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Brand & Message Essentials for Creatives on Social Media


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This presentation focuses on how creatives and artists alike can use social media and maintain an authentic expression of self.

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Brand & Message Essentials for Creatives on Social Media

  1. 1. Branding & Message Essentials for Creatives on Social Media
  2. 2. First, I want to thank you .
  3. 3. My name is Erin Blaskie . A.k.a @ErinBlaskie. A.k.a On the web at E-mailable @
  4. 4. I started my first company, BSETC, when I was 21 years old .
  5. 5. Me, Back in the Day. (Note the size of that monitor… Yowza!)
  6. 6. I am a tiny bit of a serial entrepreneur (also known as having entrepreneurial ADD…)
  7. 7. I’ve been on Twitter since March 15, 2007 …
  8. 8. I’ve been on Facebook since Facebook had only a paper sign in its office window…
  9. 9. I write a lot of social media updates and over 65% of them are not for me .
  10. 10. I am here today to talk to you about branding & message essentials for social media .
  11. 11. We’ll cover branding . We’ll cover message essentials . We’ll cover social media .
  12. 12. More importantly though, we’ll chat about the why , the how and the what as it relates to using social media when you are creative .
  13. 13. But first, meet Drew Beson .
  14. 14. Drew Beson is an artist who has adopted social media to share his art and his creative endeavors.
  15. 16. Drew utilizes Twitter , Facebook , YouTube & his blog to connect with his audience.
  16. 17. Drew brings the art & the creative process down to a level that is less intimidating for his audience.
  17. 18. Most artists and creative types resist social media.
  18. 19. There is fear around selling and marketing art and other creative projects.
  19. 20. There is also the idea that social media will take too much time and therefore make less time for art .
  20. 21. Lastly, the idea of sharing ones life online is a bit scary / tricky / unappealing.
  21. 22. Putting the resistance aside, you want to embrace social media so you can achieve your why.
  22. 23. Let’s talk about the why .
  23. 24. Your why is simply the reason you want to spend your time / energy on doing something.
  24. 25. There are many why’s . As we share common why’s, think about your why .
  25. 26. The why is vitally important because it will give you a sense of purpose while interacting and engaging.
  26. 27. Once you know why you want to use social media, you can then look at the what .
  27. 28. The what is going to be the platform(s) you choose to use to spread your message.
  28. 29. Depending on where your audience is ‘hanging out’, your what might be different from the next person’s what.
  29. 30. The best way to find your what is to spend some time in each place to see who has the best greeter.
  30. 31. Go ahead and secure your brand / name on all of the platforms but focus on your best performer.
  31. 32. Extend your creativity onto your social media profiles : they should be an extension of your brand .
  32. 34. Once you figure out your what , you need to set out a plan for your how .
  33. 35. Think about what you want to share via these new channels.
  34. 36. Stuck for ideas? Think relevancy , interest , transparency & informative .
  35. 37. Pre-schedule where possible.
  36. 38. Re-cycle your content where possible.
  37. 39. Think about how often you want to share with your channels.
  38. 40. Set aside some time in your day for real-time interaction and engagement .
  39. 41. Think outside the box .
  40. 42. Mostly, just be you .
  41. 43. Connect with me . @ErinBlaskie [email_address]