CATALYST Strategic Design Review: Issue 4


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For this issue, I was responsible for writing the article titled "Lessons for the Road" and for partnering with the authors of "Motivating Wellbeing."

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CATALYST Strategic Design Review: Issue 4

  1. 1. Issue 4 I SUMMER 2010 Motivating Wellbeing Minding Your Business: Austria Brooklyn Israel Riding to Wellbeing Chief Culture Officer Designing Wellbeing: Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate.Minding Your Business Motivating Wellbeing Riding to ConfidenceChief Culture Officer: Designing a Culture of Choice From the CATALYST BlogTools for CATALYZING Change CATALYSTS: News from Members and Friends of the Pratt Design Management Program
  2. 2. CATALYST Perspective Table of ContentsThe Director of the Pratt Design Management Program introduces the significance of this issue of CATALYST 1 CATALYST Perspective Designing Wellbeing: Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 4 From the This issue of Catalyst explores the role of strategic design in enabling CATALYST Blog wellbeing and creating life style choices that deepen our sense of aliveness, happiness and creative community. Our contributors help us define well being and demonstrate its design in their own lives and work. 6 CATALYZING the Conversation Why is it important to consider designing wellbeing into our everyday lives and enterprises? We asked our contributors to consider that question and 8 Minding Your Business: Profits that Restore the Planet to explore the meaning of well being in a world where just being can be A conversation with Horst challenging enough. Rechelbacher, founder of Intelligent They took the challenge. Their ideas enrich our understanding of how designing for wellbeing can deepen our experience of life, encourage our relationship with community and connect us in exchange experiences that are 18 Nutrients and Aveda Motivating Wellbeing Re-focus. Re-invent. both rewarding and fun. We are reminded that products, services and spaces An overview of behavioral designed with wellbeing in mind can create mutually satisfying relationships theory and design strategies and between those who create the experience and those who engage in them. how they can influence better behaviors Rejuvenate. We discover in each article that well being can be variously defined, but that it is more than happiness. It includes a feeling of exhilaration, a sense of mastery and control. It is both personal and collective and is enhanced by a 28 CATALYST Voices feeling of belonging and shared commitment to goals. Destination: Wellbeing An introduction to how bicycling can © The Design Wellbeing implies a healthy blend of challenge and readiness mixed with Management Program support confidence in the individual resilience and joy. It is a sense that all systems are “humming away nicely”. It of Pratt Institute, and communities can be designed into the moments of a life, encouraged by the movements of April 2010 the body and enabled by organizations interested in cultivating aliveness. Executive Editor: 38 Chief Culture Officer: What to Expect Designing a Culture of Choice But, not all of our systems are “humming away nicely.” Wellbeing is not a Adam Zoltowski An conversation with Lahav Gil, CATALYST was designed to stimulate constant and availability to the conditions that support it varies across the President and CEO, Kangaroo Design thinking and encourage conversation about boundaries of our world. Lack of wellbeing can create its own boundary. Managing Editor: the role of strategic design in defining Life does not flourish when imagination and appetite go unfed, enthusiasm is Kevin Rorick and developing an economically, socially undernourished and engagement with a living world is not encouraged. Editorial Board: 48 Reflections Piece Lessons for the Road and environmentally sustainable future. We have included numerous external links Strategic design solutions are necessary to deepen happiness, enable a Erin Weber Erin looks back on what she learned in her time throughout the text and in the form of creative economy and improve both our physical and emotional connection to Holly Burns as Executive Editor of CATALYST “related resources” at the end of each article. life. Dante Clemons CATALYST is accompanied by a blog that is Maggie de la Vega our means of continuing the conversation In this issue, we focus on re-inventing and rejuvenating our organizations, our personal lives and our relationship with each other and our world Maren Maier Mary McBride 52 Tools for CATALYZING Change Super Natural Home by Beth Greer between publications. Blog posts are related to, as well as, unique from those in the digital Denise Tahara The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin publication. You can find the CATALYST blog CATALYST is an international dialogue on strategic design sponsored and LEED for Healthcare on our website: published by the graduate program in Design Management at Pratt Institute of Visual Design: Art and Design. Aditi Mukherjee Adam Zoltowski Dr. Mary McBride Director of the Design Management Program at Pratt Institute Kevin Rorick 54 Infographic: Food and Health Direct from, a visual depiction of the The next CATALYST theme will be Illustrations: connections between food, health and government spending. Designing Desire Aditi Mukherjee Please submit article concepts and recommendations for resources to: Editors: Eileen Kiley & Denise Tahara 56 CATALYSTS News from Alumni and Staff of the Pratt Design Management Program.Anke Stohlmann, Richard Green & Diane Ruengsorn Cover Design: Adam Zoltowski 2 Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate 3
  3. 3. From the CATALYST BlogHighlights from the timely and diverse content found at fast or processed foods. What is Interior Design as Strategy hopeful amidst all the bad news, A dialogue on the strategic value of interior though, is the reminder that the design power to change rests within our hands as consumers and by Rene Ng purchasers of these products. However, this is still considering Renovation programs on TV have the issue at a slightly shallow, undoubtedly made the general public more public,” as defined by the National Council The Khan Academy economic level. To observe the use aware of the built environment. However, for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). The Role of Education in Designing of design thinking in this revolution, the time and thought processes behind Through this tenet, a designer will have Wellbeing we must go past the effects, interior design is often left on the cutting applied occupational and safety standards, statistics, even some of the causes room floor leaving the profession hugely including accessibility requirements of by Adam Zoltowski and simply look at what motivates undervalued and decoration mistaken for the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), us to consume these products. design. A wise professor, from Ryerson national and regional fire safety and building I can still remember vividly, in my past life University’s School of Interior Design in codes, and ergonomics. Someone in a as a political science student, a classroom Jamie encourages the use of wheelchair will be able to use the space debate about whether or not education was Toronto, once said, “Interior designers must fresh, unprocessed foods and it a right or a privelege. I’ve always believed also know half of what an architect knows freely. People will be able to make a quick is clear that he is concerned with it to be a right, as it benefits both society and a quarter of what an engineer knows, and unobstructed dash for the exit in the the quality of the ingredients. He and the individual. The idea that education but they get half the pay and a quarter of event of a fire. Employees will not hurt or also reminds us that food is one should be available to all is at the core of the respect.” strain themselves on the job due to poorly of the few things that nourishes designed furniture. The Khan Academy, an open for all online us, connects us to past traditions Interior design or interior architecture, as it school where curious minds from around of our families and culture and is known in Europe, is responsible for most Recognizing that the construction the world can access information and unites communities in unique ways. of the spaces we live, work, and play in. industry is responsible for so much of the lessons on everything under the sun. Khan He challenges us to think not only Everything, from the overall layout of rooms world’s waste, headways are being made Academy, founded by Salman Khan, the of the food we eat in terms of its down to the exact location of the toilet throughout the trade and interior designers recipient of the 2009 Microsoft Tech Award components and preparation, but A Food Revolution also the meaning of it as a human practice paper dispenser, has been thought-out and are in a position to encourage environmental in Education, is a non-profit organization countries the schools are inadequate The Strategic Value of Jamie Oliver’s TED strategically planned by an interior designer sustainability. We can push our engineers with the modest goal of supplying education at best, non-existent at worst. “to inspire families to cook again.” This Wish is at the heart of his strategic thinking, to add value. to use more efficient electrical and to ‘anyone, anywhere’. Khan, an MBA because ultimately what needs to change mechanical systems. We can source more gradute from Harvard, started the online by Giselle Carr local, sustainable, and non-toxic furniture, ’school’ by creating simple math lessons The Khan Academy is a powerful example is not just the label on the food, but human A well-designed space will maximize the equipment, and finishes. We can design on youtube for his cousin who lived abroad. of the use of design because Khan has behavior. His reform of the British school use of real estate through efficient space A few weeks ago, I watched Jamie Oliver’s more beautiful, timeless, and durable