The Tribes Have Spoken


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A PDF that contains some feedback Erin Blaskie & BSETC (and her other companies) has received.

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The Tribes Have Spoken

  1. 1. The Tribes Have Spoken... This document showcases the feedback we have received over the years. This feedback is entirely from Twitter but we also collect feedback from a variety of other places. If you’ve contributed to this document, I thank you. On Consulting... All consulting is done via ajpape Dang!! If you're a coach/consultant/guru person @erinblaskie is the "help me turn my brain into products" awesomeness machine. Yayyyy! Doing the "just got a super kewl new domain name" dance. Ty @erinblaskie!!!! intuitioneer @ErinBlaskie I think u nailed it with this: quit flailing/spending and find a mentor who is making it work. ajpape Outstanding brainstorming with @erinblaskie today. If you are an ideas person looking for an implementer check her out! libbyred FF @ErinBlaskie a marketing goddess (I put a space by mistake - I know such a rookie) suemiley2 For coaches these are my favorite resources @erinblaskie @milanaleshinsky @larinakase 33photo Working with @erinblaskie on marketing strategy for new clients. We're all excited in the studio. ideadesign_ca awesome chat with @ErinBlaskie - it was like talking to myself! but now i am FIRED UP! Thanks Erin! TinaMBean I agree with @TheMarketingGuy that @ErinBlaskie is a must follow for leadership and marketing excellence SueBates @ErinBlaskie you are a brilliant marketer! I learn so much just WATCHING you. Thanks for the late tweetdeck lesson. @ErinBlaskie WooHOO!! Her calls are so helpful, she got me back on the road! Thanks Erin. loubortone "What I Like About You Wednesdays" I sooo appreciate @ErinBlaskie and her terrific team who assist me w/ web stuff! #wilayw The Tribes Have Spoken – 1
  2. 2. meredithe Thanks @erinblaskie for the great tips on how to make my practice even more productive. Ali4Coach Recommended @ErinBlaskie to @MrTweet 'Erin is an amazing internet marketing "strategist" with a keen instinct on he...' SandraBaptist #FollowFriday @ErinBlaskie Gr8 internet marketing strategist suemiley2 For great internet marketing tips and VA services follow @erinblaskie VirtualRaven #FF #1 @ErinBlaskie OMG-Coaching SuperWoman makes me L.O.V.E. I.T. ( ) she does EVERYTHING: video, radio, blogs, mags jerrywyatt @ErinBlaskie Big "Hat's Off" and Thanks to Erin at who happens to have some excellent content on her site! Jeff_Machado @ErinBlaskie Thanks for following back! You've been an inspiration for me while setting up my Internet Marketing VA Biz. TracyGardner Looking forward to chatting with @ErinBlaskie this week - what an amazing visionary & extrodinary entrepreneur! gjwagner Great strategy conversation w/ @ErinBlaskie. She rocks! Internet strategist/soc-media evangelist! Stay stuff coming in June! LisaLarter @ErinBlaskie wow Erin 25 new followers since we had coffee yesterday, you've got the power!! @ErinBlaskie you are an idea queen! love your passion for all things web marketing, you really get it! AlexisNeely Just off a great call w/ the awesome @erinblaskie re YouTube. Check her channel out here for biz success in 2 min bites ThomasPhotos @ErinBlaskie you are a marketing genius! I'm gonna follow you all over, LOL! The Tribes Have Spoken – 2
