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WELL Explains: Do You Dare Detox?

7 days? 21 days? Lemon? Cayenne Pepper? There are so many complicated and not-so-healthy ways to detox - do you dare try one? Take 45 minutes out of your busy schedule to learn if a detox diet is for you and which works best for your lifestyle. Prep for those 2012 resolutions andbe ready with a plan that is both safe and effective.

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WELL Explains: Do You Dare Detox?

  1. 1. well EXPLAINS:Do You Dare Detox?
  2. 2. Ahem... the Basics, First● Detox & Cleanse defined● Your Body: One rockin detox machine● Lets talk about the elephant in the room● Radical change … (nope!)● Detox & cleanse a little each day● The plans, how theyre ranked● A sample 3-day plan + shopping list● Attendee discount (woo-hoo!)
  3. 3. Detox Components● A detox diet is a short-term diet, 3-21 days, focused on removing toxins● A detox diet... ● allows our bodies to focus on self-healing ● increased energy levels ● stimulates digestive health & rid bloating ● clears headaches, improves concentration ● avoid getting allergies ● wards off colds and flu ● prevents premature aging and disease
  4. 4. The Detox Qs● Do you often feel tired or sluggish?● Is it difficult to focus or concentrate?● Are you prone to catching colds?● (be honest!) Hows your breath?● Do you feel stuffy or congested?● Are dark circles common for you?● Allergies? Got em (seasonal or routine?)?● Is acne a problem?● Do you feel bloated or puffy?● Bowel movements? Once a day or less?
  5. 5. What Is Your Goal?● Lose weight?● Clear skin problems?● Have more energy?● Find out if you have food sensitivities?● Re-set your dietary patterns & behaviors?● Clean up after a period of not eating well?Be clear on what it is you want from thisexperience before you begin for the bestresults.
  6. 6. Determine the Duration● Three Days? Five Days? 21 Days?● Weekends, or whenever you have 2-3 days away from work are a great place to begin – low stress and the ability to focus● Transition in and out of a detox. Take 1-2 days of simplified eating, 3-4 days of detoxing + herbal supports, 1-2 days of simple eating again.
  7. 7. Create a Routine● Routine & planning is critical to yoursuccess!●Find a plan you like and map as much outas possible before you begin; set reminders;adhere to a schedule.● Brainstorm how you will handle socialsituations – eating out, parties, etc.● Integrate time for low-key physical activity● Try a mind-body medicine – yoga,acupuncture, massage, meditation
  8. 8. Eliminate Barriers● Check your environment before you begin● What will enable you to be successful?● What are the barriers you might face?● Who can you consult with questions?● Who will be your support system or cheerleader?
  9. 9. Detox Tips● Pick the best season for detoxing● Other forms of detox (like your house!)● Exercise & the cleanse● Feeling icky? Crappy? Thats kinda normal● Drink lots o water!● Pricey supplements … no thanks!● Getting back to normal● If there are ANY concerns, please, please, please talk to your doctor
  10. 10. REVIVERecommended Duration 6 weeks/42 days – broken into weekly phases: Nourish; Move; Adapt; Release; Balance; Sustain Dietary Style Take a good hard look at all the things around you – clean up your kitchen, learn to enjoy your food and stock your kitchen with healthy foods. Its more about learning to live with good food choices versus a strict diet. Think of it as a detox for the too-busy person. Focus / Goal Eradicate all the things in life that are depleting you of energy – engaging in practices that help you to slow down, detoxify your body, replenish your energy levels and restore your body. Recipes Theres the list of SUPERFOODS recommended by Dr. Lipman followed by his recipes for whipping them into meals. His meal plan includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans & legumes, f sh, poultry & meat, eggs & dairy substitutes (yup... these go bye- i bye!), herbs, vinegar and a few specialty items. Over 30 pages of recipes. The Plan The book is broken into “42 digestible days”; each day you will be removing and adding things, noting how you feel. There is plenty of advance notice for things you may need to purchase, activities to engage in and when to begin adding foods (heads up for shopping).Other Recommendations My favorite take-away from this book was GET YOUR ELECTRONICS … at the very least your cell phone – OUT OF YOUR BEDROOM! Give your brain, eyes... your whole body time to wind down at night. There are stretches & exercises included in the book. Author Credentials Dr. Frank Lipman: Board certif ed internal medicine physician; studied complementary i therapies and founded Eleven Eleven Wellness, where he practices integrative medicine which blends medical practice, modern-day science and traditional, complementary healing.
  11. 11. CLEANRecommended Duration One, Two or Three Week Cleanses – its your choice in terms of duration; the optimal recommendation is 21 days (three weeks) Dietary Style Smoothies and whole grains for breakfast; soups and salads for lunch; “solid” meals in the evening that include meats. There is a time component to the cleanse, with meals, drinks and supplements spaced at intervals throughout your day. Focus / Goal Remove – Restore – Rejuvenate; Dr. Junger includes practices for exfoliating the body, like dry brushing and hot/cold plunge showers. The end goal is to extricate yourself from the SAD diet (the Standard American Diet). Recipes Smoothies, smoothies, smoothies! And green juice recipes. There are also “how-tos” for making coconut and basic nut milk – again ridding yourself of dairy products during the cleanse. Soups, salads and “21 Solid Meals” round out the selections. The intent is to focus on organic foods of all kinds, as well. The Plan The Doctor REALLY wants you to understand whats going on with your body. Over 190 pages are devoted to explaining how toxins affect your health, arming you with knowledge before you create the plan. You have to come up with the combinations week by week (theres a cheat sheet on GOOP I used for the plan).Other Recommendations Meditate and exercise – the calorie count on this detox plan never dips low or asks you to discontinue your regimen. Dr. Junger also brings up the idea of “Quantum Detoxif cation: Cleaning the mind.” i Author Credentials Dr. Alejandro Junger: an Eastern medicine specialist, cardiologist, and head of the Integrative Medicine program at Lenox Hill Hospital. He also practices at New York City’s renowned Eleven Eleven Wellness Center, directed by Dr. Frank Lipman.
