The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers


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Content marketing is an essential way we do business within Web 2.0. Replacing spam, advertisement and self-promotion, is useful (entertaining) and high quality content. Companies that embrace a content marketing strategy focus on how to present their existing knowledge in a way that both captivates and helps their target group grow professionally.

In this white paper, we give you the essentials to understand the foundation of content marketing and what it means to create strong content. Here, you will find examples of stellar content, tips for content creation, and where to utilize your best stuff.

Key elements include:

Differentiating B2B and B2C content marketing
Establishing expertise
Stellar content examples
Tips for creating high-quality text
Where to publish/push content
B2B Rockstars (people who get it right)

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The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers

  1. 1. The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers This White Paper can also be downloaded from: Susanna GebauerJonathan GebauerErin C. Nelson
  2. 2. Chapter 1: What is Content Marketing? Content marketing is as simple as it sounds: provide high quality content for users, partners, followers, consumers and you will increase participation, sales, and loyalty.The objective behind content marketing is exploreB2B is a socialnot to spam potential clients/ platform for business-to-collaborators or to bombard them with business communicationpitches and useless brand ideology. where users focus on theContent marketing is the means by which production of content. Onyou provide substance your target group exploreB2B, high-qualitycan utilize. When executed effectively, ? material is key. Your content,you will gain brand awareness, customer in the form of written articles,acquisition, lead generation, and becomes the tool by whichcustomer retention. you are discovered and recognized as an expert inEspecially in B2B content marketing, your industry.establishing oneself as an expert -through knowledgeable, creative and The strategies introduced inthoughtful content is the best way to this paper are put to action on Who isassert leadership in an industry, generate exploreB2B.lasting professional connections, enhancecompany exposure and ultimately – ( real revenue growth.1.1 What type of content is good business as a reliable source for the typecontent? of knowledge your target group seeks.The beauty (and often challenge) behind You must educate and entertain thosecontent marketing is that there is no you wish to come back for more“right” content to create. Content should information (over your competitors),be original and provide value in a way because you have convinced them youthat situates you (and your company) in are a valued expert. Provide useful anda leadership position. Your goal should trustworthy content on consistent andbe to give business affiliates and/or relevant topics to establish yourself as aclients within your niche, content that can thought leader and inspire lastinggive them an edge in what they are relationships with those who ultimatelytrying to achieve. Showcase your determine the success of your business. 3 The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers
  3. 3. Chapter 1: What is Content Marketing?1.2  Stellar Content Ideas your understanding of the subject • Compile a list of thought leadersThe type of content you are able create is who have motivated you; provide(quite literally) endless, as the nature of links to posts they have composedsuccessful content marketing rests in the • Review a product, service orability to produce something original. company that relates to your industryStrong content comes in many, diverseforms: text, picture, video, graphic, etc. • Recount your biggest failures andHowever, sometimes ‘putting the pen to what you have learned frompaper’ can be particularly challenging. overcoming such difficultyHere is a compiled list of some of • Refurbish former lectures,poignant tips we have encountered along presentations, guest conferencethe way: speeches into written pieces that are relevant to current industry • Share your success stories in ways developments that help bring light to relevant business topics • Stir the pot and give your opinion on a controversial topic • Create how-to lists and lessons to establish yourself as an expert on • Design an infographic (and contact a particular topic someone who has the skills to help you communicate your ideas) • Invent ways to apply a new perspective to something your • Allow guestposts that present an audience might take for granted angle you may have never considered; stay selective, but • Give your perspective on pressing open industry news • Infiltrate characters/celebrities • Detail recent findings or case into your storyline/theme/title to studies that influence your spice up an informative piece company/industry (name recognition) • Discuss company news from the • Share demonstrations or examples perspective of someone of how to enhance a specific unexpected (ex. developer, office aspect of a company manager or intern) • Provide links recount a description • Publish white papers on topics on of tips you have encountered from relating to your business another thought leader or trusted • Concoct a narrative that explains source; communicate the reason how you overcame something that why this information is valuable relates to your company; this can and give credit to your source also come from an employee, • Reuse content, for example - turn customer, partner, etc. your video into an image; create a • Interview someone whose ideas graphic combining an article and will inspire your readership; asking pictures intelligent questions will also assert 4 The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers
  4. 4. Chapter 1: What is Content Marketing?Examples of Stellar Content (specific blog by Inside View and presented via Socialarticles, etc.): Media B2B**, effectively educates the B2B audience on Social Media B2B. By I. Social Media Strategist, Britton pairing data with images, the graphicEdwards, wrote the following about how depicts just how influential social media iscelebrity chefs use social media*. Here, for B2B professionals. Included are factsBritton demonstrates her knowledge of on which networks are most frequented,related industry news, while using where leads are generated, and howcontemporary and engaging examples to deals can be accelerated. The graphic issite the difficulty in attaining what her clean, simple, informative and inspiresclients are looking to achieve. She then the true target audience for Social Mediapresents success stories illustrating ways B2B to return to their site to gainto overcome these issues. Britton doesn’t valuable information. They alsospecifically state that she has the answers effectively plug a leader in digital designto address the entirety of social media (Inside View), again illustrating B2Bchallenges, but her awareness, analysis, ability.and willingness to present solutions (in anentertaining way) create an environment * her readership is eager to ask formore.     *** IV. Animation Mentor * is an online school that teaches professionalII. Technology and Communications animation skill and technique. WhileAdvisor, April Dunford, runs a popular headquarters are based in the Sanand innovative blog that focuses on Francisco Bay Area, the school’sproduct marketing for startups. In her educational content reaches youngpost, 6 Skills That Will Get You A Startup animators around the globe. A companyMarketing Job *, she lists in a matter-of- that is entirely based on the influence offact way the six most necessary skills their content and expertise, Animationrequired for marketing in the startup Mentor’s Youtube Channel** is anworld and how to attain these skills. excellent example of how to organizeDunford’s article balances being and present video content. The featurethoughtful and concise, giving her video (among many others) presents themarketing-oriented audience (who are work of their global students, illustratinginterested in the startup scene present on they are indeed experts in teaching howher blog) the key information they need - to acquire the skills exemplified in theand establishing herself an an expert, advisor. ** ** Great content is not limited to article animationmentortext; often times the most useful businesstidbits are represented through visualsand graphs. The Infographic*, created 5 The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers
  5. 5. Chapter 1: What is Content Marketing?1.3   B2B vs B2C Content Marketing An Overview of B2B vs B2C Content Marketing:B2C marketing is often perceived as B2Bmore glamorous than marketing in B2B.B2C focuses on outreach in a way that is Who they target: other professionals,meant to spark immediate interest with a businesses, organizationsconsumer base. The consumers, What they seek: to display expertise,accustomed to an onslaught of material network, make lasting professionalfrom competing B2C companies, inspire relationships, gather information fromattention-worthy marketing tactics in B2C other thought leadersmarketers. Social media, then, appearsto many as a tool used for B2C How content marketing plays a role:organizations to reach and engage this valuable and well-researched contentconsumer audience. Content marketing allows B2B professionals to presenthas thus been included in this analysis themselves as experts and acquire similarand deemed a necessary component for high-level information from other B2BB2C marketing success. experts in relevant industries; with the exchange of content and recurring desireToday, however, it is regarded as a myth to obtain information from trusted– and missed opportunity – for B2B professionals– strong networkcompanies to ignore the benefits of connections are madecontent marketing within social media.While B2B and B2C companies engage How social media reinforces the benefitslargely different audiences, both can of CM:  strong content deemed valuableexcel by utilizing the same process by other professionals can spreadinvolved in content marketing. throughout multiple social media channels – accessing more businessMany B2B organizations working with partners/collaborators/clients; virilityother professionals have, in fact, already within your industry will establishinfiltrated social media channels. These leadership, exposure, recognition andprofessionals wish to communicate their company trust.expertise and utilize information from B2Cother thought leaders that will give thema professional edge. Key elements of B2B Who they target: consumersbusiness interaction already mirror thechief components of content marketing. What they seek: to generate customer participation, sales and brand loyaltyWhile it is true many people within social How content marketing plays a role:networks focus on personal or private meaningful, useful content resonates withcommunication, they are still interested in consumers; reoccurring quality contenthigh-quality information. Within your own establishes a loyal followingnetwork, interests overlap andrecommendations from friends or How social media reinforces the benefitscolleagues are a trusted source for of CM: strong content deemed valuableinformation; this remains in social media by consumers has the ability to go viral,for business. reaching more consumers. 6 The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers
  6. 6. Chapter 2: Expertise - Why it’s important to establish in B2B One of the more difficult 2.1 Why be deemed an expert?questions to ask yourself is, The more useful insight you provide, the ‘What kind of content better response you will have from other thought leaders in your industry and your makes sense?’ target audience. The goal is toTo find out what content best serves your differentiate, inspire trust, connect,purpose, you must first decide what you exchange and… profit.are trying to achieve. Most often wemarket to expand and create new As professionals, we strive to work in anbusiness, but "new business" can mean environment where employees’ skills aremany different things. Do you wish to utilized to the best of their ability. Theattain new clients, collaborators, more vital a task to a company, the morepartners, employees, or something else attention is warranted in acquiring theentirely? most qualified and trustworthy people (or company) to get it done. Who is mostThese different goals are important to trustworthy outside an internal network?establish, yet they have one thing in These people are widely recognized ascommon: you must make people aware experts. This is reason for us to both seekof who you are, communicate the way and provide verifiable expertise both onyou will enhance their lives, and inspire and offline.them seek what you have to offer. Establishing yourself as an expert hasWhy should people want to work with another advantage in B2B Social Media:you? The answer to this question is In the massively impacted socialundoubtedly diverse, but ultimately we networks, you stand apart from thecan agree it is because they trust in your crowd. With over 60% of companiesability to make their lives easier, more involving social media in their businessefficient, profitable, and enjoyable. strategy, setting your professional self apart from the crowd becomes evenFirst, they must recognize you as an more important. Being recognized as anexpert. expert, or better - the expert in your field, is what differentiates you from your competitors. 7 The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers
  7. 7. Chapter 2: Expertise2.2 Who is considered an expert? What is the upside to culminating material from your prior expertise“You might already be showing expertise in (findings, interviews, demonstrations, content creation, without even knowing it.” graphics) and turning it into marketing                   - Dr. Susanna Gebauer content? You, most likely, have already done a fair amount of content creation, without calling it by its name. If youThe Oxford English dictionary defines an have gone to conferences/business fairs,expert as: ‘A person who has special skill given interviews for local papers,or knowledge in a particular field; organised an event, recorded advice, orspecialist; authority.’ To expand this participated in a short radio piece - youdefinition, an expert must have relevant are already on your way to producingexperience, background information and a the heart of what it means tolearned familiarity with complex theories incorporate content marketing into yourand/ or processes. An expert can business strategy.demonstrate - and explain in layman’sterms - why something occurs, addressunanswered questions and present solutionsto problems arising in their area ofexpertise.True experts have the ability to take theknowledge they have and apply it tosituations that remain debated or unsolved.As the beneficiaries of experts, we expectthem to have strong reputations, comehighly recommended (ideally, from peoplewe trust), express innovative ways ofthinking, and the ability to handlechallenging obstacles. When striving torepresent yourself as an expert, these keyqualities must be apparent.  2.3 How does content marketingpromote expertise?Content marketing allows you (the expert)the ability to present material thatestablishes you as a thought leader. The listfor what can be considered ‘contentmarketing material’ is vast, though theconcept basic: share content that positionsyou as an expert in your field. Yourknowledge should appear extensive toestablish yourself as a trustworthy source. 8 The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers
  8. 8. Chapter 3: The Difference Between Online and Offline ExpertiseThe difference between online and offline As content should be directed at yourexpertise comes in the way the content is target audience, takepresented - its distribution, accessibility, into account where these people spendand the number of people who can their time online when deciding theaccelerate the visibility of your content. avenues by which toEven if the stories or subjects are the promote your material. (Are they onsame, the methods by which people are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest? Doreached on and offline, produce varying they consume news on social networks orresults. Online videos, articles, comments through traditional media coverageand pictures have the opportunity to stay portals?)visible for a much longer period of time(in fact, it can be hard to delete sensitivecontent once it has been made public). 