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EdTech 505
Evaluation of Activity
Summer 2010

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY Evaluation of Activity 2nd Grade Presidential Wax Museum Ed Tech 505 Erin C. Markus 8/1/2010 Thisreportwas createdby ErinMarkus, whois a Masters of Educational TechnologystudentatBoise State University. The evaluationreportwillbe submittedtothe Principal of Trilogy ElementarySchool, locatedinRedmond,WA.
  2. 2. Abstract Trilogy ElementarySchool islocatedinthe foothillsabove Redmond,WA andisa part of the Lake WashingtonSchool District.The school isa fine andperformingartsmagnetschool that encompassesmanyacademicprogramsthatpromote the learningof the arts,includinginstrumental and vocal music,drama,arts and crafts, andliterature. The school consistsof Kindergartenthrough SixthGrade,eachgrade consistingof 3-4 classroomsof students. The total populationof the school is 485, withan average of 18 studentsperclass. The evaluationthathasbeencompleted hasbeen requestedbythe Principal of Trilogy Elementary,CindyAtkinson. The activitythathasbeenevaluatedis the 2nd Grade PresidentialWax Museumlearningactivity. Thisactivityisapart of the Unitof Instruction aboutthe Presidentsof the UnitedStates. The activityhasbeenusedforthe last3 yearsat the school. The evaluationwascompletedutilizingdatacollectedfromthe 2nd grade teachersand students,aswell as a reviewof planningmaterials. A simple surveywasgiventothe studentstocomplete afterthe activitywascompleted,aswell as amore complex surveyforthe teachersregardingthe planning, procedures,materials,andassessmentsusedinthe activity. Testingoutcomeswere notincludedinthis evaluation. Thisevaluationwasrequestedtoimprove the planningandimplementationprocessof the activity. Aftersurveyswere collected,the resultsshow thatthe activitywasgreatlyenjoyedbyboth teachersandstudents. The planningprocessof the activityappearstobe simple andwithminimal materials,mostof whichare providedbythe students. The studentscomplete the activityontheir own,but the teachersactivelyperform theirownobservationsof studentswhile completingassessment procedures. Priortothe activitytakingplace,the materials,planningstrategies,procedural plans,and assessmenttoolswere evaluatedforconsistency,easeof use,andfulfillmentof unitgoals. All materials were presentedtothe evaluatorinabinderthatisusedby the 2nd grade teamduringtheirplanning process. The materialswere neatlyorganizedandeasytounderstand. Itisimportantthat all materials be easilyaccessibleandusedinthe scenariothata substitute teachercouldmaintainthe flowof the activityif needbe. Overall,all materialsandthe activitywere verywellorganized,unitgoalsare obtainedbythe activity,andteachersandstudentsalike appearedtoenjoyandlearnfromthe activity.
  3. 3. Introduction Program Description The program beingevaluatedisthe PresidentialWax Museumactivitythatisusedbythe 2nd grade at TrilogyElementarySchool inRedmond,WA,asa part of theirUnit of Instructiononthe Presidentsof the UnitedStates. The activitypromoteslearningthe namesof the Presidents,aswellas simple factsabouttheirlives. Because the school isanarts magnetschool,the activityalsoincludesa dramatizationperformedbythe studentsonaPresidentassignedtothemearlyinthe unit. The dramatizationisperformedasawax character comingto life totell a little aboutthemselvesandtheir Presidency. Thisisthe culminatingactivityforthe unit. The primaryobjective of thisactivityistoteach studentsthe names of the Presidents,aswell assimple factsabouttheirlives. The dramatizationwax activitytiesin the publicspeakingandperforming artselementsthatthe school basesmanyof their programson. The activitytakesplace inFebruaryeachyear,whichisthe monthof the PresidentsDay Holiday. Purpose of the Report The evaluationof thisactivitywasrequestedbythe school’sPrincipal,CindyAtkinsonin Septemberof 2009. The primarypurpose of thisformative evaluationistoassistMrs.Atkinsonin determiningthe effectivenessof Presidential Wax Museumactivitybyexaminingthe material, procedure,implementation,andassessmentusedinthisunit. The Principal isevaluatingthe activityto ensure thatmaterialsare adequate,planningisstreamlinedandeasytofollow foranyone,including substitute teachers,andassessmentsare appropriate forthe goalsof the unit.Anotheraspectthatwas addressedduringthe evaluationisthatthe studentsandteachersenjoyedandlearnedfromthe activity. The Principal intendsonthisactivitybeingapart of the curriculumformanyyearsto come. Program Objectives The objectivesof the activitywere createdtofollow the goalsof the Unitof Instruction. The Presidential Wax Museumobjectivesare:  The studentwill become familiarwiththe namesof formerPresidentsof the United States.  The studentwill researchsimple factsabouttheirassignedPresidentusingvarious resources,suchas encyclopedias,books,andthe Internet.  The studentwill recite factsfromtheirownresearchabouta formerPresidentthatthey are assignedbythe teacher.  The studentwill be expectedtomemorizetheirfactsand utilize theirformal speaking voice duringthe presentationpart of the activity.