  3. 3. On Speaking... Speaking information can be found at pronaz @ErinBlaskie You're welcome :) and the slides were both informative and visually descriptive. I'll look no further for a definition. vajburgess Listening to @ErinBlaskie and Lifestreaming. I think she's nailed it. If you don't know about Erin, visit LOVE her. @ErinBlaskie Hey Erin, I'm just finally getting to listen to your screencast from Wed. LOVING IT!! Secret agent eh? Hahaha mommychick @ErinBlaskie seriously knows her stuff! I learned cutting edge ways to streamline my on-line life! Thanks, Erin! #lswebinar petbizhelper @ErinBlaskie Loved your presentation about lifestream blogging! We need to talk. I need a graphic designer :) kwassistants LOVED the seminar on Lifestreaming by @ErinBlaskie - I'm stoked about trying a lot of these great tips/tricks AWyldfyre Learned more in the last 27 minutes from @erinblaskie than I have in 6 months about how to manage and share info! #lswebinar Thx!! StaceyHylen @erinblaskie thanks for a great interview for my Business Optimizer Group you gave tons of great content!! ajpape @monagrayson I'm so excited u joined us for this, i really love these Friday's w/ @erinblaskie Checkbox_Survey @ErinBlaskie excellent broadcast and thanks to AJ for answering my question, much appreciated!! michelleperrone @ErinBlaskie Hi Erin, listened to ur delegation recording yesterday. It was awesome. wetoku interview with a girl involved in a passionate affair with internet marketing @erinblaskie on lifestreaming + #wcmtl redsole8 @erinblaskie my new fave channel is yours :) watch out Oprah! Loved the ebook thx a mil The Tribes Have Spoken – 3
  4. 4. canconat @ErinBlaskie You are welcome Erin! Great webinar! KellieAndrews Too many good ideas from @ErinBlaskie Delegation Superhero webinar. Going home to process and choose the next direction. TheMarketingGuy I follow @ErinBlaskie because she gave the best prezo at WordCamp Chicago. She's smart and always trying something new. Ph1lm hey @ErinBlaskie thanks for a great #askerinlive today! wetoku looking forward to seeing @erinblaskie in person at #wcmtl jbesenjak @erinblaskie Hi Erin. I'm Brian Gardner's stepdad. I attended Wordcamp Chicago. I loved your talk. It was great. Very motivational! Thanks! chantalbeaupre @ErinBlaskie Congrats for your presentation "Becoming an Internet Celebrity" being featured on Slide Share in the Biz category! wiredprworks @erinblaskie lots of interest in your #wcchicago internet celebrity presentation-thanks again! kennethbarrow @ErinBlaskie Enjoyed #askerinlive!!. You are going to make me get organized and back to work aren't you? No more goofing off. VIRTUALLY @JayBerkowitz -VA to feature in presentation. HIGHLY recommend @ErinBlaskie, owner, coach, mentor, colleague, friend to many. JoanVinallCox @ErinBlaskie Thanks for your impressive presentation and the business ideas angielim @ErinBlaskie awesome presentation at #wct09 #wct09. So where/when can we get the preso and slides?! :) tylerlucas @ErinBlaskie Great presentation! The Tribes Have Spoken – 4
  5. 5. rb3m there are some people that maytree may want to turn into niche celebs, very good tips by @erinblaskie Nik_G @erinblaskie great preso at #wct09 on how to move from the "middle of the cornfield" to the middle of the world with "like, know and trust" Dawenster Give people a reason to seek you out - @ErinBlaskie #wct09 - well said :) MargalitWard @ErinBlaskie Thanks! I heard u speak last wk on 1 of your radio programs, u were great! ScottBechtel @successfool @ErinBlaskie has an awesome weekly show! You really should catch it on Friday at 1pm Eastern TheMetroMom @erinblaskie Your talk about the importance of delegating is so impt for so many. MargalitWard Enjoyed the radio show w/ @ErinBlaskie: learning more about twitter while I was working, - very cool! LarissaParks @yoonhoum You're welcome. I love @ErinBlaskie's live stream! What a wonderful way to touch and interact with others. Learned a lot. provirtual @ErinBlaskie @Emily_Morgan thank you for a great presentation - you were a big hit!! :-D SoCalVA @ErinBlaskie Ask Erin Live ROCKS - lots of great information. Happy I was able to help you find them :) Have to start my own vision board! The Tribes Have Spoken – 5
