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Hand Drawn Storyboard Draft

  1. 1. Storyboard Draft
  2. 2. Hand Drawn Draft On the right are two photos of my first hand drawn draft of my trailer storyboard. I created these by hand in order to get an accurate idea of what I would like to see in each shot. Underneath, I have also written details such as editing and camera shot features, helping to imagine how the trailer would look as a film. I have also taken closer pictures of each shot which can be found on this presentation.
  3. 3. The picture below shows ideas for the first two shots of our horror trailer. The first shot pictures a black screen with the white bold writing of the trailer's production company. This helps to introduce the trailer, preparing the audience for what they are about to see. I have also written underneath, that there should be faint music played in the background. This sets the scene for the trailer, as well as building tension. The second potential shot for the trailer shows a two shot of the two main characters of the film. A track camera could also be used to show the two friends walking together. This scene establishes the relationship between the characters for the audience, introducing them to the storyline. By combining this scene with light, positive non diegetic music, it would reflect the positive beginning of the film, allowing for a greater dramatic changes as the plot continues.
  4. 4. For the third shot, one idea was that the second friend (the one who dies) gives the other girl necklaces with “Best Friends” written on them. This is also the potential title for our film. A close up on the necklaces would reveal the film title as well as build up the importance of the friendship to this character. The inclusion of this prop would mean that we would have to purchase our own necklaces to use in our trailer. However they would play a key part in our film as the prop is also featured on an idea for our film poster. This would link the differing advertisements together within the promotional package.
  5. 5. After, the shot of the necklaces being given, an extreme close up shot could be used to give a clearer image of the necklaces and the title to the viewer. The fifth shot shows a close up of an oncoming car. This would be combined with the diegetic sound effect of a screeching sound as well as a girl’s scream for added effect. This scene could be difficult and perhaps dangerous to film. However this can be overcome by zooming in on the car so that it is not too close to the camera and those filming. We could also speed up the scene in the editing of our trailer so that during the filming. The car would not have to drive at speed.
  6. 6. The next scene would show an establishing shot of a graveyard taken from a high angle. This would be combined with non diegetic music that reflects the sad theme. This scene would display the result of the oncoming car in the previous scene. These scenes could be blended with a fade transition between them for dramatic effect.
  7. 7. The first image displays a wide shot moving into an over the shoulder shot showing the friend visiting the grave of her best friend. After this, it could be effective to dissolve into the next shot of an extreme close up of the girl’s eye as she cries. This could all be combined with sad music to emphasise how upset the girl is.
  8. 8. This is a draft idea of a two shot of the girl and her new best friend following the death of the previous girl. This introduces the key problem f the film within the trailer. To clearly translate this to the audience, it could be combined with music to add suspense. A non-diegetic voiceover could also be used to explain the trouble that this friendship will cause.
  9. 9. These two shots show an over the shoulder or point of view shot of the first friend being haunted by her dead best friend. These second scene would be a short take in order to make the audience jump. I have also thought about mise en scenes, using make up on our “dead” actress in order to create her injuries from the car crash as well as make her look dead. This second shot should be combined with high pitched, scary music in order to shock ad scare the viewer.
  10. 10. This final shot would simply display the film title as well as the release date so the audience know when they can see the film. The white text would stand out on the black background, fitting in with the dark, horror theme of the film.