Before he knew it, thousands of people successfully developed an organization food system is a testament to the power of planning, incorporate appropriate levels talk on where he stated,“I were accessing his online tutorials. with a strong mission that requires limited this type of behavioral change; my hope is of natural and artificial lighting, and use spaces instead of staying on trend only to wish for your help to create a strong, resources and funds. By using the free that his efforts in America will be met with non-toxic materials. For companies, this demolish and rebuild every five years. To sustainable movement to educate every Education plays a big role in the overall technology provided by youtube, Khan has similar success. means increased employee satisfaction, the public, we are purveyors of things cool child about food, inspire families to cook issue of wellbeing. It has an impact on distributed education lessons to many productivity, and wellbeing. The space and pretty, so we are duly responsible to again and empower people everywhere corners of the globe, a feat that would Other initiatives to transform the can also be considered an extension of a introduce these responsible practices in almost every level and facet of our lives. to fight obesity.” I’ve become a huge fan have cost thousands of dollars ten years experience of food in the education sector, company’s values and identity, translating order for them to become the norm. Interior If we start late in our schooling and of his show and the conversation that it ago. Lessons are also not made with fancy even at the tertiary level, have begun to into teambuilding within, and customer designers can probably tell you where to formal education, it has a ripple effect has sparked within the population. What software, but basic freeware that come with emerge successfully across America. It is loyalty through brand cohesiveness. put the sofa in your tiny condo and select that can last years. Income level disparity has struck me most about Jamie’s Food any PC. For example, he used Microsoft clear that the public is ready for this change, curtains to match, but interior designers between the educated and non-educated Revolution is the social aspect and the Paint to illustrate his cousin’s first lesson. for a myriad of reasons (health is one of Unbeknownst to the masses, an interior are positioned do so much more, for profit, has been clearly documented in recent subtle use of design thinking. The statistics Khan stumbled upon the power of his idea the largest); otherwise Jamie’s show would designer’s job is to “protect and enhance people, and planet. years, showing a correlation between an are staggering as obesity-related diseases by chance, and has used his constraints to not be such a huge success. The challenge the health, life safety, and welfare of the individual’s level of schooling and pay. If are the leading causes of death in America. his advantage in growing the awareness we face now is to rethink and redesign our students fall behind early on, they may Jamie reminds us that during his 20 minute approach to food, so that the policies and spend many years trying to catch up. A and popularity of the Khan Academy. It TED talk, four Americans will die as a result practices currently in place become our ally lack of adequate education programs can is also a sign of the changing times: one of food-related illnesses. The effect this in working toward a healthier population; also adversely affect communities, as poor man can single-handedly reach thousands has had on the new generation of children not just because we have to, but because educational offerings aid in keeping areas through the use of open access internet growing up on processed foods is also we want to. economically depressed. I was lucky to applications. extremely disturbing, as we have “blessed” the newest generation with a shorter have parents who both worked in education; lifespan for the first time in human history. yet, not all families have matriarchs and patriarchs who value education. In some Recent films such as Food, Inc. have depicted the level of artificial and unnatural ingredients used in agriculture, as well as Read more posts on the CATALYST blog at: the national demand and consumption of 4 Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 5
  4. 4. CATALYZING the Conversation An introduction to this theme of CATALYST Strategic Design Review A SNAPSHOT OF GLOBAL WELLBEING togo burundidenmark finland comoros 1%82% norway sierra leone sweden10 HIGHEST richest country: burkino faso 10 LOWEST netherlands The United States WELLBEINGWELLBEING SCORES SCORES costa rica rwanda poorest country: happiest country: Djiibouti Costa Rica niger new zealand 4%62% cambodia australia least happy country: haiti switzerland Zimbabwe benin canada 82% - thriving wellbeing struggling to achieve wellbeing - 0% This infographic depicts the current state of global wellbeing. Regions in green and Wellbeing Indicators yellow are thriving, while those areas in organge and red are struggling. Look for these Based on qualitative surveys, wellbeing is measured by happiness, economic indicators in each prosperity, health (physical and emotional as well as access to basic necessities) article to see how and environmental impact (including carbon footprint). Most important to note, Environmental Economics Health Impact they line up with is that wellbeing is a cumulative result of a number of factors, and cannot be Happy Planet and measured through one aspect of life alone. Gallup’s definition of wellbeing. For more on the survey method and how data is weighted please visit and 6 Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 7
