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Sophie sun

  1. 1. The sunThe sun is a big ball of gas Sophie
  2. 2. This is my diamante poem Birning shining glowingSunspots solerflers gas stars Birning shining glowing Visabel fare away Star
  3. 3. Sun Historythe sun is personified in many mythologies Some people from the greeks called it loan ago thought helios and the romans called it of the sun as a god. sol They did not want the god to be mad with them
  4. 4. How the sun helps peopleWithout the suns heat and energythere would be no life on earth.Sunlight happens to be one of thegreatest healing remedies thatyou can find in natureThe sun ejected two huge solarflares Tuesday,and NASA says thatwe here on earth may notice
  5. 5. How the sun was madeThe sun was born in a vast cloud of gas and around 5 billion yeas agoThe Sun is made out of 70% hydrogen and 28% helium.
  6. 6. DistanceLight from the sun canreach the earth in 8minuets.this is calledthe speed of lightThe sun is nearly 93million miles fromearthThe sun is 875,000miles across
  7. 7. One day Sam and her friend jojoWere walking to sams solar home.While that were walking to samsSolar home, an asteroid fell ontothe sun. Sam and jojo ran backto the park and called jojosmom for help. When jojosmom came,they ran to the asteroidand started to push the asteroidbut it did not help. Jojos momcalled her friend joe who livedon a farm. Jojos mom asked joe if he could bring hisoxen to move the asteroid.
  8. 8. when joe came with hisoxen they hitched his oxento the asteroid and theoxen started to pull theasteroid out of the theirway. when the oxen pulled itout of their way,Sam and jojoran home. when they got home,they asked sams mom forice cream but sams momsaid the freezer was notworking. so sams mom said,if you want ice cream it is1000 degrees. Anyways itwas late at night so samwent to bed and samsdad drove jojo back home.
  9. 9. The next day somethinglanded on the sun. It was analien from a different planet. Hecame out and grabbed Sam. Hetook her away. It looked likehe went to Pluto. There was a house far far away on Pluto. he took Sam in the house. Jojohoped Sam was okay. MeanwhileSam was so scared Sam bit theMartian. The martian saeamedhaaaaaa! Sam ran out of thedoor. Sam stopped. Sam realized that if she
  10. 10. Ran farther she would fall inthe black hole. Sam realizedshe had her phone on her.she called jojoto bring the space shuttle to pluto. when jojo came with the space shuttleJojo picked up Sam and went home. When they got home Sam went to herhome and jojowent to her home. The End
  11. 11.