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Marketing Automation for Nonprofits and Small Organizations

Nonprofits and charitable organizations are especially strapped with limits in time, money, and human resources -- and marketing success often hinges on your ability to get more utility out of fewer assets than for-profit businesses.

But there's a silver lining to that grim forecast:

Your WordPress website combined with a little effort and few third party tools and services can make you a marketing machine.

You will learn:

How marketing automation works and why it's important for nonprofits

How to properly budget time towards recurring marketing activities

How to most efficiently create the content you need to drive all of your marketing

How Search Engine Optimization can be built seamlessly into everything you do

Creating "Set It and Forget It" marketing campaigns
How your site and email list can help you maximize donations

With 90 minutes of time every week and a total budget of less than $150 per month, you can get all your online marketing done easily!

Marketing Automation for Nonprofits and Small Organizations

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