  5. 5. Dr. Mary McBride is the Director of the Design Management program at Pratt Institute where she has been building out the program and teaching in it since 1999. Mary is also a Partner in Strategies Executive Summary: Minding for Planned Change. She, leads their strategic leadership and stewardship practice coaching and facilitating change in individuals As the business world faces and organizations.Horst M. Rechelbacher An Austrian by birth, and son of an herbalist, Horst M. Rechelbacher is an active a crisis point, new ways of doing business Your Busines environmentalist, innovative business leader, author, artist, and organic must be found. Horst Rechelbacher tells us farmer. In 1978, Horst founded Aveda Corporation, a global plant-based about his experiences pioneering two innova- cosmetic company. Nearly two decades later, he sold Aveda to Estee tive and successful sustainable companies in Lauder but remained a consultant until March 2003. Since then, he has focused on a new product paradigm by founding Intelligent Nutrients, the beauty and cosmetics industry, Intelligent a health and beauty product company utilizing 100% food-based Nutrients and Aveda. He explains how his and organic-certified ingredients. Horst is one of the three original crusade to phase out the multiplicity of toxic founders of Business for Social Responsibility, which promotes the PRofits that restore the planet ingredients in cosmetics has led to a new para- idea that businesses have the greatest responsibility and opportunity to provide sustainability to all living species. In his continuing study of digm of products based on food chemistry and plant-based medicine, he collaborates with noted physicians, chemists A conversation with Horst Rechelbacher a new model for business. He shows us that by and pharmacologists, as well as with experts and traditional healers Founder of Intelligent Nutrients and Aveda merging self, community, and environment, we throughout the world. can usher in a new age of enlightened capital- Maren Maier is a graduate of the Design Management Program ism that nurtures wellbeing and creates profits at Pratt, and is currently a Buyer at ABC Carpet & Home, a home Conducted by Dr. Mary McBride, Ph.D and Maren Maier while restoring the planet. furnishings store in New York City. She oversees a department of socially and environmentally responsible home products, entitled ‘ABC Home & Planet’ and she is in charge of transitioning suppliers to more sustainable production processes, while simultaneously educating consumers about the value of conscious consumerism Native to Morocco, the Argan tree is the source for natural, rejuvenating body oilWellbeing Indicators8 Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate. 9
  6. 6. Strategy in MARY “The dark irony is that the COSMETICS: “Nobody tests these Transforming big industries Action is an extremely challenging task. There are so many things we put on our bodies RE-DESIGNING WITH FOOD products and ingredients forHow to Effectively Manage I, Inc. people who say it can’t be done, and then there are to cover our perceived HORST To redesign beauty products, we have to look toxicity or how they affect defects or make ourselves people like you who are at chemistry. What is available to us? I think the Before attempting to us on a cellular level.” doing it. You’ve had amazing solution can be found in food chemistry. By using create a successful successes with Aveda and food as medicine, we can apply the flavors and business venture, ask yourself if you aresuccessfully operating have just launched your new company, Intelligent look better are often toxic.” colors of things like seeds, berries and vegetables. They are intense in color, concentrated and your inner business. Nutrients. What motivates have high antioxidant food values. I call it skin HORST you? and dangerous. The only testing performed on I started Aveda more than 30 years ago and left or lip-delivered nutrition, because it can deliver cosmetics and personal care products are for eye because it was time to reinvent myself. Back Then, lead your inner and skin sensitivity. good things at the same time as you beautify. So, life like you are its then, certified organic products were not available. HORST in a way, you are turning super foods into super Raw material manufacturers promised us natural CEO: That’s exactly why I am doing it, because I know cosmetics. I like to follow traditional