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Gartner Inc


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Gartner Inc

  1. 1. By Erin Riley - 30090010eBusiness Major Assignment Virtual Presentation
  2. 2.  Leadingresearch and advisory company for information technology in the world 5,000associates, 1,280 research analysts and clients from 85 different countries Provide predictions to organisations to inform and improve their business IT
  3. 3.  Technology Trigger Peak of inflated expectations  Trough of disillusionment  Slope of enlightenment  Plateau of productivity
  4. 4.  First Phase Breakthrough Media and Public Interest
  5. 5.  Second Phase Success Stories
  6. 6.  Third Phase Fail to meet expectations Dissatisfaction
  7. 7.  Fourth Phase Understand benefits and application of technology
  8. 8.  Fifth and finally stage Benefits demonstrated and accepted Mainstream adoption
  9. 9.  Video streaming, voice overs, online university courses and lectures Sits within the slope of enlightenment: