Awesome adventure photographic portfolio by Erik Vermeulen


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In just a few years, adventure photographer Erik Vermeulen has carved a niche to become one of the top adventure sport photographers in South Africa.

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Awesome adventure photographic portfolio by Erik Vermeulen

  1. 1. Erik VermeulenAdventure photographerNovember 2012
  2. 2. Erik Vermeulen has had a keen interest in photography since his high school days at St Alban’s College. Inthose early days he was chairman of the Photographic Society and a winner of a PSSA medal.Since 2007 Erik has re-kindled his love for photography, particularly focusing on adventure sport. Under the mentorship ofJacques Marais, and through understanding adventure sport intimately, Erik has made his mark as one of the top adventurephotographers in South Africa.His photos have been published in various magazines, used in advertisements and he’s done several cover photos for Go Multimagazine. Erik is also the contracted photographer to The CHOC Cows and the Deloitte lifeClub.In the next year Erik wants to re-establish - an adventure events photography portal whereathletes can buy their images. Photo right: Jacques Marais
  3. 3. Some Published work
  4. 4. Thank you.Erik Vermeulen can be contacted on 083 6037119 or at