formulas and This is unfortunate, because anything that goes ingredients, yet no one told us, for example, that it can be done. I want to show the cosmetics’ then stretch them with my imagination to create » Hold daily meetings on the skin is in the blood seconds later. Any sodium laurel sulfates derived from coconut was industry that it is possible to design a better new aromatic compositions. ingredients absorbed by our skin bypasses the a petrochemical process. We didn’t know product. From their point of view, what I am doing They all have a purpose and » Understand the detoxifying enzymes in our liver, which protect that in those days, and it took us decades with Intelligent Nutrients is absolutely ridiculous. do something of benefit. interdependence of us from toxins in food. That means the harmful later to realize this synthetic process. each department Ultimately, I am trying to go beyond the chemicals that you apply to your skin are more The word natural is very confusing traditional cosmetic pursuit of outer beauty to the toxic and pose greater cancer and other risks, because petrochemicals are » Be a dedicated core elements that compose true beauty, in order than if you ate them.1. also natural. Crude oil is apprentice to your to find the ultimate sense of health and wellbeing. a natural substance organization from earth; it’s MARY » Conduct a weekly MAREN What are the effects of these substances on a mineral oil, It’s interesting, because the official definition but it’s inventory our bodies? of cosmetics goes against the very idea of beautification and health. The American Heritage » Focus on service HORST Dictionary defines ‘cosmetics’ as “something towards all We have evidence of the dangers of heavy superficial that is used to cover up a deficiency stakeholders metals and other hazardous substances on the or defect.” body, some of which are known carcinogens. Dr. not edible » Never lose sight of Samuel Epstein, a professor of Environmental and and extremely the bottom line COSMETICS: TOXIC BEAUTY Occupational Medicine, describes the different toxic, even when types of hazardous substances and their effects refined. Intelligent on the human body in his books. He also lists Nutrients in HORST products that contain these “horrific substances” contrast is based Food chemistry encourages the When we look at the cosmetics industry, we are by category, and the list is endless: shampoos, on hi-tech, nutritional development of really looking at the petrochemical industry. And deodorants, toothpastes, lotions, blushes, eye substances. I hired chemicals and products designed literally to this day, it’s the base of everything that shadows, mascara, lipstick, hairspray, etc. On food chemists to help from the outset makes up a beauty product, including surfactants, average, women use about twenty-five cosmetic me create a new paradigm using ingredients preservatives, lubricants, colorants, packaging, of products, where we utilize that pose no products on a daily basis, and many ingredients MARY hazards to our etc. That needs to be corrected. It’s outdated in these products are not digestible, not even certified organic, nutritional health. This is what recyclable. Babies are even born with cosmetic ingredients to make products you started at The ultimate goal is waste, because it is transferred through the that, when taken internally and Aveda over 30 years ago. Are you not only to design umbilical chord and breast milk. A recent study applied topically, deliver the best benefits to the products safe perfecting the process with Intelligent of 31 brands of lipstick sent to laboratories for body. enough to put in Nutrients? our mouths, but to testing showed 61% contained lead1. Why are we design ones that putting things on our skin that we wouldn’t put in MAREN deliver nutritional value upon our mouths? What is your goal with Intelligent Nutrients? application. Intelligent Nutrients is has achieved MAREN HORST this by integrating How are you redesigning beauty products to fix A favorite food of the Aztecs, organic farmers, AGAVE is high in fructose We are very small, and I want to stay that way. food chemists, and this problem? rather than glucose,which I am focused on small batch production and cosmetic chemists allows it to be absorbed slowly high quality, because to do what I do, you have in the product into the blood stream. development to go the extra mile. I don’t just work with one process. 10 Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate 11