3.1 How to prove your expertiseThe quantity of people who see your (without stating so yourself)content online, has the potential to bemuch broader than the opportunitiesoffline - simply by the nature of its easy When creating ‘expert’ content, it ismedium for distribution. While a misstep important to communicate what youonline can have a much more lasting provide, know, and have alreadyimpact on your reputation, under the achieved. Though it is crucial not tosame principle, a well-positioned article classify yourself as an expert in your textwith strong content can have a or title position. People will trust yoursignificantly more pronounced and expertise (and respect your humility) ifwithstanding effect than the same you exhibit your qualifications throughmaterial distributed offline. content, rather than making an outright claim.   9 The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers
  9. 9. Chapter 3: The Difference Between Online and Offline Expertise[Note: For specific ways to exemplify a when content leaves the hands of theheightened level of knowledge, refer to expert and is created externally,the Stellar Content Ideas included in the information is at risk of beingoverview section above.] misunderstood or wrongly construed.Consider incorporating your personality Outsourcing to a marketing firm can haveinto the content you provide. Remember extremely positive benefits if, say, thetone and visual elements help make you intended experts cannot communicateunique; they might even be the decisive well through writing, do not understandfactor that influences others to work with graphics/videos, or are not familiar withyou. the special processes of different social media channels. However, it could comeThe sum of your content will eventually at a great advantage to the company tocreate an extensive profile that shows let employees represent their ownyour expertise and offers a glimpse of expertise within social media. Trust canwho you are as a person (where you be established directly between theinvest your energy, your findings, expert creating the content and theiropinions and motivations). As with offline immediate audience. To add a thirdnetworking, persona should not be left party, communication may appear moreout of the equation; most prefer to work glamorous, but be unrepresentative ofwith those who give a positive the true value of the expertise.impression, indicating the likes of thefuture work environment. Let’s compare this to offline content marketing: would you trust more the relayed information of a hired firm, or the conversation that takes place when3.2 People vs. Company Expertise speaking directly to someone within the company (even if their manner of speech is imperfect)? The answer will certainlyThe collective efforts of a company vary for different companies, though therepresent more depth in expertise than question is important to consider.that of a single employee. In socialmedia, this is concept is crucial when As opportunities grow within socialformulating a content marketing strategy. media to include expert employees into the content marketing process, theirIf a company decides to act as a single expertise will add much more depth andentity, and not as the culmination of understanding to the company culture.intelligent representatives, the content will(most often) be provided by someoneother than the expert. In fact, 62% of thecompanies outsource to marketing firms,while only 44% of the companies are 3.3 Experts - where are they?satisfied with their hired agency. Mostoften, they believe the hired There are many networks where you willprofessionals are ‘not strategic enough have access to content provided byand lack in creativity.’ This dissatisfaction experts. This makes the problem ofcould largely be due to the fact that deciphering what is, in fact, considered 10 The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers
  10. 10. Chapter 3: The Difference Between Online and Offline Expertiseto be expertise. Once strong content is campaign. While it is important to remainfound, it can be difficult to keep tabs on fresh in ways to present material, you willthe expert or where they share their quickly find which type of content bestinformation. It is easy for information to resonates with your target group. Thequickly become lost within a sea of goal with a blog is not to be ‘found,’ butnetworks, groups or news streams and to develop a reliable source for potentialsoon become misplaced or forgotten. clients and partners to verify your expertise. SEO too, can provide an edgeOne way to track down experts is to in reaching target viewers, though thefollow (and join) the conversations of substance and presentation areleaders within your industry. Finding just emphasized in content person who produces content youtrust can lead you to a network of Where to publish content (besides yourindividual experts on a particular topic. company website):Much is left to self-discretion, butespecially in contemporary social media, Whether linked to a companyinnovative and motivated people tend to site or functioning as atravel in packs - educating and inspiring personal blog, these sites areone another. Should you successfully Tumblr, Wordpress, easy to navigate and serve asinfiltrate one of these conversation, and a blank slate to support yourprovide your own worthy content, you soon-to-be created content; asmay find yourself running amongst a you write more, a clearerpack of respected experts. vision for