s goal is to not only help its clients look good on the Web but to also help them be found by potential customers. Professional skillsERIN 93SPARKS 83 80 65 65 60Senior SEOCONSULTANT SEO DESIGN CODING SEM SOCIAL RADIO VOICE
  5. 5. We love it – every week  PODCASTS, VIDEOS :WWW.EDGEOFTHEWEDRADIO.COM every
  6. 6. What we do• 15% Lead-to-Customer Close through Search Engine Optimization (SEO] based on Hubspot, March 2012, State of Inbound Marketing.• 61% of internet users globally do research for online products and additionally there are 44% of these online shoppers started shopping using a search engine stated by Interconnected World: • 66.8% search market share, Google is still the leading search Shopping and Personal Finance, 2012. engine based on comscore stat last June 2012. • 94% of searchers click on organic results, wherein about 68% of these organic clicks went to the top THREE results research from GroupM UK and Nielsen
  8. 8. www.companydomainname. comSEO Influencers : CLEAN UP YOUR OWN backyard first INbound How the Internet validates 30% your site Inbound Marketing & Content Marketing Direct Factors : Engagement 15% Everything that is happening outside of your site, but in Direct Factors of Social your control 25% & Brand Engagement Structure Logical Order, Categorizing Site Structure & Code Compliance (W3C) 30% On SITE / PAGE FActors On Site / On Page Factors Coding, Content, Complaince From the inside out
  9. 9. Clean that stuff up a b c d e f g h HTML (THE BASICS) THIN CONTENT QUALITY CONTENT STUFFING SITE STRUCTURE CLOAKING CRAWL DUPLICATE CONTENTOn-Site SEO consists of a layers of work, almost a topography-type look at your site, and anunderstanding of our the engines look at your site. I want to make you aware of the areas to adjust andthe issues to avoid.
  10. 10. Page structure 0 Meta TagsURL 0 2 1 0 Page 3 TitlePage Heading H1 - 0 4H2 0Internal Link 5 0 Body Content 6
  11. 11. ENHANCE THE POSITIVES Do HTML title tags Are URLs short & contain contain meaningful keywords relevant to keywords to page page topics? topics?HTML (THE BASICS) SITE STRUCTURE Are pages well written & Can search engines have easily "crawl" pages on substantial quality site? content?QUALITY CONTENT CRAWL
  12. 12. AVOID THE NEGATIVES Is content "thin" or Do you show search "shallow" & engines lacking substance? different pages than humans?THIN CONTENT CLOAKING Have you created many Do you excessively use pages and used content words you from other sections of want pages to be found (oh boy) other sites? for? STUFFING DUPLICATE CONTENT
  13. 13. QUALITYMaking Website More Efficient –Efficiency is what defines SEO, and without which yourtraffic and ranking will suffer from instability or otherundesirable outcome. One best way to acquire andmaintain efficiency of your optimization, you must alwaysfocus on what the search engine requires, or those whichit directs you to follow as provided in the currentupdates. And because the algorithm now prefers “qualitycontents” that are highly beneficial to the users orsearches, and then the on-page optimization is really thebest choice today.
  14. 14.
  15. 15. MobileWeb
  16. 16. WHERE YOUR CUSTOMER ISResponsive web design (RWD) is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewingexperience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range ofdevices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).Mashable called 2013 the Year of Responsive Web Design
  17. 17. WHERE YOUR CUSTOMER ISMarch 18th Article US homes nowhold over 500mInternet-connecteddevices with apps, at anaverage of 5.7 perhousehold.
  18. 18. The bounceBounce rate• Although this may not be the most talked about component of SEO, bounce rate it is still very important to your rankings. Search engines take note if a user clicks on your website and immediately returns to the search engine page. To search engines, this means that the user did not find what they were looking for and, worse, your site may not be the best option to rank high for that term.• If your mobile site does not include all of the content from your desktop site users may become frustrated when trying to find something that does not exist on their device. If you do not have a site optimized for mobile viewing users are more likely to leave and return to the search engine to find a site that is easy to read and navigate on their screen size.
