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Food presentation


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Published in: Education
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Food presentation

  2. 2. Meg’s ‘final buffet’ at CIT<br />Asian theme ~ 100 guests<br />Menu<br />~<br />Asian rice paper rolls with lime chilli sauce<br />Duck pancakes<br />Sushi and sashimi with soy wasabi <br />Dim Sims<br />Spring rolls with soy and green onion sauce<br />Duck consommé with wontons <br />~<br />Egg noodles with stir-fried vegetables<br />Thai green papaya salad<br />Beef rendang with coconut rice<br />Thai green chicken curry<br />Banana leaf steamed fish<br />Asian greens in oyster sauce<br />~<br />Sticky rice with mango<br />Tropical fruit with lemongrass and kaffir lime sorbet<br />Sago with palm sugar and coconut milk<br />Green Tea ice cream <br />
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  10. 10. Canberra Regional culinary team<br />
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  16. 16. Your Task<br />Hospitality Foundations<br />Week 9 Practical<br />In pairs you will get the following ingredients to make an attractive<br />fruit salad. Think about how you will present and garnish you dish,<br />sketch it on the recipe sheet handed out to you<br />(You will need to write your name on these and hand them back to Meg as you will need them next week) <br />½ Apple<br />½ Banana<br />½ Orange <br />100g Grapes <br />1/8 of a piece of Watermelon<br />1/8 Rockmelon<br />1/8 Honey dew melon <br />1/8 Pineapple <br />2 Strawberries <br />85g Passionfruit pulp or 50g Passionfruit & mango coulis<br />125g Vanilla yoghurt <br />