  12. 12. Crazy Sexy DietRecommended Duration 21 days... Labeled as an “Adventure Cleanse” Dietary Style Vegan and Raw. This is not for the faint of heart. Focus / Goal Kris wants you to live a crazy, sexy life and fully mean it. Her writing, style and presentation are infectious. Her story is inspiring. Even if you arent on board with raw or vegan diets, she presents information in a way that makes you energized and ready to own your health and your life. Recipes Juices and Smoothies; Soups, salads and dressings; Asian- and Mexican- inspired main dishes, like Nori Rolls, Raw Peanut Noodles, Southwest Black Bean Burger and Mexican Pilaf – bold f avors f lled with herbs and spices. l i The Plan Let Kris be your guide through 21 days that include re-learning ways to eat, think and view the world around you. The f rst few days are very structured; the structure and i support wanes as the days and weeks continue. The Prayers and God Pod Maintenance are guidance for your mental and physical state.Other Recommendations Learn about balancing your alkalinity and kicking sweets good-bye once and for all. Kris has rounded up a cadre of experts to f ll in the science pieces of her book. Its a dream i team of holistic nutrition and integrative medicine all wrapped in her tone and style. Author Credentials Kris Carr is a former model, author, motivational speaker, wellness coach and is has battled cancer with conventional and holistic measures. She lectures on holistic healing around the country and has several documentaries and television appearances.
  13. 13. Raw Food Detox DietRecommended Duration This is broken into phases, so that you can stay where you need to or progress quickly – there are f ve phases total in RFDD. You begin in the pre-stages by making your way i through 5 Steps, followed by your transition level. Think independent study course with a few suggestions at each step and stage. Dietary Style The eventual goal is a mostly raw diet that integrates seafood and a moderate amount of cooked food. The approach is to systematically remove foods which Ms. Rose def nes as diff cult for our bodies to digest. i i Focus / Goal Have more energy and make more informed food choices. While eliminating caffeine, processed foods, complex sugars, smoking, and alcohol. Recipes Over 85 recipes in the book provide plenty of options. Vegan and raw recipes are combined with cooked meal options to give you plenty of chances to transition from phase to phase. The Plan Transition to your highest level – the ultimate raw foodie. One very big pro for this plan is that she discusses other areas of your life that may require “detoxing” - your home, organization and relationships. There is also a “real life” guide that helps guide you in social and work settings as you work through the diet plan.Other Recommendations Colonics and enemas are advocated for heavily in RFDD. Some of the meal plans are very low in terms of calories. Food combining and food order is heavily stressed. The ingredients can be easier to f nd than many detox diet plans. i Author Credentials Natalia Rose is a certif ed clinical nutritionist. She has been in private practice for more i than ten years and has also served as the nutrition director for the Elizabeth Arden Spa on Fifth Avenue and the Frederic Fekkai salons and spas.
  14. 14. The Beauty DetoxRecommended Duration There are three phases to the program, however, this was not designed as a three-step plan. You start with the phase that is right for you and progress at your own pace. Dietary Style Vegetarian with a small dash of animal protein allowed. “We are designed to obtain our nutrients from plant food and points out that there is a correlation between animal protein and the incidence of cancer and heart disease” Focus / Goal To clear up your skin by understanding the culprits that are getting in your way. The added bonus of gaining energy by losing a little weight along the way is also frequently discussed by the author and in the testimonials. Recipes Dressings. Wraps. Salads. Soups. Smoothies. Grains (not wheat). A recipe guide accompanies the plan. The Plan The f rst phase helps you adjust to your new alkaline diet and can assist with the i management of candida. In the next phase you start consuming the Glowing Green Smoothie and eat only alkaline foods in the mornings. The f nal phase is when you i begin each morning with Glowing Green Juice and limit your intake of animal products.Other Recommendations Yoga, yoga, yoga, yoga. More deliberate exercise activities are encouraged but are not an essential part of the program. Meditation is a recommended practice along with engaging in other homeopathic therapies. Author Credentials Kimberly Synder: Clinical nutritionist who traveled the world in search of beauty answers and now consults celebrity clientele on how take the best care of their skin and bodies. Snyder is a member of National Association of Nutrition Professionals and The American Association of Nutrition Consultants.
  15. 15. well The Scorecard... B+ B+ B- C B-Factors weighted in the scorecard: Eating out; caffeine & alcohol consumption; expense of the diet;counseling support; exercise recommendations; teaching behavior skills
  16. 16. The Missing Pieces● Support... its difficult to do all ofthese diets on your own!●Substitutions, working with what youhave and not blowing your food budget.●Learning to make the most of whatyou have where you are.
  17. 17. Your Detox Coach!●WELL Cleanses include anassessment, a plan, shopping lists andHUMAN support!●Youre not alone! Group cleansesoffered Spring & Fall (March/Sept).●Tweet with Erin @WELLinLA orask detox/cleanse Qs via Facebook!

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7 days? 21 days? Lemon? Cayenne Pepper? There are so many complicated and not-so-healthy ways to detox - do you dare try one? Take 45 minutes out of your busy schedule to learn if a detox diet is for you and which works best for your lifestyle. Prep for those 2012 resolutions andbe ready with a plan that is both safe and effective.


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