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Introduction powerpoint


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Introduction powerpoint

  1. 1. The Different approaches to teaching spelling in the middle years Introduction and key terms
  2. 2. • Spelling - The act or process of writing words by using the letters conventionally accepted for their formation; orthography (Farlex, 2013). • During the middle students must master the elements of English orthography. • Orthography- refers to alphabetic, writing and spelling system of a language.
  3. 3. How is spelling learnt Spelling is learnt through …. • Phonics- knowledge of the sound of words • Visual cues- how the word looks (shape, length ect… big • Morphemes- how words are constructed from meaningful elements • Etymology- word history and origin (Winch, 2010)
  4. 4. Key terms when teaching and learning spelling • Syntactic- word function knowledge • Semantic- meaning knowledge eg: link between happy and happiness • Vowels- a,e,i,o,u • Consonant- the letters of the alphabet other than the vowels • Homophones- different words that sound the same
  5. 5. When teaching spelling in middle years, teachers should….. • Make spelling instruction engaging and fun • Increase amount of discussion, analysis and thought • Provide explicit instruction and practice with spelling strategies • Increase student awareness and the use of important language patterns • Introduce spelling strategies, rules and resources
  6. 6. • Regularly test students and to find specific problem areas (formal and informal) • Cater for all learning styles and provide strategies to suit all learning styles • Provide a routine or steps that students follow when they cannot spell a word • Incorporate multi-literacies into lessons (power points, interacting whiteboard activities, videos and recordings)
  7. 7. References • Farlex. (2013). The Free Dictionary. Retrieved from • Winch, G &Johnston, R & March, P & Ljungdahl, L & Holliday, M. (2010). Literacy: Reading, Writing and Childeren’s Litereature. Australia & New Zealand: Oxford University Press.