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Classroom Rules Powerpoint Presentation for EDTD 3011 class

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Meeker Pp Presentation

  1. 1.  My name is Ms. Meeker and I will be your instructor for Math I.  Math I is a relatively new course for Georgia High Schools which covers a variety of mathematical subjects.
  2. 2.  “I hear, I forget. I see, I remember. I do, I understand” –Old Chinese Proverb  It is by personal experience and discovery which we learn the most, and thus this course will require participation from all students.  There exists more than a single, correct method for any mathematical. This course will challenge you as a student to visualize concepts in your own terms, and how you understand it.
  3. 3.  Attendance is required.  Tardiness will not be tolerated. Class begins with the bell, so you must be in your assigned seat and ready to participate once the bell rings.  If you miss a day in class, it is your responsibility to acquire missed assignments. All homework assignments will be posted on the classroom website.  I will call roll the first day of class and assign seats which will be filled as assigned for the remainder of the year.
  4. 4.  All homework assignments will be collected on the announced dates.  Missed classes will not excuse late homework as the assignments are posted on the classroom website.  Homework will be accepted up to 3 days after due date at a penalty of 10% of the homework grade per day after due date.
  5. 5.  Make sure you put your name on your homework assignments.  Number all of your problems correctly.  Do all work in pencil! You should not use pen, nor should you turn in typed or photo- copied homework assignments.  When assigned problems from the textbook, the problem should be written out on your paper to turn in as well as your answer, showing all of your work.  Circle your final answer to each problem.
  6. 6.  Courtesy to your fellow students and instructor are expected at all times. Speaking out of turn and over others earns disciplinary action.  Understanding is a blessing, not a trophy. Mockery and ridicule of others will be reprimanded as deemed fit by the instructor.
  7. 7.  Do not interfere with another’s opportunity to learn.  Collaboration is encouraged unless specified otherwise.  Students will refer to and observe the rules and guidelines as presented in the student handbook while in the classroom.
  8. 8.  Although we may not  Any use of cell use textbooks in the phones, pagers, classroom everyday, PDA’s, mp3 players, or students are still other communication responsible for devices in class is bringing all materials forbidden. I will collect to class everyday. any device being  Homework that isn’t used in class and ready to turn in when return it at the end of collected will be the school year. No considered late. (refer exceptions. to late homework policy)
  9. 9. Students will be instructed to calmly stand from their desks, and exit the classroom in a calm manner. Our class will head directly for the flagpole where I will perform a roll call. Any misbehavior will be reported to the school principal.
  10. 10.  Although we will be using a textbook in this class, many concepts will be taught through a carefully selected problem set to further the class’s understanding of mathematical Concepts.  For more information about discovery based learning, refer to the following: 1. ning 2. ence/mahavier1.html
  11. 11.  Students will be responsible for providing their own notebooks, pencils, erasers, calculators, and paper.  Students must use a scientific calculator for this course. Your instructor will provide you with a list of acceptable models.  Other materials such as compasses, protractors, and rulers will be provided for in class use by the instructor.
  12. 12.  This class is divided into 4 grading periods. (2 per semester)  Each grading period will include 1 test worth 40 points, 2 quizzes worth 10 points each, and 8 graded homework assignments worth 5 points each, for a potential total of 100 points per grading period.
  13. 13.  Extra credit will be available for steady classroom participation and on occasion for additional assignments. (When announced by instructor.)  If the student is absent for a test, quiz, or homework assignment, the student is expected to make up/turn in the missed assignment upon return to school.  Cheating, plagiarism, and copying the work of other students is forbidden. Any infractions will result in disciplinary action.
  14. 14. Portions of Total Grade Tests Quizzes Homework For Complete Breakdown per grading period, refer to the Grading Policy.
  15. 15. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! Classroom participation is an easy way to earn Extra Credit! (see extra credit policy)
  16. 16.  Algebra: Functions, Radicals, Polynomials, Quadra tics  Math Vocabulary  Geometry: Line Properties, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Polyh edrons  Problem Solving  Probability
  17. 17.  Free Online Graph paper:  Fun Math Activities:  Google Sketchup:  Online Math Dictionary: ary.html  Free Online Graphing Calculator: /Graph_Calculator/graphCalc.html
  18. 18.  I have passed out index cards for you to fill out. Please do so now.  Include your Name, Birthday, Favorite Subject, Hobbies/Interests, School Clubs/Sports Teams (if any), and 1 fun fact you would like for me to know about you.  Please be as honest as possible while remaining appropriate for the classroom with your responses.
  19. 19. Please raise your hand if you have any questions or concerns about any information in this presentation.