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EdTech 503
Job Posting
Fall 2009

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Id job posting

  1. 1. INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN SPECIALIST Employment Status: Full-Time Location: Main Campus Hours per Week: 32+ Weekly Schedule: Monday - Thursday, 8-4 Weeks per Year:52 Position Description: Instructional Designis a function within the Department of Instructional Technology. This is a campus resource that fosters partnerships among faculty, administrative staff and technology professionals by providing expert guidance and assistance on using technology in support of teaching and research. The department seeksan individual with outstanding consultation and communication expertise,knowledge of several hardware and software platforms, and the ability to understand and implement new technologies quickly to meet program goals. This person will work as part of a team of educational technology colleagues and will play a leadershiprole in assisting faculty with the design, development, and execution of teaching and learning with technology. The Instructional Design Specialist dutiesinclude: * Providing instructional consultations for faculty throughout the school, as well as course and curriculum design support for individual faculty membersand programs; * Works closely with other department project teams on the design of educational applications and programs, often managing the project and sometimes participatingas an active project contributor; * Develops educational materials and provides training sessionsfor faculty on the use of new technology for teaching and learning; * Contributes to the design and implementationof faculty development courses throughout the year and has responsibility for publishing development resources through print and online media; * Researches current trends in teaching,learning, and assessment in higher education; * Engages in continuous learning about new educational technologies and shares information withcolleagues through workshops, presentations,and publications.
  2. 2. Basic Requirements: This position requires a Master's degreein Educational Technology, or a related field. The selected candidate must possess a minimum of 3 years of experience working with faculty in higher education as an instructional designer with technology. They must have knowledge and skills with current educational technologies and feel comfortable with learningand teaching faculty to use these new technologies as they emerge. Candidate must show demonstrated skill with basic functional applications, such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software. Candidate must have worked with web-based educational and collaboration tools. Comprehensive understanding of instructional development, preferably with experience assisting faculty in designof effective online and hybrid instructional modules, courses, and programs is also required. The Instructional Design Specialist must possess excellent written and oral communication skills,with the ability to communicate technical concepts to non- technical individuals. Strong editing skills are required. The Candidate must have experience with a demonstrated track record of researching trendsand best practices in higher education teaching,learning, and assessment and associated technologies. Preferred Qualifications:Prior teaching experience in higher education is preferred. Demonstrated ability to design and implement faculty development programs in educational technology is highly encouraged. Grant-writing experience and/or experience assisting faculty withwriting of grants to integrate technology into teaching and learning contexts is a desired ability. If you are interested in this position, please contact the school human resources office at (xxx)xxx-xxxx. You may also apply online at 1&APath= 1&APath=
  3. 3. 1. What are teachers expected to do that instructional designers are not? 2. What are instructional designers expected to do that teachers are not? 3. If you had to summarize the difference between a teacher and an instructional designer, how might you do this in 40 words or less? (being sure to highlight the strengths of both)