  4. 4. Program Components The activitywascreatedas a funwayto learnthe namesof formerPresidentsof the United States. The activityhelpsthe childpractice basicresearch skills,memorization,andformal speaking skills. The preparationforthe activitywilltake place inthe child’sclassroom, the school library,andat home. Rehearsalsandpresentationsforthe activitywill be conductedinthe maincommonsareaor gymnasiumof the school,dependingonavailabilityandclasssizes. The classeswill prepare forthe activityfor6 weeksduringtheirSocial Studiesblock. Theywill utilize the school libraryandcomputers for researchduringthistime. Inthe daysprior to the activity,the classeswill rehearse theirwax characters withotherstudentsandtheirteacher. On the day of the activity,the museum will be performedbyone ortwo classesat a time,sootherclassescan tour the “Wax Museum”and viewother students’presentations. Eachsessionwilllast1hour, duringwhichtime other2nd grade classes,other grades,and parentscan viewthe workof everystudent. Evaluation Method Participants The participantsinvolvedinthe evaluationand activityinclude:  2nd Grade classesandtheirteachers  CurriculumSpecialist Both studentsandteachersfromthe 2nd grade participatedinabrief surveyafterthe activity was completed. The evaluationprocedures,aswell asthisreport,were completedbythe curriculum specialist,who performedthe executionof evaluatingthe materials,planning,andimplementationof the activitybyutilizingsurveysof teachersandstudents. Procedures The evaluationprocedure includesasurveythatwascompletedbythe 2nd grade teachersand students. The surveytool usedby the studentswasa simple response questionnaire including“smiley or frowny”facesfor themtocircle as theirresponse tothe questions. The surveycompletedby teacherswasmore in-depthandfocusedmore onthe materials,planning,andproceduresof the activity. The surveyswere giventoteachersandstudentsafterthe activitywascomplete. The teachers and studentsfilledoutthe surveysandreturnedthemtothe curriculumspecialistwithinone weekafter the activitytookplace. Planningandassessmentmaterialswere giventothe evaluatorinabinderto be reviewedandincludedinthe evaluationof the program. Thisinformationwasusedbythe 2nd Grade teamto planand implementthe activity. Data Sources The followingdatasourceswere usedduringthe evaluation: 1. Surveyscompletedbystudents andteachers (Qualitative). 2. PlanningandAssessmentmaterialsreview. Thisreviewwascompletedbythe evaluator (Qualitative).
