Lessons from Lance


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Global Business Speaker Erik Vermeulen presented "Lessons from Lance" as a motivational presentation at the Iran Insurance Conference held in Tehran in January 2012

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Lessons from Lance

  1. 1. liveSTRONGLessons from Lance ArmstrongPresented by Erik Vermeulen
  2. 2. Mind Space1. Feel free to be YOU – it’s YOUR CHOICE 2. Go Big or Go Home!! 3. If it is to be, it’s up to me!
  3. 3. liveSTRONGLessons from Lance ArmstrongPresented by Erik Vermeulen
  4. 4. Lessons from LanceSuccessful people are resilient!
  5. 5. 2003: 66 seconds to Ulrich Lance avoids a fallen Beloki on the day’s final descent into Gap. Beloki would break a leg, shoulder, wrist, arm and pelvis in a 80km/h crash. Lance shows his off- road skills.
  6. 6. 2003: 66 seconds to Ulrich Final climb to Luz Ardiden, 2003
  7. 7. 2003: 66 seconds to Ulrich Final climb to Luz Ardiden, 2003“Pain is temporary, quitting lasts forever.” Lance Armstrong
  8. 8. Lance’s NumbersResting HR 32 – 34VO2 ml/kg 83,8Max Power @ VO2 600 wattsMax HR 201Lactate Threshold 178Ave HR @ endurance rides 124 – 128Ave watts @ endurance rides 245 – 280 wattsTraining miles / hrs 5 – 6 hrs / 100 – 130 miles
  9. 9. Our Company’s NumbersResting HR How “fit” are we to do our job? Do we have enough of the right skills?VO2 ml/kg Can we “feed” our energy needs? We need to motivate ourselves and those around us!Max Power @ VO2 How “strong” (emotionally and mentally) are we?Max HR How much harder can push, if we need to, to beat the competition?Lactate Threshold How hard can we push ourselves before causing ourselves stress?
  10. 10. Our Company’s NumbersAve HR @ endurance rides Day-to-day stuff shouldn’t kill us!Ave watts @ endurance How hard do we work – what isrides our output?Training miles / hrs Ground work we do everyday in view of targets.
  11. 11. Explain in 3 minutes to a 10 year-oldwhy your business is so exciting, andwhy your company makes all thedifference to people’s daily living.
  12. 12. Lessons from Lance Successful people have presenceDevelop ConfidentUncertaintyFind purpose beyondpleasingEqualsPositive Energy
  13. 13. Lessons from LanceSuccessful people dowhat others are not prepared to doGet rid of “excusitis”Action cures fearAccept the law of causeand effect.
  14. 14. Lessons from Lance The F1 Team
  15. 15. Lessons from Lance Strong teams focus on performanceGet the right People.Results Count.CANI: Ask, “How canwe be better?”Set challenging goals.Measure. “We cannot motivate people, we can only influence what they are motivated to do.”
  16. 16. The Service EquationService = Experience - Expect
  17. 17. The Service EquationPeople expect only two things1. That you know they are there2. That they made the right choice by comingto you to satisfy their need
  18. 18. 2004 What about 6?
  19. 19. liveSTRONGLessons from Lance Armstrong Thank You.