Transmedia - a whirlwind tour


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A whirlwind tour into transmedia - examples, tips and insights

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  • Transmedia is about creating universes – new storyworlds
  • Link to:
  • What makes this possible
  • The Turing’s Sunflowers project team. Professor Jonathan Swinton, Computation Biologist came up with the idea and approached Natalie Ireland at MOSI as director of Manchester Science Festival. Science communicator and digital producer, Dr Erinma Ochu, produced the project working with Natalie, Jonathan & a range of other partners.
    These figures show the scope for wider participation in terms of events outside of Greater Manchester. For our next citizen science project, Hooked, we want to better involve other Science Museum Group venues.
  • Lots of schools and growing groups got involved
  • People pledged to grow sunflowers for the experiment around the world in 22 countries.
  • Eastland homes who manage social housing in some of the most deprived parts of Manchester got involved by putting on a residents fun day to decorate their Turing’s Sunflowers float for Pride – if they’d got that number sequence wrong – we’d have known they didn’t understand the maths! People did their own thing – we just encouraged them…
  • The partnership with the BBC meant it was easy to get content straight to news rooms at media city. The results were reported online for example by BBC Manchester and included a selection of the video diaries.
  • Just a few examples of what people did, and not just digital…. Artists’ spear fish were inspired by TS to create a giant baby with a sunflower headress for the day parade
  • Additional partners that put on events, spread the word and supported the project. Key to the social media strategy was the partnership with BBC Outreach… who helped us with the crowdsourcing campaign.
  • Having worked in broadcast and interactive, Erinma worked with Caroline Ward, an assistant producer from BBC Learning who had worked on ‘Britain in a Day’ to extend the concept of crowdsourcing data to crowdsourcing content from participants to help tell the story of the project. Where ‘Britain in a day’ crowdsourced content from around the UK to give an insight into ordinary British Life, The Turing’s Sunflower diaries, crowdsourced content from growers to show and share progress and to crowdsource videos for a 5 minute end of project documentary screened at Manchester Science Festival as part of the Results presentation. Where the call to action for Britain in a Day began in short trails between BBC programmes, Turing’s Sunflowers, call to action kicked off with a BBC One Show 3 minute film. The film was later edited to a 1 minute film, including some of the first diaries and promoted further online.
    A CALL TO ACTION – short video telling people how to get involved & how to film
    Web instructions on how to film and upload to youtube
    Fortnightly questions for people to respond to with a video
    Videos blogged & tweeted
    Final short film that included some of the videos – played at Manchester Science Festival
  • Project development and finding collaborators
  • Funding – building community to watch the story as well as money – innovating -
  • Shared ownership
  • Teliing stories with data – where the innovation will come… to innovate technology and social
    Challenges – who has access and control over that data? Consent important – care data an example of how to get it wrong.
  • On the policymaking front – lance weiler is making inroads – storyteller & experience designer – designing experiences to get a feeling of what its like to live in foster care through a game.
  • Transmedia - a whirlwind tour

    1. 1. Transmedia – a whirlwind tour @erinmaochu Video:
    2. 2. Story is still queen…
    3. 3. Video:
    4. 4. Elements of transmedia Video: 1. Story 2. Story forms 3. Multiple media platforms 4. Unified storyworld 5. Audience Participation 6. Game mechanics 7. Social Experience 8. Different levels of engagement
    5. 5. Catalogue:
    6. 6. Media Reach: 62.8Million User generated content views: (images & video): 124,248 Event attendees: 3046 (80% from Greater Manchester) Email registrations: 28% from Greater Manchester Sunflowers pledged: 12,000 (35% from Greater Manchester) Other Blogs: 40 Countries: data from 7 countries; pledges from 22
    7. 7. Patterns in Nature
    8. 8. What makes music catchy? 1. Story 2. Story forms 3. Multiple media platforms 4. Unified storyworld 5. Audience Participation 6. Game mechanics 7. Social Experience 8. Different levels of engagement
    9. 9.
    10. 10. Music Cognition Group
    11. 11.
    12. 12. Video:
    13. 13. Video: Business plan:
    14. 14. Tools: My bitly bundle:
    15. 15. Stories that change the world…