  6. 6. On Teaching... All of our educational programs can be found at YourGoToGuy I've taken some classes with @ErinBlaskie that I enjoyed. Find people who's work you admire and find a way to learn from them #smbiz virtuallyideal1 @ErinBlaskie. I forgot to say great workshop yesterday. I really look to you for great advice for my VA business. You never disappoint. sayhijames @ErinBlaskie Thanks! #bdb09 was awesome, had to make it more manly though... Just finished another awesome session of the Blog Design Bootcamp. @ErinBlaskie 's version of Pimp My Blog... #bdb09 On the Blog Design Bootcamp with @ErinBlaskie she's been makin blogs sexy since 1973. #bdb09 KrisMKnopp working on my new site using what I learned from @erinblaskie Stop by and find out what your dreams mean SoCalVA @ErinBlaskie We all know you do your best thinking after 10:30 :) I've been up since 5 AM working on my blog - I learned so much from u!! In class 1 of 5 of Blog Design Bootcamp with @ErinBlaskie - great content - looking forward to the rest of the classes! #bdb09 Deirdre_S Just downloaded the Audio files for the #bdb09 class and have them on my iPod Touch! Thanks @erinblaskie VIRTUALLY BIG thanks Erin @erinblaskie for the Blog Design Bootcamp 2.0 this last week. It was an amazing course full of info! #bdb09 KristenJacoway You are welcome @ErinBlaskie - I really enjoyed the WordPress Blog Design Bootcamp and am working on migrating my website right now : ) Follow @ErinBlaskie - she is one of the best trainers! So knowledgeable in the technology arena with WordPress and Dreamweaver!#FollowFriday LeslieKeffler Thanks @ErinBlaskie I didn't think it was possible but this class was even better than the last one! Watching videos this weekend #bdb09 KeldieJamieson on the final Blog Design Bootcamp class. Great series. sign up for the course when the recordings are finished @ErinBlaskie #bdb09 Just finished Class 4 of #bdb09 with @ErinBlaskie. Great class, but starting to get brain overload. hehe. LindseyatTizzy Excited about Day 5 of Blog Design Bootcamp with the fabulous @erinblaskie!!! #bdb09 The Tribes Have Spoken – 6
  7. 7. MargalitWard Want to learn Wordpress? Check out @ErinBlaskie, training, guidance, LOTs of good. / Lots of fun! #bdb09 BrianaRamsey Just finished Blog Design Bootcamp with @ErinBlaskie. She always gives so much information! Can't wait for tomorrow's class! #bdb09 KristenJacoway @brjohnson2-I really enjoyed it! I've taken a fewof @ErinBlaskie trainings and am very impressed with her. I want to migrate my site to WP Just finished the 1st Boot Camp Class from @erinblaskie - WOW! Lots of info, resources, etc. Highly recommend her! chrisberg1 Great Blog Design class at #bdb09 I was worried about WP upgrades too and Bluehost was a HUGE help when I butchered my upgrade ddnt los info The Tribes Have Spoken – 7
  8. 8. On Providing Services... All services are done via our outsourcing company at SueBates @ErinBlaskie thanks for the cute little post it on our site:) TracyGardner @TrinaLamarche @ErinBlaskie Thanks for all your HARD Work - You rock! Trina - you are an ANGEL! Have a wonderful day LisaLarter @ErinBlaskie Paul is super happy with the service and turnaround from you guys! loves basecamp @ErinBlaskie wow, you guys are getting Pauls ebook in great shape super fast! Nice! Ali4Coach Congrats on ur FIFTH anniversay in biz #FF @ErinBlaskie - I'm so proud of you, your staff, and all the peeps that makes BSETC "the best" stacykaracostas Many thanks to @erinblaskie, @trinalamarche & all my team at for my fab remodeled blog!! SueBates Thanks to @LeslieKeffler and @ErinBlaskie for helping us get our first call going. You guys had our backs! LisaLarter @Grayrock_twitts talk to @ErinBlaskie she is the wordpress queen jhaubein @ErinBlaskie I was just going to say the same thing about you about your project mgt skills! Thanks for all that you're doing :) So happy! TracyGardner @ErinBlaskie @TrinaLamarche Amazing Job on Friday pumping out my Registration Page & TY Page - Speedy Quick - Great Job! Next Sales page SueBates Love my VA @LeslieKeffler from BSETC @Erinblaskie. Shhh, she works on weekends. loubortone Thanks to @ErinBlaskie and @trinalamarche at for the web make-over at: http://www.OnlineVideoBrand... SoCalVA @ErinBlaskie Love the new site! You & your team have some seriously fabulous ninja skills! :) The Tribes Have Spoken – 8