  19. 19. Best practicesBest practices on mobile • Sites first, apps later!. Apps are limited in their reach, while sites will drive traffic. 50% of consumers would not recommend a business with a bad mobile site, while 40%SEO said they would use a competing business if it provided a better mobile experience.• Responsive web design. Considered industry best • Researching your mobile audience. Prior to creating your practice and is recommended by Google. This includes mobile site, it is imperative to understand the wants and needs using CSS media queries for device rendering, and using of whom you are trying to reach. uniformed HTML across all devices. • Optimize your mobile content. Mobile users are often on the go and do not have the same goals as those sitting• Maximise Site Speed. A faster site will provide a better behind a computer. Create custom mobile content to give mobile user experience. researchers exactly what are looking for.• Separate mobile URLs. Fair game, and do not actually • Accessible desktop pages to mobile searchers. Point blank: affect organic search traffic, nor weaken your “link juice” An unreachable desktop page is unusable to mobile as mobile users may have different needs to desktop searchers. users and thus need different copy messaging.
  21. 21. www.companydomainname. com SOCIAL SIGNALS In June of 2012, SearchMetrics put out research showing the correlation between social activity’s and search rankings in Google. The study showed that activity from Facebook and Twitter correlates very strongly with high rankings in Google. The study looked at Google+, but at the time Google+ was less than a year old. Since then, Google has placed significant emphasis on their homegrown social network, and I’m sure this year’s study will reflect that.From those findings, and our own intuition, weconclude there are four social networks searchengines rely on for their signals:Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Not for kids anymore
  22. 22. Best practicesBest practices on • Use Brand Names in Posts URLs that match search terms have a built in advantage for high SEO rankings on that search. This same principle willSOCIAL SEO apply to the words you use in your social media posts, so be sure to use the brand names of your company and your• Link From Your Homepage products when posting for maximum effect. It can’t be as simple as linking from your homepage, can • Create CONTENT That is Easy to Share it? Actually, it can because search engine algorithms Low quality content stands no chance of getting shared. Ever. absolutely value these links when scoring Because it offers no substance. People dont share content that Despite this reality, 6 of the top 20 most searched for is bad. They share content that is topical. They share content Retail brands did not have any sort of social media that is informative. They share content that is opinionated, funny, controversial or educational. So if sharability integration on their homepages. is one of your goals, start thinking about how you are going to create content that oozes substance. Answer difficult questions. Linking from your home page and using your brand Break a story. Solve customer problems. name in the link will have immediate impact.
  23. 23. Links
  24. 24. www.companydomainname. com KNOW THY LINKS• A study by Portent, an Internet marketing company, shows that Google’s tolerance of spammy links to trigger a Penguin algorithm ranking drop has declined by 30% since the Penguin algorithm launched.• The study shows that of the 500,000 links found, Google has been steadily reducing its tolerance for webspam. Now, Google is likely to penalize sites with as little as 50 percent suspicious links in their link profiles, whereas 80 percent was required when Penguin first launched. YOUR online credit score
  25. 25. RESOURCESKnow what your linkprofile is
  26. 26. RESOURCESKnow what your linkprofile is
  30. 30.
  31. 31. authorshipFIRST, GOOGLE, OFFICIALLY, HATESANONYMITYGoogle Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, made someheadlines recently:"Within search results, information tied to verified onlineprofiles will be ranked higher than content without suchverification, which will result in most users naturally clickingon the top (verified) results. The true cost of remaininganonymous, then, might be irrelevance." Its no longer a matter of if Author Rank will be widely implemented; its only a matter of when. As even AJ Kohn, outspoken web marketer, states: "Author Rank could be more disruptive than all of the Panda updates combined." So how does one prepare for the inevitable change?
  32. 32.
  33. 33. authorshipYou are not an author unless Google says you are.You have to play by the rules: Googles rules.You can establish your authorship now.Add your Google+ profile to your WordPressaccount. www.companydomainname.
  34. 34. authorship SATURDAY, MARCH 23rd at 3pmA Subject Knowledge Base?Is Bing perhaps building a knowledge base ofpeople, so that it can, in turn, link people or subjectimages back to stories? Perhaps. AJ Kohn exploresthis more in his Bing People Snippets post. It could bethat Bing is trying to extract and apply this type ofintelligence.
  35. 35. Give Usa Shout!
  36. 36. www.companydomainname. com LOVE TO TALK
  37. 37. WHERE WE ARESite Strategics goal is to bring high-end Web services to small and mid-sized business owners in a formatand language they can afford and understand. The Indianapolis company’s goal is to not only help itsclients look good on the Web but to also help them be found by potential customers. 3725 East Southport Road Suite D Indianapolis, IN 46227 +1 317 882 8500