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Thriller films research


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Thriller films research

  2. 2. FILM: TAKENThe film poster reflectsthe dark, thrilling themeof the film. The onlycolour used within theposter is the brightorange title, which alsolinks with the leadactor’s name located atthe top of the poster. Thismakes the film title clearand stand out, while theuse of highlighting thefamous actor’s nameenables the film toattract an audience. Theuse of a black backgroundwith a dimly lit photo of
  3. 3. FILM: INCEPTIONSimilar to the poster forTaken, this Inception posteruses a bold colour for thefilm title in order to makeit stand out. The posteralso uses plugs as a sellingpoint such as the leadactor’s name (LeonardoDicaprio) as well asincluding the selling point“From the director of TheDark Knight”. This gives theaudience an idea of what thefilm will be like andencourages them to see it.By including a tagline “Yourmind is the crime scene”, the
  4. 4. FILM: SHUTTER ISLANDThis poster fro thrillerfilm Shutter Island hasused many features withinits poster in order toattract an audience andadvertise the film. Theblack and white effectacross the poster reflectsthe dark nature of thefilm. This is furtheremphasised by the smalltagline across the starringactor’s face, giving theaudience an idea of thefilm’s purpose andstoryline. Similar to the