  9. 9. SharonTappan @lbelgray Laura, I think you might have been one that referred me to @ErinBlaskie She and her team are so awesome! Total talent & smarts! TracyGardner @rachelcapil I worked with @ErinBlaskie to create my entire website and look for my online presense. michelleperrone Need a VA? Here's a fantastic one @erinblaskie Also check out her video that explains everything she offers. clydelerner RT @ErinBlaskie: @blissconnection - Erin -let's face it,you and your company totally rock! I referred a VA to you who might want to joint U. GolfinLove @LizzHarmon Hi Lizz, I am in San Diego and work with @erinblaskie in Canada and I am tickled pink with her company! MBAassociation @erinblaskie thanks for making our site uber cool. Our members will be psyched about the new MBA job board at You rock! The Tribes Have Spoken – 9
  10. 10. On Our Products... All of our products can be found at YourGoToGuy @ErinBlaskie BTW: Bought ur 1-hour ebook on blog promotion. Had to see what you created in an hour. Great stuff. No fluff. Just what to do. Ph1lm @erinblaskie Thx4 setting up the Summer Speaker Series - working through all the recordings prob take me the rest of summer! #sss09 MargalitWard Great Summer Speaker Series '09 ( #sss09 jst finshd. Enjoyd being part of it! @ErinBlaskie, @TaraKachaturoff Rok! YourGoToGuy Bought from @ErinBlaskie on how to maximize blog traffic. Short, actionable examples about maximizing social media. dymonds Blown away! @ErinBlaskie recorded myself making an e-book in 1hr. Now 4 sale: U can watch the video: JonGauthier @ErinBlaskie Just watched your Video wow that was pretty slick was some awesome tips really great video just gotta take action on an idea RebeccaQuinn @ErinBlaskie You're welcome! Your video is very useful, motivational, well designed, creative & fun! CoachKimAvery @ErinBlaskie Loving the summer speaker series! My goal is to one day grow up and be an invited guest :). melaniward @erinblaskie Thank you for putting together such an amazing speaker series! Truly fabulous people. NancyMarmolejo @ErinBlaskie thanks for inviting me on ur call, I'm a big fan of yours! :-) Ali4Coach Awesome call with @ErinBlaskie about Vision and Passion for her Mentorship program for entrepreneurs. It was a "hot" call! brownaddesign Enjoying the '09 Summer Speaker Series #sss09 from @ErinBlaskie — 30+ speakers and great info so far! The Tribes Have Spoken – 10
  11. 11. marieforleo Hey lady! You ROCK the house with #ss09. So much fun!! Oh yeah. Congrats on your first a$$ ;) AgentSolutions @ErinBlaskie You betcha. ;-) Thank you so much. It's very well set up. Reading through it a little each day. I'll email as I have questions. corymiller303 Great training resources from @ErinBlaskie vajburgess Can't wait for @ErinBlaskie's summer series...looks like a hot list of speakers!! WendyMaynard @erinblaskie You betcha! I am excited to be a part of your series! What a powerful group.... LotusAmy @ErinBlaskie Sooo exciting Erin - Your speaker lineup is off the charts stellar! ;) SherriGarrity @ErinBlaskie Awesome program Erin, so excited for your neverending success! lisaswrite @ErinBlaskie Awesome, your vids are great! benjaminbach @ErinBlaskie great vid on Speaking your e-books. I fwd'd it to my fiance who runs our budding infopreneur empire :). Thank you ! The Tribes Have Spoken – 11
