Lifestreaming: The New Future of Blogging?


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Could lifestreaming be the next generation in terms of blogging? We'll explore how this is done integrating WordPress and other tools to create a seamless picture of your life for others to follow along to.

This presentation was given at WordCamp Montreal held July 11-12, 2009.

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Lifestreaming: The New Future of Blogging?

  1. Lifestreaming: The New Future of Blogging? Erin Blaskie
  2. Lifestreaming: What is it? • Lifestreaming is a continual broadcast of events in a person's life through digital media. • Lifestreaming is the act of aggregating many streams, generally using a third party service that then shows the content in chronological order.
  3. Lifestreaming: Why? • People are feeling the “need” to utilize all of these different sites but there is no automation or system to it. • Building a lifestream creates order in the midst of real life chaos.
  4. Lifestreaming: Why? • Provides readers with a snapshot of the blogger’s life providing a much more in-depth look into what they are doing, reading and listening to. • Allows blogger to share things quickly, easily and effectively with readers.
  5. Lifestream: Incoming Data
  6. Incoming: What am I listening to?
  7. Incoming: What am I reading?
  8. Incoming: What am I browsing online?
  9. Incoming: Where am I traveling?
  10. Incoming: What am I shooting via video?
  11. Incoming: What am I taking pictures of?
  12. The Mobile Generation • Incoming information needs to also be portable, mobile and easily addable to your lifestream. • In this next diagram, an iPhone is being used as the basis due to the sheer number of apps.
  13. The Mobile Approach
  14. Outgoing Information • Once the information comes in to the blog, you need to syndicate it out to the various feeds / websites you belong to. • This is known as notifying your tribes that you’ve done a new action (also known as enabling stalkers to keep tabs on you…)
  15. Lifestream Style Plug-Ins for WP • Lifestream - Pulls in data from many sources and produces a grid-like image of your updates. • My TwitPic’s - Displays recently uploaded pictures to • Sociable - Automatically adds links to favorite social bookmarking / networking sites. • Tweetly Updater - Posts a notice to Twitter when you update your blog.
  16. External Widgets Added to Sidebar • Ustream video embed code. • TripIt ‘upcoming trips’ embed code. • Twitter widget. • widget. • Shelfari ‘currently reading’ embed code.
  17. Anatomy of the Lifestream
  18. Anatomy of the Lifestream
  19. Anatomy of the Lifestream
  20. Why Could This Be the Future of Blogging? • We’re sharing so much information that we need systems / automation to save time. • People are finding amazing things through the act of sharing - this allows that to happen in a one to many scenario.
  21. Choices • We all have a choice as to how much we share. • We all can make choices about our open life experience. • Choose something that fits for you and create your tribes in an authentic way.
  22. Closing Ideas • We need to come up with a balanced approach to this and ensure people know that they can turn the volume up or down to suit their life. • By making people more transparent, do we open up a positive outlook on lives or do we open up negative possibilities?
  23. Learn More & Questions • (Life Stream) • (Business) • @ErinBlaskie (Twitter)