  5. 5. Results The resultsof the evaluationwillbe showninthree datatables followedbyabrief descriptionof the qualitative datarepresentedbythe table. The firstareathat was evaluatedwasthe planning materialsbinderthatisusedbythe 2nd grade teamduringtheirplanningandimplementationof the activity. The final datacollectionstookplace byutilizingasimple surveyof the studentsthat participatedinthe activityandanothersurveycompletedbythe 2nd grade teachersafterthe activity was completed. Table 1: Reviewof PlanningMaterials Evaluated Area: Yes No N/A Comments: Were the materials organized into one source viewable by all planners? X The planning and assessment materials were very organized and well maintained. My only suggestion is to have a backup copy of the binder in case the main book is lost or damaged. Are the materials easily accessible by all users? X The planning materials are kept in the 2nd grade planning room where all teachers have access to the materials at all times. Do the materials include a detailed list of activity and unit objectives, as well as a summary of state standards for the area of study? X The materials did include detailed lists of activity objectives, as well as a printout of the state Social Studies standards for 2nd Grade. Do the materials include all master copies of printable materials to be used by teachers? X The binder appeared to contain all materials that are used by teachers during the planning and implementation of the activity. Are assessment materials included in the planning materials? X The book does contain the assessment sheet used by teachers during the activity. Do the assessments utilize the objectives of the activity and standards? X The assessment materials are very thorough and assess the objectives and standards for the activity. Can the materials be easily understood and accessed by substitute teachers? X The materials are accessible by anyone who requires access. Directions are very clear and outlined. Does the Principal maintain a copy of the planning materials? X
  6. 6. Interpretationof Table 1 Data Table 1 showsthe resultsof the materialsreview thatwas completedonthe planningand implementationmaterialsusedbythe 2nd grade teachersforthe Presidential Wax Museumactivity. The planningmaterialsare maintainedinabinderthatisavailable toall planningteachers. The binderis keptinthe 2nd grade planningroomand isnot supposedtoleave the room, exceptforuse by administrationortomake copiesinthe copy room. There are no backupcopiesof the bindercontents and thissuggestionwasmade bythe evaluator. The assessmentmaterialsare includedinthe binder and directlyassessthe objectivesof the activity. The assessmentof the activityisbasedonteacher observationsof the studentsperformingtheirPresidentandthe factual datatheyuse in their presentation. The planningmaterialsdoinclude step-by-stepdetailsof the planningprocessandall materialsused. Thisinformationcanbe easilyinterpretedbysubstituteteachersandothersthatneed to viewthem. Table 2: Qualitative StudentSurvey # Survey Question   1 Did you learn the names of the formerPresidents? 51 4 2 Did you learn a lot about your assignedPresident? 49 6 3 Did you learn a lot about other Presidents? 48 8 4 Was the Wax Museumactivity fun? 52 3 5 Did you have fun watching othersperform their Presidents? 45 10 6 Did your teachers helpyour learn about the Presidents? 49 6 7 Was it easyto make your costume? 42 13 8 Do you think 2nd Graders nextyear will have fun doingthis activity? 50 5 Total number of surveyscompleted:55 Interpretationof Table 2 Data Table 2 showsthe resultsof a simple surveythatwascompletedbythe 2nd grade studentsafter the activitywascompleted. The survey questions are designed to assess student attitude about the activity and preparation. The surveywasonly8 questionstokeepitsimple. Lookingatthe data, the studentsrespondedpositivelyandenjoyedthe program. The onlyareathat containeda few negative responseswasaboutmakingcostumes. 24% of the children eitherdidnotenjoymakingcostumes,or they may have hada difficulttime findingmaterialsnecessary. The otherareathat had some unsatisfactoryresultswasaboutwatchingotherstudentsperforming. Thisisnotan atypical resultfor thisage,because theywouldmuchratherbe performingthanwatchingothers.
  7. 7. Table 3: Qualitative TeacherSurvey # Question Agree Neutral Disagree N/A 1 The planningmaterialswere easilyaccessible toall 2nd grade teachersat all times. 4 2 Planningmaterialswere easytofollow andunderstand. 4 3 The materials couldbe easilyunderstoodandusedbya substitute teacher. 3 1 4 Activityobjectiveswere clearlywrittenandinalignment withstate standards. 4 5 Regularplanningmeetingswerebeneficialtothe planningprocess. 3 1 6 Each teacherwas assignedspecifictasksforthe final activity(arrange set-up,sendinvitations, etc.) 4 7 Your studentsdidnothave problemsfindingcostume materialsorprops. 2 2 8 Each teacherparticipatedfullyanddidtheirpartinthe planningprocess. 3 1 9 Your students founditeasytofind informationabout theirPresident. 3 1 10 All materialsnecessaryforstudentresearchwas available eitherinthe classroomorlibrary. 4 11 Administrationwassupportive of the activityand planningprocesses. 3 1 12 The school suppliedall materialsrequiredforthe activity,besidescostumes(AV,chairs,stage,etc.) 4 13 The assessmentof the activitywasappropriate forthe objectives. 2 1 1 14 The assessmentmaterialswere easytounderstandand implementduringthe activity. 4 15 Studentsappearedtobe enjoyingthe activity. 4 Interpretationof Table 3 Data Table 3 data showsthe responsesgivenduringasurveyof the four2nd grade teachersafterthe activitywascomplete. Overall,the responseswerepositive. Duringthe survey,the planningprocess, materials,and assessmentwere addressed. One areathat showedsome negative responseswasabout studentcostumes. The activityrequiresstudentstoweara costume thatrepresentstheirPresident. It appearsthat some studentshaddifficultywiththis. Factorscouldinclude cost,availability,creativity,or non-interest. Further investigation and research may be necessary to identify the improvements that can be made. One area that was splitonthe responseswasthe assessmentappropriateness. Twoof the teachersdidnotfeel the assessment materialswere appropriateforthe activity,sothiswill needtobe addressedwith attentiontothe detailsof the assessmentandobjectives.
