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  • This campaign is built around the idea of street style. Which by definition is any offbeat or avant-garde fashion inspired by contemporary culture of urban street people. In which people on the street are photographed for their expressive and creative style.
  • The digital campaign target  16-23 year old men an women who are driven by urban culture. In essence the “cool or aspiring cool kids”.
  • Street Jeans is a spin off of the  trendy popular street style approach to everyday fashion photography. The campaign in a nutshell is will be people will be encouraged to take pictures of themselves outdoors while wearing a Levi product. The picture will then be uploaded on to instagram and or twitter, pintrest with the hash tag #Street Jeans.
  • Targeted communication: To reach our target market to encourage them to participate we must first promote the campaign through various marketing tactics including both digital as well as traditional. For digital we would use web banners, ads, emails, and integration on the actual landing page for Levi. For traditional tactics we would include a handout you would receive in the Levi store that qr code or more modern equivalent along with the hashtag that would take you to the corresponding landing page for the campaign. Content Distribution: Most of the content will be distributed through social media and the customized landing page. The full detailed instructions for the campaign will be found on the landing page along with the handout you will receive in the store. Most of the implantation of the interactive campaign will through social media platforms.
  • Facebook: Levi will create a group/ organization page the target can get more information and can gain awareness. Also links to the landing page will be found here as well as featured people who are in the lead in “likes” Twitter: Used to monitor hashtags and since instagram has the feature to also post to twitter track uploaded photos popularity through retweets. Also Levi will create a twitter acct specifically used to promote campaign. Pintrest: Levi will create a pin board where the target can pin pictures using the hashtag. Instagram: The target will upload pictures using the hashtag. Levi will create an instagram to monitor the hashtag along with reposting the hashtagged uploads to gain likes. Blogger: Levi will create a Blog where they will post weekly updates on whose in the lead.
  • The chosen winners will be able to have their own avant gaurde/ personal flair in choosing the outfits for the shoot. They will be the face of Levi for the month following their win. The shoots/ spreads will double as a nation wide ad campaign also. 
  • Digital Marketing SEM 25%-30% SEO 8%-10% SoLoMo 3%-5% Mobile Website & Marketing 5%-8% Email Marketing 2%-4% Remarketing & Retargeting 4%-8% Reputation Management 2%-3% Website Re-Design+ CMS Technology Upgrade 15-25% Consulting & Campaign Management 8%-10% Web Analytics & Campaign Tracking 2%-3% Website Operations 2%-3 $20 Billion Traditional Marketing print-media advertising Extended campaign $20 Billion
  • Erin newby

    1. 1. BrandTarget AudienceObjectiveChallenge Digital Marketing Campaign: “Street Dreams” Erin Newby
    2. 2. brand Levicampaign “Street Jeans”target audience 16-23 year olds in an urban settingobjective To have a more consumer involved digital campaign which associates fun and social media synonymously with Levi.
    3. 3. big ideaBrandCampaignTarget AudienceObjective
    4. 4. target
    5. 5. campaign campaign #streetjeansBrandCampaignTarget AudienceObjective
    6. 6. strategy ContentTargeted Communication Content Distribution Brand Campaign Target Audience Objective
    7. 7. tactics Social MediaBrandCampaignTarget AudienceObjective
    8. 8. continuing the campaign
    9. 9. budget$40 billion
    10. 10. Thank You!