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WELL Explains: Kiss Sugar "Bye-Bye"!


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WELL Explains: Kiss Sugar "Bye-Bye"!

  1. 1. well EXPLAINS:
  2. 2. Sugar, Sugar!● Sugar by any other name, still too sweet● How we love thee & why● The Pseudonyms ... where sugar hides● A brief word about the fake guys● Eating around the obstacle● Youve got the POWER!● 30 Days, day-by-day● Bonus: The Holidays
  3. 3. How we love thee...● Increases your fat storage● Disrupts normal brain function● Decreases general health● Speeds up the aging process● Slows immune system reaction time● Affects behavior (especially in the little ones)● Fuzzy focus & trouble concentrating● Puts you on an energy roller coaster● … and it can wreck your skin! (Gasp!)
  4. 4. The Many Names:●Barley malt ●Dextrose ●Icing sugar ●Treacle●Beet sugar ●Diastatic malt ●Invert sugar ●Turbinado sugar●Brown sugar ●Diatase ●Lactose ●Yellow sugar●Buttered syrup ●Ethyl maltol ●Maltodextrin ●Raisin syrup●Cane juice ●Fructose ●Maltose ●Apple Sugar ●Fruit juice ●Malt syrup ●Amasakecrystals●Cane sugar ●Fruit juice ●Maple syrup ●Barbados sugar●Caramel concentrate ●Molasses ●Carbitol●Corn syrup ●Galactose ●Muscovado sugar ●Glucose ●Panocha●Corn syrup solids Sugar, sugar ●Glucose solids ●Raw sugar●Confectioner’s everywhere! Read ●Golden sugar ●Refiner’s syrupsugar your labels & be a ●Golden syrup ●Rice syrup●Carob syrup nutrition warrior!●Castor sugar ●Grape sugar ●Sorbitol●Date sugar ●High-fructose ●Sorghum syrup●Demerara sugar corn syrup ●Sucrose●Dextran ●Honey ●Sugar
  5. 5. The Fake StuffJust say “no thanks” to the following:
  6. 6. Our Eating Environment● It starts with our mouths● Go au naturel● A little bit of the real thing● The office...● At home● On the road & out for dinner● Add it up for a day● Sugar: The Bitter Truth, by Dr. Lustig,
  7. 7. 100% in ControlWe can pass on dessert, we don’t need to buya candy bar, we can drink water or teainstead of soda, but the choice is ours tomake.Also many like to call it an “addiction”. This= giving up on personal power of choice.While sugar can have “addictive like”qualities, it’s not something that you own oris a part of you.
  8. 8. A Little Challenge● Day 1: Clear the cupboard● Day 3-4: One tiny thing● One Week: Please dont kill anyone● Two Weeks: Over the hump!● One Month: 30 days?? I did it! Moving on...
  9. 9. The HOLIDAYS!● Alcohol = SUGAR!● Cookies & that new wardrobe● When in doubt, find water● Bring your own treats● Burn the calories● Eat your greens first● Come to party, not eat● Throw your own party!
  10. 10. Need a Plan?Coaching is available! Start before yournew year & receive 10% off a 12 week or6 month package!Try a WELL Cleanse package to re-boot your diet or find more energy.Tweet with erin @WELLinLA or askquestions via Facebook!