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WordPress Outsourced


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This presentation will show you the many ways that you can outsource and offload the "work" involved with maintaining and updating your blog.

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WordPress Outsourced

  1. 1. WordPress Outsourced: The New C.O.D.E for Bloggers Erin Blaskie Business Services, ETC
  2. 2. Erin Blaskie – Internet Mktg Strategy
  3. 3. BSETC – Virtual Assistance Firm
  4. 4. Learn About Online Business (Training)
  5. 5. The VA Coach – Virtual Assistance Coaching & Training
  6. 6. My Geeky Side –
  7. 7. What This Session Is... • A discussion around the (sometimes) overwhelming task of blogging and how you can use virtual support to relieve that overwhelm. • An opportunity for you to become excited with the possibility of hiring someone to do everything that you wish you had time for. • A look at the new outsourcing C.O.D.E. for bloggers and how it’s changing people’s involvement with WP. • An opportunity for me to share my Internet Marketing background with all of you as it relates to blogging.
  8. 8. Tell Me About You! • Show of hands: how many in the room are solo practitioners or solopreneurs? • Out of those of you who are solo based business owners, how many of you have assistance for your every day items? • Out of those of you who have support, how many of you enlist a virtual team member versus a local team member?
  9. 9. Debunking the Virtual Assistant Myth We’ll explore together what a VA is and I’ll answer any questions you have around this topic.
  10. 10. What is a Virtual Assistant? • Business owner who provides administrative and technical support to other business owners. • Works from their own home office virtually providing a number of services. • Can work directly for you or for your clients in a private label situation.
  11. 11. Who Uses Virtual Assistants? • Coaches • Authors • Entrepreneurs • Speakers • Solo-Based Business Owners • Large Corporations • Non-Profit Organizations • Entertainment Professionals
  12. 12. Why It’s Cost-Effective • Takes over the tasks that you currently do in your business that do not generate revenue. • Frees up your time to create new product and service ideas which will net a larger profit. • Determine the value of one of your hours and weigh that against the cost of a virtual assistant. Often, the work you outsource is work that has no great value, monetarily speaking, for you.
  13. 13. Tell Me About You! • Show of hands: how many of you currently do all of your blogging activities yourself? • Show of hands: how many of you are blogging in the most efficient way and hitting all possible avenues in a systemized way? • Show of hands: how many of you think you could be earning more with blogging if you had support?
  14. 14. On to the Part Where You Get to Outsource Your Blog Activities... (Generally this is where most entrepreneurs breathe that big sigh of relief!)
  15. 15. The New C.O.D.E. • Anagram stands for: ▫ Content ▫ Other media integration ▫ Design & graphic elements ▫ Efficiency & systems • Fact: Entrepreneurs do not need to be doing all of these blogging functions themselves.
  16. 16. C is for Content • You can outsource the writing of your blog posts. ▫ Have your virtual assistant (VA) research your topics, pull together information and collect it into a neat blog post for you to review. ▫ Have your VA scan popular blogs, online news aggregates and other sites to see what the current and relevant trends are so you can blog accordingly. ▫ A VA can recycle your content from a blog post into an article into an e-course, etc. This will keep content flow fresh.
  17. 17. C is for Content • You can outsource copy-related items. ▫ You can have your virtual assistant organize your blog site page copy so that it flows well. ▫ Your VA can edit & proofread your copy. ▫ A ghostwriter or copywriter (and some virtual assistants) can also write your copy entirely and you simply review & post under your name. ▫ Have your VA add imagery, videos or other supporting materials to your blog copy to give them depth.
  18. 18. O is for Other Media Integration • You can outsource the integration of other social media. ▫ Your VA can Digg, Tweet & Facebook (and others!) your links once they are up on your blog. ▫ They can add your blog’s RSS feed to your Facebook profile. ▫ They can create and add Technorati tags to your blog using Simple Tags plug-in. ▫ The VA can cross-post your podcasts to your blog using a site like Utterz (formerly known as Utterly)
  19. 19. O is for Other Media Integration • You can outsource the integration of other social media: ▫ Your VA can add and configure external plug-ins and widgets to the blog and maintain – Twitter flash plug-in, Blog Talk Radio, Sociable, etc. ▫ Your VA can set up and maintain Feedburner or feed accounts to keep subscribership high. ▫ Your assistant can cross-post your videos from YouTube & Ustream to your blog as posts.
  20. 20. D is for Design & Graphical Elements • You can outsource: ▫ Installation and setup of brand new WP installs. ▫ Template customization and branding. ▫ Your VA can work with your designer to remove you (for the most part) from the equation. ▫ Your VA (depending on their skill set) can design the various things you will need through your time as a WordPress user. Headers, sidebar items, backgrounds, etc.
  21. 21. E is for Efficiency & Systems • You can have a virtual assistant help you: ▫ Become more regular with your blog posts and have an editorial calendar as well. ▫ Take multiple content sources and pre-schedule your blog posts in WP. In addition, pre-schedule Tweets, etc. for other social media sites. ▫ Setup procedures for cross-posting to the various websites you want your content to appear on. ▫ Setup schedules for guest posts or affiliate posts to keep up your passive revenue stream.
  22. 22. E is for Efficiency & Systems: • Common system that we use: ▫ Receive blog post content in Word doc. ▫ We format, proof and schedule in WordPress. ▫ Add images, Technorati tags & all other elements. ▫ Cross-post blog entry to all other media sites. ▫ Digg, Stumble Upon, Tweet & add post to Facebook. ▫ Cross-publish any audio ie: podcasts. ▫ Recycle content for future use ie: article.
  23. 23. The New WP C.O.D.E. • Delegate out... ▫ Content ▫ Other media integration ▫ Design and graphical elements ▫ Efficiency and systems • You’ll see... ▫ More time ▫ Better blog interaction ▫ More website traffic
  24. 24. My Gift to You And it’s not a sales pitch... ;)
  25. 25. The Gift of Time • Delegating is one of the hardest things for entrepreneurs because: ▫ Most don’t think anyone will do it as well as them. ▫ They are afraid to let go of the things they are currently doing in their businesses. ▫ They don’t know of options aside from having someone come into their home office. ▫ The process feels overwhelming. • The good news is... None of the above is true.
  26. 26. The Gift of Time • Delegate out the things that do not produce revenue for you and you’ll be able to focus on income-generating items. • You’ll also have more time to do the things that you love and outsource the rest to someone who is good at those particular things. • Thus, creating the gift of time.
  27. 27. Continuing the Conversation... Because I like new friends and networking with brilliant individuals!
  28. 28. Keep in Touch • Follow me on Twitter - @ErinBlaskie • Visit my website – • E-mail me any questions –
  29. 29. Questions? • Would love to take your questions on outsourcing, delegating, virtual assistance, Internet Marketing, etc.