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Communities and Big Data


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Published in: Technology
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Communities and Big Data

  1. 1. Erin Robinson Information and Virtual Community Director Communities and Big Data
  2. 2. Moving into the Social Era “We need to use business models that will allow connected humans with shared interests and goals to work together and to produce returns” -Nilofer Merchant, 11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era
  3. 3. The ESIP Federation is A broad-based, distributed community of Earth science data and information technology practitioners
  4. 4. The ESIP Federation is A broad-based, distributed community of Earth science data and information technology practitioners
  5. 5. Community Platform Platform: A powerful ecosystem that scales, morphs and incorporates new features “planks”, [community members]. -Phil Simon, The Age of the Platform
  6. 6. ESIP Transforms Earth Science ESIP provides community coordination to support interoperability at the data, systems, humans and organizations level.
  7. 7. ESIP Platform Right Level of Networking?
  8. 8. ESIP Planks – Single Community Coordination ESIP Hub List-servs Wiki Web Conference
  9. 9. Prototypical Virtual Workspace Purpose Product/Outcome Discussion Resources History
  10. 10. Wiki Workspaces •The wiki workspace is an example of the right amount of networking. •The circle emphasizes that people are entering, participating and leaving the space as interested or needed. •Wiki workspaces act as an archive of both the product and the artifacts needed to create it. Therefore collaboration can span the time dimension
  11. 11. Community Data Sharing - „DataSpaces‟ Catalog - Find Dataset Describe Dataset Discuss Dataset Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) • Semantic Wiki: Structured (RDF and Unstructured Content • Open, Standard Metadata - RDF • Ready for Export/Harvesting by Registries, Catalogs
  12. 12. Workspace Best Practices •Collect distributed, but very related content and provide context •Workspaces can be easily set up and evolve for the group needs •The open nature of the wiki allows unanticipated contributions •Provides rich archive of artifacts: discussion, resources and process the group took as well as the outcome •Allow new users to easily enter the group and see the evolution of the space
  13. 13. ESIP Planks – Passive Coordination ESIP Hub List- servs Wiki Meetings Social Media
  14. 14. Social Media and Air Quality
  15. 15. Social Listening •Listening to the social media chatter about your brand, industry and competition. •Create the search •Subscribe to alert
  16. 16. Air Twitter Using the consolidated Air Quality(AQ) Social Media stream, Air Twitter has two „listening‟ goals: •Identify AQ Events from the background AQ chatter •Identify public concerns about AQ
  17. 17. Air Twitter Aggregator RSS Feeds Air Twitter Filter ESIPAQWG Social Media Listening for Air Quality
  18. 18. Air Twitter – Event Identification August 2009, Los Angeles Fires Normal Weekly Trend
  19. 19. Earth Observations
  20. 20. Air Quality EventSpaces EventSpaces are community workspaces on the ESIP wiki that are created to describe the Event Science Data Social Media This collection of resources is tweeted through the @ESIPAQWG twitter account every 10 tweets to encourage citizen participation and engagement
  21. 21. Google Analytics Results: August LA Fires
  22. 22. 580 Views Google Analytics Results: August LA Fires
  23. 23. Google Analytics Results: August LA Fires
  24. 24. ESIP Planks – Cross-Community Coordination ESIP Hub List-servs Wiki Meetings Web Conference Social Media ESIP Commons Email Marketing
  25. 25. ESIP Monday Updates
  26. 26. ESIP Monday Updates
  27. 27. ESIP Commons for Hybrid Meetings Pre-Meeting: - Sessions are developed and scheduled - Posters are submitted digitally During Meeting: -- Remote participation details are linked from rooms -- Notes are captured in the ESIP Commons -- Files are linked to the session pages Post-Meeting: -- Leaders and presenters get credit through citations -- Proceedings is automatically generated with all material
  28. 28. Conclusion & Key Take-Aways • Don‟t overdo the technology • Make collaboration work for your “day job” • What few things need to be the same, so that everything else can be different?
  29. 29. Thanks! Created using Wordle.. @ESIPFed On the Web -