the most relevant content will develop. BloggerThat said, while we tend to follow expertsfrom our own fields we often search for • http://tumblr.comexperts in fields with which we are trying • http://wordpress.comto become more familiar in B2B; these • http://blogger.comexperts are difficult to find on shortnotice. If you do not want to rely on a A social networking site builtGoogle search(which only proves the for professionals,expertise of the SEO), try a network exploreB2B’s main featurewhere the content is sorted by category, allows users (and companies)subject or author and can therefore can to publish articles. There, you exploreB2Bbe searched more accurately (i.e. quora can demonstrate expertiseor exploreB2B). amongst a network of people who are specifically interested in business topics.3.4 Where do I put my content? • http://exploreB2B.comDeveloping content on a personal and/orcompany blog - then pushing it throughthe social media channels where yourtarget group resides is a great foundationfor establishing a content marketing 11 The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers
  11. 11. Chapter 3: The Difference Between Online and Offline Expertise Where to push What A news aggregate with aSocial Media fairly high circulation rate Push your own articles as well where users can submit articles, then reviewed and as those of other thought published by the site SMT. leaders, fun facts, pictures,Today helpful graphs, etc.  (Don’t • http://socialmedia forget to communicate - Twitter Twitter is not one-way channel!) • Similar to Social Media Today, a news aggregate Push your own articles, askCommunity where users are free to post LinkedInBusiness 2 articles to an established questions and participate in audience. group conversations • http://business2 • (Facebook has greatly limited company page exposure in Guest posting allows you to recent weeks.) Pictures have contribute content withoutPosting) the greatest virality, but do having to manage a blog;(Guest not neglect articles you have good outreach and ability to Facebook published about your access another avenue of company; maintain a sense of potential leads. variety. Question and answer forum • that attracts professionals and allows you to create a Include high-quality images in personal profile where you your article content; pin your can pin (already produced) articles, build boards on your PinterestQuora content to various boards. topics (as people can follow boards as well as people) • • Share, comment and vote on content. Again, success of a post or link depends on the votes it gets, so connect and Reddit build a following. • 12 The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers
  12. 12. Chapter 3: The Difference Between Online and Offline Expertise also becoming a valued source for Add links to content; users information. Solis is highly informed on virtually stumble over content his topic and displays his thoughts in their chosen fields. The clearly, breading a deep relationship of more ‘likes’ content gets, the reliability with his readers. more it is shown. To spread content, it helps to have II. Eloqua (Joe Chernov) stumblers following you, giving your content a headStumbleUpon start. The process is somewhat A marketing automation service unpredictable and building a following hard, though you Eloqua (Joe can produce many views from Chernov) this platform. Twitter: @jchernov Case Study: http:// • wp-content/uploads/2010/12/ Eloqua_CMI_CaseStudy.pdf***Be open to any new networks thatallow you to ask questions and present Joe Chernov is the VP of Contentyour expertise to a community of Marketing for Eloqua and has largelyprofessionals. influenced the company’s social media success. Eloqua, a marketing automation service, had been a respected leader in their niche for ten years; though when3.5 B2B Rockstars the space for marketing automation expand, so too did the company’s needI. BRIAN SOLIS to reinvent their public persona and outreach. Chernov was essential in this process as he implemented a thoughtful, Principal Analyst and author, Brian content marketing strategy. Wanting to Solis, is a self-proclaimed ‘digital “zig when the others zagged,” ChernovBrianSolis analyst, sociologist and futurist.’ implemented a content-oriented strategy that would provide “relevant and helpful Blog: content and form real relationships.” A detailed account of how he achievedPrincipal Analyst and author, Brian Solis, success can be found here. What isis a self-proclaimed ‘digital analyst, important to note is Joe’s recognition ofsociologist and futurist.’ An example of the power behind what content marketingsome of his best work comes in the form represents: a willingness to provide helpof posts written on his blog. (A personal and formulate meaningful dialogue withfavorite is this article on Digital current and potential product usersDarwinism.) On his site, Solis establishes through the sharing of high-qualityhimself as an expert in digital disruption information. Joe Chernov has nowand its sociological and economic become somewhat of a legend socialrepercussions. The value of Solis’ content media for his early and disruptiveproves to be so meaningful that his adoption of content marketing.   audience not only intakes his knowledge,but comments and shares - wishing to 13 The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers
  13. 13. Chapter 3: The Difference Between Online and Offline ExpertiseIII. KISSMETRICS BLOG and content manager of the blog, Dharmesh Shah, begin his career writing Kissmetrics is an analytics software code and soon after went on to launch use for online-business that gives his own successful software company. After figuring out how to reap theKissmetrics insight in user behavior. benefits of his venture, he went on to Blog: invest in other promising startups. Dharmesh now propels his career by Profiles: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, managing a blog where he establishes Google+ himself as a leader in the knowledge it takes to excel in the software industry,Kissmetrics is an analytics software use and as a startup. His content marketingfor online-business that gives insight in technique involves honest, blunt postsuser behavior. Their products allow which motivate and inform startupclients to optimize conversions and make entrepreneurs. He also allows a greatdecisions in relationship to customers, number of guest posts, bringing varietybased on the analytics data. Kissmetrics and a new perspective to his readers -has translated their experience and and engaging with a circle of startup andsuccess into a blog, which is now well- software related thought leaders.known for providing logical informationon how to utilize social media, V. ROBERT SCOBLE / SCOBLIZERmarketing, and new online-products.Kissmetrics uses their blog and other Robert Scoble is a renowned techsocial media portals to strongly promote and social media voice.a content-oriented business strategy. (Youcan find them on twitter, facebook, Currently working for: Rackspacepinterest, google+.) While Kissmetricsuses their highly-followed content to Wikipedia: Robert Scobleinform users on new Kissmetrics wiki/Robert_Scobledevelopments, they more often provideinsight on online and social media trends. Blog: http://scoblizer.comThey have a deep understanding ofanalytics, technology, social media and * industries horizontally related to does-every-company-need-a-robert-their products; by reading their blog, you scoble-infographic-evangelism/certainly believe in their expertise.IV. ON STARTUPS Robert Scoble is a renowned tech and social media voice who boasts even his own Wikipedia page. Working as a On startups is a blog gearedStartups towards startups and software technology evangelist at Microsoft, he companies. first gained attention blogging about his interpretation of industry innovations,On Blog: controversies and news. The content on blog, scoblizer, turned into a wildlyOn Startups is a blog geared towards popular source for intelligent information.startup, software companies. Founder Now working as the blogger for 14 The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers
  14. 14. Chapter 3: The Difference Between Online and Offline Expertiserackspace, Robert Scoble is active in KronesAG Youtube Channel has usednearly every social media channel you video content as a way to present thecan imagine - and active meaning really technical company as relatable, presentactive. Robert Scoble has gotten right the and optimal to engage for business.idea that activity should not just be forthe sake of being active; he givessomething meaningful to his audiencethrough his content marketing activity. OnQuora he answers questions aboutjournalism, tech, and startups; on Twitterhe has the most extensive list of tech-blogs, and on Google+ he shares helpfultech reviews. The sheer impact of RobertScoble’s content and online presence isworth a lot to the companies he writes onbehalf of, as rackspace stock has risen450% since he has joined the company.Some have even posed the question:Does every company need a RobertScoble? *VI. KRONES Krones is a German company that specializes in creating the technology and building the machines that put our beverages into bottles. Youtube: kronestvKrones is a German company thatspecializes in creating the technologyand building the machines that put ourbeverages into bottles. Responsible forthe entire filling, labeling, inspecting,cleaning process, Krones is a highlyefficient technical organization. Theyhave also turned themselves into contentmarketing powerhouse. Charles D.Schmidt, Head of Krones’ social mediamarketing has revolutionized theirmarketing strategy through his emphasison content. In particular, the extensive 15 The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers
  15. 15. Conclusion It is important to remember that no one started out as a content marketing expert.While the concept behind content marketing has been around since before 4200B.C.*, its application in modern day social media marketing is relatively new. Aswe (professionals) possess expertise in divergent fields, the idea of contentmarketing becomes something that can unite us. Facing the same challenges inreaching meaningful brand awareness, acquiring and retaining customers,creating lucrative leads and gaining information to help advanced businessventures - content marketing can bring us closer to addressing these issues weexperience in B2B. By providing the high-quality and useful knowledge we seek inreturn, the system of content marketing taps into our altruistic potential.Undoubtedly, mistakes will be made as we will run into cold-hearted holes thatcan exists in web 2.0, but what is vital in our ever-changing modes ofcommunication is to learn by doing, to listen to our audience, and to respond/react to their feedback. Doing so, we will better communicate, connect and growour businesses (and selves).* Sincerely, Erin C. Nelson, Dr. Susanna Gebauer, Jonathan Gebauer The strategies in this paper apply to exploreB2B. ( 16 The Social Media Way of Life for B2B Experts and Content Marketers