  7. 7. Cosmetics Industry has TOXINS FOUND IN COMMON Women use about 25 cosmetic products on a daily basis, and many ingredients in these products are not digestible or recyclable. “When you look at the legal borrowed a page from the playbook of the tobacco CATALYST ter CATALYST Definition: Pure interpretation of cosmetics, Babies are even born with cosmetic waste, because it is transferred industry by putting profits Sourcing: EVERYDAY through the umbilical chord ahead of public health.”1 A method of and breast milk. There are sourcing materials SKIN PRODUCTS. five main classifications Over ten years later, this is the FDA says it is neither a that ensures of chemicals found in ingredients are beauty products. still the case. 100% organic, not tested on animals, food nor a drug, which means Fortunately, there is a free of synthetic ingredients, and do group called the Organic not exploit workers. that the cosmetics industry is Consumers Association that wants to inform and protect the public. The largely self-regulated.” OCA has tested many personal care products for dioxane, surfactants, two, three or four species. I’ve been studying fragrances for phthalates indigenous plant species for many years, and it’s and other petrochemical ingredients. Intelligent Product Types PRODUCTS FOR INFANTS AND CHILDREN a pharmacopeia. Nutrients recently joined the OCA, Dr. Bronners SOAPS, SHAMPOOS AND DEODORANT and Organic Essence in filing a complaint with HAIR DYES beauty and nail products I travel around the globe to find the best raw the USDA to request a federal investigation into SUNSCREENS AND SUNBLOCKS materials. In doing so, I practice what I call ‘pure misleading organic labeling of personal care NEUROTOXINs womens cosmetics sourcing,’ which ensures that the ingredients Chemicals that have a direct products. Thankfully, the federal courts passed effect on the body’s nervous system. I use are 100% organic, not tested on animals, a ruling in 2005 that stated cosmetics companies ETHYL METHACRYLATE free of synthetic ingredients, and do not exploit METHYL METHACRYLATE must also comply with USDA organic regulations SKIN IRRITANTS workers. This is an enormous challenge for many specifying the exact definition and parameters Chemicals that cause reactions or irritations when applied to the skin. reasons, particularly with organic certification, of the ‘organic’ label, which should help keep HYDROXY ACIDS but we are doing it. To ensure quality, I recently companies from using the word under false TALC PENETRATION ENHANCERS started my own organic farming operation, using pretences. Chemicals that improve the absorption of solar power, electric farm vehicles and purified other ingredients, which poses significant water for irrigation. danger if those ingredients are toxic. BENZYL ALCOHOL MAREN HYDROXY ACIDS In light of these regulatory issues, do you have NANOPARTICLES (MICRO FINE, ULTRAFINE) HORMONE DISRUPTERS I’ve been operating the farm now for six years Chemicals that imitate the effects of natural any words of advice or inspiration for designers BENZOPHENONE- 3 hormones in the body. When mistaken for its own and grow many of the certified organic ETHYL METHACRYLATE and entrepreneurs? GLYCERYL hormones, the body disrupts its natural processes. preservatives for my products. This cuts out the PARABEN PHENOL FORMALDEHYDE RESIN PHTHALATES (DEHP AND DEP BENZOPHENONE-3) middlemen and ultimately allows me to have a METHYL METHACRYLATE OCTYL-METHOXYCINNAMATE (OMC) more holistic understanding of my business. HORST LANOLIN OXYBENZONE We need to redesign, totally redesign everything. BISABOL 4- METHYL-BENZYLIDENE CAMPHOR (4-MBC) If we don’t, we risk becoming collectors of the HYDROXY ACIDS NANOPARTICLES (MICRO FINE, ULTRAFINE) ETHYLENEDIAMINE TETRA-ACETIC ACID (EDTA) TRICLOCARBAN MARY old, paying homage to a system that is broken. DISODIUM EDTA TRICLOSAN What has been your biggest hurdle since starting BENZOPHENONE- 3 Each individual and every organization must Intelligent Nutrients? OCTYL-METHOXYCINNAMATE (OMC) play a part in manifesting a new system of ETHYLENEDIAMINE TETRA-ACETIC ACID (EDTA) SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE ‘enlightened enterprise.’ CARCINOGENS HORST Chemicals that are shown in lab testing to cause cancer. Finding honest suppliers and educated LIMONENE consumers. There are so many companies out CATEARETHS (ETHYLENE OXIDE & DIOXANE) there screaming organic this, natural that, when “We need a new POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL (PEG) (ETHYLENE OXIDE & DIOXANE) LAURETHS in fact their products are not certified. This TALC (TALCUM POWDER) TRIETHANOLAMINE (TEA) (PRECURSOR TO NITROSAMINE) misleads consumers into thinking products are LEAD ACETATE P - PHENYLENEDIAMINE (CARCENOGENIC FOLLOWS OXIDATION) CI DISPERSE BLUE 1 safe. Even though cosmetics use some of the same ingredients that are in drugs and foods, understanding of health, both of which are regulated by the FDA, there a new relationship with D&C RED 33 HC BLUE NO.1 DIETHANOLAMINE & TRIETHANOLAMINE lacks a governmental watchdog. When it takes POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL millions of dollars to reformulate a product or DMDM-HYDNATOIN (PRECURSOR TO FORMALDEHYDE) IMIDAZOLIDINYL UREA QUATERNIUM - 15 change one small ingredient, it is not surprising when large manufacturers look for ways to ourselves, a new respect for wellbeing.” DIAZOLIDINYL UREA (PRECURSOR TO FORMALDEHYDE) cut corners. Senator Edward Kennedy read FD&C RED 40 POLYSORBATES a statement at Senate hearings on the FDA Reform Bill On September 10, 1997 stating: “The12 Re-focus. Re-invent. Rejuvenate 13