  8. 8. Discussion The purpose of thisevaluationistodetermine if the 2nd grade program, Presidential Wax Museum,has a beneficial role inthe curriculumand if itneedstobe improvedinanywayfor future use. The evaluationrevealedthatthe programdoesappeartobe a successful activityandthe studentsreally enjoythe activity. Thisprogramhas beeninplace formanyyearsand the school intendsforitto be a part of the 2nd grade curriculumformanyyears to come. Duringthisevaluation,threespecificareas were focusedon:Materials,Planning,andAssessment. The planningmaterialsare maintainedinabinderinthe 2nd grade planningroomand are accessible toall teachersforuse. According tothe surveyresultssubmittedbythe teachers,the materialswere of beneficial use tothemandwere easilyaccessiblefortheiruse,aswell asuse bya substitute teacher,if necessary. The resultsshowedthatthe teachersdidfeelthe planningmaterials were appropriate forthe successful planningof the activity. The teachershave meetingsthroughout the planningprocessandtheyeachhad theirspecificrolesassignedtothemforthe activityday,such as arrangementof set-up,audio-visual arrangements,sendinginvitations,etc. The surveyfeedbackwas definitelypositive forthe topicof planningandmaterials. Duringthe evaluation,the planningmaterials binderitself wasalsoanalyzedbythe evaluator. The materialswereplacedinanicelyorganizedbinder that includedall materialsnecessaryforthe planningandimplementationof the activity. The resultsof thisreviewof materialswere positive withminimal changesrecommended. Duringthe evaluation,the studentscompletedasimple surveyabouttheirfeelingsaboutthe activity. The surveythatwas completedbystudentsincludedsimple questionsandanswersthatwere shownbythemcirclingeitherasmileyface ora frownyface astheirresponse. The responsesfromthe childrenwere positiveandtheyappearedtoenjoythe activityandlearnedfromit. One areathatthe studentresponseshadsome negative feedbackwasaboutcostumes. Almost24% of the studentsstated that theywere nothappywithputtingcostumestogether. Many studentsseemedtohave difficulty findingorcreatingcostumesforthe activityandthiswas evidentbythese responses. Afterreviewingthe surveysandmaterialsreview,onlyminorweaknesseswere discovered with the activity. The area that had the largestamountof negative responseswascostuming. Forthe activity,studentsare tocome up withcostumesthatrepresenttheirPresident. Because 24% of the studentsand50% of the teachersurveysshoweddissatisfactionwithcostumemaking,thisareawill needtobe addressed. A possiblesuggestionforthe future of thistaskwouldbe to maintaina“bank” of clothesandpropsthat couldbe usedbystudentsthatare havingdifficultycreatingtheirowncostumes. These itemscanbe obtainedbydonationfrompreviousyearsordiscovered atthriftshopsorgarage sales. The otherarea of concern wasin the assessment. Conclusion The “PresidentialWax Museum”activityof the 2nd Grade at TrilogyElementaryisavery successful activitythatisgreatlyanticipatedbyall studentseachyear. The materialsevaluatedandthe surveyscompletedall provideapositive outlookforthisactivity. Itisobviousthatthe teachershave workedveryhardto create thiswonderful activity. Withonlyminoradjustmentstothe materialsand processes thatwere suggestedinthisevaluation,thisactivitywillundoubtedlycontinue foryearsto come.
  9. 9. Project Cost Evaluator Salary: Erin Markus: 3 days x $250/day (on-site) $750.00 Erin Markus: 1 day x $200/day (office day) $200.00 Travel and per Diem: 3 daysx 15-milesR/Tmileage charge $30.00 3 daysx $20 per Diem $60.00 Miscellaneous Copiesandprintfees $45.00 Pre-paidpostage $15.00 Total Cost: $1100.00