  12. 12. Other Amazing Feedback... KeldieJamieson @RatedGRomance Best of the Best 2 follow 4 me #1 @ErinBlaskie she has gr8 bus. tips + knowledge + is an all arnd fun & wonderful woman petbizhelper @TrinaLamarche U and your sis @ErinBlaskie rock! AWyldfyre Automating everything we are doing manually now - omg that would be such a gift!! #lswebinar @erinblaskie I'm in love with her ideas! TracyGardner @ErinBlaskie Loved your ezine & video blog yest - thought you were talking to me! LOL FOCUS - Brillant ATLparalegal @ErinBlaskie Wow! There are so many products to choose from I feel like a kid in a candy store. I want this, that, that...and that ;) sayitwithecards @ErinBlaskie TY Erin. U were on my mind all wkend. UR small gesture showd me how "everything really does count for good in some way!" KeldieJamieson Time to listen to more #SSS09 Summer Speaker Series recordings. I still haven't finished them all. Thx @erinblaskie for the fab resources ideadesign_ca @ErinBlaskie and im serious... i woke up at 5 this am thinking about my biz and i actually said out loud: what would Erin do? haha-scary... tweetrenee @ErinBlaskie has made my life easier without even trying, that's how talented she is. viralwordpress @ErinBlaskie One of the best Twitter Profiles I've seen. francoisfaubert I've just doubled my followers just by entering @ErinBlaskie's trail. It's really about who you know... and my good looks. BilleBaty @ErinBlaskie Thanks to you for all the GREAT info 4 EPIC SUCCESS The Tribes Have Spoken – 12
  13. 13. TaraKachaturoff Congratulations! @ErinBlaskie #4 on Canada’s Top Upcoming Entrepreneurs and Leaders On Twitter Yay! TheLukas If Al Gore was doing a presentation on the coolness of people, he'd need a hydraulic cherry picky to show everyone how cool @ErinBlaskie is ThomasPhotos @lkr btw? On my tweetdeck I have a column specifically for you and @ErinBlaskie, my fav tweeters! :) YourGoToGuy @ErinBlaskie Wow, the new site design is too much for words. Fantastic! It is much better at communicating what you're all about. ott_investments RT @TrinaLamarche: Check out the new BSETC website at - it's amazing and a true representation of the fab owner JATetro @ErinBlaskie I have one way to get amazing content. Follow you! seotips2go @ErinBlaskie your a real breath a fresh air! Have a great weekend! SandraBaptist @terrygreen3309 @erinblaskie Awesome VA resources & internet marketing info #FollowFriday YourGoToGuy @TheLukas I am jealous. Whatever the ideas are, she'll make them happen. Follow @erinblaskie, a Canadian VA... No extra charge for awesomeness. #followfriday MichelleHalsey @ErinBlaskie Enjoyed your e-book in 1hr Erin, as well as your site and sister learning site - packed with info! StephanieFrank @ErinBlaskie Hey there! Seems like you've got a great thing going...keep it up girl. The world needs you! blissconnection My friend Clyde Lerner shared this @erinblaskie I love her site.... A woman having a mad passionate love affair with internet marketing stacykaracostas My awesome VA firm founder @erinblaskie has 2000 fewer followers than the Prime Minister of CAN. Make her #1 in Ottowa The Tribes Have Spoken – 13
  14. 14. meeabee @ErinBlaskie looks like a great site! was looking for something like this the other day, thanks! jameswedmore @ErinBlaskie Way to channel your inner-geek in the new vid! <youtube> Very funny! DarrenSproat Okay, I AM SERIOUS HERE! Follow @ErinBlaskie cuz she's really cool... You know you will eventually anyway so do it now! genystartup @ErinBlaskie great blog you've got Erin! I enjoyed the love/hate factor... one. good stuff VIRTUALLY Hi @SharonHayes - @ErinBlaskie is multi-talented! :) She's a VA coach; her firm BSETC is a multi-VA firm; & she does strategy/training. cfleury @ErinBlaskie That's fantastic about the article! Keep up the good work. You're an inspiration and great example to follow!! SharonMc Great marketing and brand @erinblaskie - Canadians rock :) GolfinLove @Nothreeputt Love Love Love @erinblaskie she is amazing! chrisberg1 @ErinBlaskie Erin u r amazing! PLZ let me know how I can help u build yur biz...yur work is site redesign :) yoanap @ErinBlaskie hubby just said, "Babe, u should ask urself "How can I be more like Erin Blaskie" (he actually rhymed like and Blaskie) lol thesavvyva @erinblaskie Love your new newsletter Erin!! Thank you to everyone who provided this amazing feedback! The Tribes Have Spoken – 14