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Building the right Culture for your Business


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Global speaker and Behavioural Economics Strategist Erik Vermeulen presented at the South African Spa Association on how to build the right culture for your organisation.

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Building the right Culture for your Business

  1. 1. Motivation, Behaviour and Results. Understanding how behaviour drives your business culture. Erik Vermeulen Behavioural Economics Strategist.
  2. 2. Being an Outsider
  3. 3. Your Brand
  4. 4. What do you think when you see…
  5. 5. What do you think when you see… [YOUR BRAND HERE]
  6. 6. “The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.” Simon Sinek
  7. 7. The Golden Circle
  10. 10. Why is company culture important?
  11. 11. 68%of customers leave because of poor employee attitude.
  12. 12. 41%of customers are loyal because of a good employee attitude.
  13. 13. 70%of customer brand perception is determined by experiences with people.
  14. 14. Global Economic Change Attention Economy Attraction Economy Interruption Engagement Reactive Interactive Big Promises Intimate Gestures What you need What I want
  15. 15. Baby Boomers, 96%belong to Social Networks
  16. 16. In 1995, the average person had 27 connections. In 2005, the average person had 215 connections.
  17. 17. “Your marketing department does not own your brand or your culture, it belongs to the collective behaviour of your employees.” Erik Vermeulen
  18. 18. Your People
  19. 19. Delivering a consistent experience New Product Development Annual Report Internal communications Website Packaging look-and-feel Special promotions Customer Communications Office design, e.g. Experience Centre, Call centres Product line alignment Retail outlet design Signage & Way finding Collection points, pre- paid kiosks Employer Brand Leadership behaviours Service standards Business principles People & Behaviour Marketing & Communications Products & Services Environments Billing Experience Naming After sales service Training
  20. 20. 21% Engaged 41% Enrolled 30% Disenchanted Significantly lower on all three components of engagement High scores on rational and motivational components, but low on emotional That’s only 1 in 5 Global Workforce Survey 8% Disengaged Completely disconnected rationally, motivationally and emotionally Global Results (based on rational, emotional, motivational): Based on a global survey of 90,000 employees in 18 countries and Tower Perrin’s database of 2 million annual responses in 40 countries 21
  21. 21. Brand strength Challenge Building advocacy 5 Advocacy I believe in what we do and I recommend our brand 4 Action I know what I can do to support our brand 3 Ability I have the skills and knowledge I need 2 Attitude It makes sense to me 1 Awareness I know what we stand for 22
  22. 22. Your Culture
  23. 23. Values
  25. 25. “We change behaviour by framing what we want people to do into something that is relevant to them.” Erik Vermeulen
  26. 26. Leadership
  27. 27. “You can’t sell it outside if you can’t sell it inside.” Erik Vermeulen
  28. 28. Perceived Control Perceived Progress Connectedness Vision / Meaning
  29. 29. The Partnership Model Glee We See Flee Me Fee
  30. 30. “What we allow will continue.” Erik Vermeulen
  31. 31. The Creed of Champions
  32. 32. I will start each day by: 4. Treating all customers as though they are the most important people in the world. 1. Treating people I work with as the best in the business. 2. Looking for opportunities and not problems. 3. Doing things today and not tomorrow.
  33. 33. I will start each day by: 8. Reminding myself that Self- Motivation is the key to success. 5. Choosing to have a positive day 6. Reminding myself to smile 7. Generating enthusiasm in my company, my family and my life
  34. 34. Self - Motivation • Count your blessings • Live everyday like it’s your last • Admit that it’s your choice • Focus on the positive • Play to your strengths • Visualization • Believe
  35. 35. Thank You @ErikMVermeulen Erik Vermeulen Behavioural Economics Strategist.