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Erin belmore ella companion massage specification sheet


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Erin belmore ella companion massage specification sheet

  1. 1. *For more information and specifications please visit W A L K I N B A T H S Companion Massage Actual Size: 30.25”W x 59.75”Lx 37”H Shipping Size: 35″W x 65″L x 45″H Shipping Weight: 310 lbs. Net Weight: 200 lbs. Water Capacity: 95 gal. US (unoccupied) 45-65 gal. US (occupied) Options : Available in soaking and dual massage Model # 93085 Features: Plumbing: • Two (2) x 4’ long stainless steel braided water supply lines with ¾” connectors. • Two (2) x 2” floor drains with 2 overflows and 2 ADA compliant stainless steel cable operated openers with extension handles. • Drainage time +/- 80 seconds to overflow. • Two (2) PVC 2” drain elbows with 2” opening. Electrical: • Electrical requires only one dedicated 120V. electrical line connection with a 30Amp dedicated GCFI breaker installed in the house breaker box. Total electrical usage is 26 Amp. Warranty: • Lifetime limited warenty on stainless steel frame, door, door seal and tub shell. • 5 Year parts warrenty* 1. Tub Shell - Acrylic Tub Shell: • High quality cast acrylic grade A • Excellent color uniformity • 5 mm cast acrylic sheet • Fiberglass gel coat (reinforced) 2. Air massage system: • Ten (10) therapeutic air massage jets • 0.5HP air pump • ON/OFF push control 3. Hydro massage system: • Twenty Two (22) hydrotherapy jets • Air flow regulator for adjustable hydro massage • 1.2HP pump (900 Watts) • ON/OFF push control • In-line water heater • Ozone Sterilization (12Volts) with ON/OFF push control. 4. LED multiple color Chroma-therapy light with ON/OFF push control. 5. Low threshold step in 9.5” with the option to lower to 6.5”. 6. Toe kick access panel for convenient service access. 7. Nine (9) adjustable heavy duty leveling legs for stainless steel frame support. 8. Stainless steel and tempered glass door, door frame and silicone rubber seal. 9. Deck mount safety grab bar. 10. Wall extension kit to fit in standard 60” opening (extends to 59”). 11. Theromstatic control valve. 12. Two (2) front, one toe kick and one (1) side removable access panels. 13. Removable rubber back support (white). 14. Brass chrome plated designer spout, two 2 way diverters with ADA compliant handles, and pull out hand held shower with 5’ retractable stainless steel hose. 15. Removable door for easy cleaning. 16. Unique Ella’s design removable swivel tray. (patent pending)